Best Tools for ZTE FRP Bypass in 2021

If you are stuck on the screen of your ZTE device where it is asking for Google Account verification to move ahead with accessing the device fully, then a ZTE FRP bypass tool is going to be your only way out. This will make you gain complete access to the device by unlocking it without needing any login details of the Google Account or device. Now there are various ways with which you can get the bypass done. Be it with a simple trick or professional tool; the help is going to come for free.

Read on to find the best solution that suits you.

The ultimate tool for ZTE FRP Bypass – iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

The FRP issue can be annoying, and if you wish to get the easiest way out of the mess, then we suggest that the first thing you must try is a great third party application. It is here that we introduce LockWiper (Android) to you that can help you with the ZTE FRP bypass tool in a simple manner and get fast results. This is by far the best Samsung FRP tool for FRP bypass and has got some amazing features like:

  • The app doesn’t require any password to be entered and yet removes the FRP or Google Account lock very easily.
  • The process of unlocking is very easy to perform with very simple steps.
  • The app gives the perfect solution for the removal of locks on Samsung devices without posing any risk to the storage data.
  • You can gain full access to the Samsung devices once the FRP is fully removed.
  • The app can be run over more than 6000 devices like Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, etc. for unlocking screens.
  • There is a trial version of this app that you can download and use for free. This will help you get the hang of the utility of the software and know if it helps your purpose or not.

Get iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

Method of operating the LockWiper (Android)

The steps to do so are quite simple, and here is what you need to do:

1. Download the LockWiper (Android) software on any PC and then install it properly. Launch the app now. Click over the button Remove Google Lock FRP on the main interface of the app.

ZTE FRP bypass tool - iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

2. Hit the button Start. Connect the locked mobile phone to the PC now with the help of any USB cable. The app will begin to detect the device information immediately. Click on the button Next.

iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

3. Now a set of instructions will appear on the app interface, and you have to keep following them. Finally, click the button Next, and then you will have to confirm some of the locations related to the connected device. Lastly, hit the button Download.

iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

4. Click the button Start to Extract for activating the downloaded data package. You need to put the device into the download mode, and that can be done by following the instructions that appear on the main screen. Now hit the button Start followed by entering the code 000000 for confirming the data package installation.

iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

5. Once the data is installed properly, you need to activate the USB debugging and OEM unlock modes on the locked phone. Follow the appearing instructions to do so.

iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

6. Reset the device now and begin downloading the device firmware package. Once the download gets completed, hit the button Start to Extract. The ZTE FRP bypass process will begin now.

Bypass ZTE FRP via iMyFone LockWiper (Android)
iMyFone LockWiper (Android)

Once the lock removal is done, you can get back to using the device like earlier, and you won’t need to enter the details of Google Account at all.

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Removing the FRP lock for free – Google Bypass APK

Now, this can be another quick fix to the issue that involves a third party app too. We are talking about Google Bypass APK, which is a free APK file that helps you in unlocking the FRP lock over many ZTE devices. You will only need to have an extra flash drive as well as an OTG cable if you are going with this method. One more thing to note is that this tool only works on some of the older versions of the ZTE phones. The latest phones might not support this app as the Android OS is getting secured day by day.

Removing the FRP lock for free - Google Bypass APK

Method of operating the Google Bypass APK for ZTE FRP bypass tool

  1. Download the APK file on the flash drive first.
  2. Connect the locked ZTE phone to that flash drive now with the help of OTG cable.
  3. Once the connection is established, the File Manager folder will appear on the PC interface. Click on the folder and then choose the APK file for installing it on the connected phone.
  4. Open the APK file that will let you gain access to the phone’s settings.
  5. Click on the option of Factory Reset settings, and it is from here that the FRP bypass will be accomplished once the factory reset is done.

Disadvantages of the method

  • You will need many items like a PC, flash drive, and an OTG connector cable for this performing this method.
  • The app won’t work for every phone as it is compatible with only some ZTE phones.
  • It is a complicated process to install the APK file on a flash drive, and so is operating the app for getting access to the phone’s settings.

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Other free methods for ZTE FRP Bypass

If you don’t feel very comfortable using any third-party tool for carrying out the ZTE FRP bypass tool, you can use any of these free tricks for getting the job done.

Using the Security Bag

If using any tool seems tedious to you, follow these steps to get the lock bypassed with a security bug:

1. Connect the device with any home Wi-Fi connection. The device will now ask the Google details from you to start.

2. Tap over the text space, and the keyboard will appear over the screen. On the keyboard, tap the character @ and then keep it held until the settings menu emerges on the screen.

3. Click on the option of Google Keyboard Settings. Tap over the three dots on the screen’s top side.

Using the Security Bag

4. Select Help & Feedback. Click on any of the options that come up next from the list.

5. Tap on the option using Google Keyboard at the Help page.

6. Select any of the search texts that are listed on the screen and then press on it for long. Once that text gets selected, locate the option Websearch on the right portion of the screen and tap on it.

7. The search field will now appear on the device screen. Delete the text that you selected and enter Settings in the search field now.

Using the Security Bag

8. Find the option About Phone now. Click it.

9. In that menu, tap seven times on the option Build Number for enabling the Developer Options.

10. Go back to the earlier menu. The Developer Options that you just enabled will be visible there now. Click it.

11. Enable the OEM Unlocking mode here. Tap twice on the back button.

12. Restart the device lastly and connect the Wi-Fi network once again.

The option of linking a new Google Account to the device will appear on the screen now. Add a valid account, and then you can use the device fully. The two main disadvantages of this method are that it involves a very complicated process and works only for some devices.

The simplest trick for ZTE FRP Bypass tool

This is another free trick that can get the ZTE FRP bypass accomplished. Follow these steps:

1. Power on the ZTE Z982 device and go to the welcome screen.

2. Here, sign in into a Wi-Fi connection.

The simplest trick

3. Once the Wi-Fi is activated, press back to get to the welcome screen once again.

4. Do a long press on the main screen itself, and the options Exit and Next will appear now at the lower portion of the screen.

5. Hit twice on the option Exit.

6. Now, you have to make a big L shape pattern on the screen starting from the left-top, pull to the bottom, and then go towards the right bottom of the screen.

This method works but is quite complicated. Another con of this trick is that you can do the ZTE FRP bypass only on the ZTE Z982 devices.

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Conclusion on How to Perform ZTE FRP Bypass

Although all of the above methods will help you to do the ZTE FRP bypass, we strongly recommend that you try out the iMyFone LockWiper for Android tool for the purpose. This is easily the best software in the market that can unlock any device. Check out the free trial by downloading the app today and see if it works for you.

Try iMyFone LockWiper (Android)