Vlog Name Generator | How To Come Up With YouTube Channel Names for Vloggers

It is quite important to come up with unique YouTube channel names for vloggers. If your YouTube channel gets stuck in the viewers’ minds who see your videos, it helps in ensuring that they will return to view your videos again. Plus, a good vlog name generator even draws the attention of new viewers who like to discover what type of videos a person makes with that specific channel name. Most successful YouTubers planed their channel names carefully.

So, how can one come up with a good YouTube channel? Here, we will discuss several useful tips that one should consider before selecting a channel name for YouTube. Not just that, but you will even know about some of the best vlog name generator applications out there, which people can employ for picking up a nice YouTube channel name.

Part 1: How to Come Up with a YouTube Channel Name

It is definitely a great idea to select a unique YouTube channel name so that you do not have to change it in the future. Here are some amazing tips on how to come up with a nice YouTube channel name.

● Keep It Impressive and Short

For making your channel memorable, your YouTube channel name needs to be catchy and short. Usually, it is considered not good to have a channel name with over five syllables. The long channel names are quite difficult to remember. Plus, it is hard to tell others as they could not roll off the tongue.
The worst method you can follow in coming up with a long username is by putting in extra letters or numbers to the end. Users often do this as their favored channel name is already taken up. However, it is the worst idea.

Although your username may look short, it is quite deceptive. Usernames like ‘Daniel423‘ are actually ‘Danielfourtwentythree.’ No one will remember these exact numbers. In this case, if someone remembers this username, then they are just going to recall ‘Daniel.’ This makes it very difficult for viewers to locate your YouTube channel again.

To keep the channel names memorable and short, various YouTubers have really made-up words, such as ‘Smosh.’ The method works when a silly made-up word goes well with your channel’s tone. Also, various made-up words are taken up already.

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● Everything About You

Irrespective of your vlog’s topic, the vlog will exhibit your personality. So, the channel name needs to say something about you as a human being. This even includes your actual name or other variations of it. You can even go for your nicknames.

In case you do not like to employ your real name, then think of your hobbies and the type of words that describe you well. You can begin with a list of describing words, nouns, and even try out combinations. You can try a blend of some of these describing words with the actual name.

● Know Your Audience

It is important that your channel name needs to reflect who you are. At the same time, it should be relevant to the blog’s viewers. For instance, viewers who tune into a regular life vlog may appreciate it when encountering their actual name or variation. People may get confused if they come across a vlog with cooking or beauty tips with a name like ‘DanielIsCool.’

If your channel is about something not related to your experiences, opinions, or daily life, then the channel should refer to the topic. If Daniel’s channel is about baking, the name should be like ‘CookiesByDaniel‘ or ‘DanielBakes‘ rather than ‘DanielIsCool.’

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● Have A Test Drive

If you are signing up for your first channel, there’s no need to rush over and decide upon the very first name. First, say the name out loud and check whether it sounds catchy at all. If yes, go for other test drives if need to be.

Plunk your channel name that you are thinking of into a search engine for making sure it is not strongly connected to something already beside you. If there is a website with the same name as its URL, then you need to discard your name and go for a new one. If your vlog is successful, then you will like to acquire the linked URL late on. In case you are not looking for a website, it is still a bad idea to select the channel name that has a strong association already with something else.

For instance, if you like to play music on the channel and your channel has a similar name as a music festival people will think that you and the festival are linked. You will also have to check and ensure nobody is already using the channel name on social media platforms like Vimeo and Instagram as their username. If this name appears there, then it is going to be really difficult to expand your channel.

● Do Not Give Up

YouTube is an enormous site, and lots of great names are being used already. More frustratingly, some names have been taken by users who do not actually use them. So, some names that you will come up with first will be unavailable most probably. This is when many YouTubers become discouraged and begin weakening the channel name by putting numbers. It will help you to get your channel name the way you like it. However, do not opt for this method. It is quite possible to create a unique, catchy name that is truly yours with a vlog name generator.

It takes some time to build an awesome name for your YouTube channel and sometimes, some more time. People who get this done in just one evening are lucky as this could take some days. The name of the YouTube channel is important, and thus, you have to take as much time as you want to choose a nice one.

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Part 2: Best Vlog Name Generator Tools for YouTube Channels

1. namegenerator.biz

namegenerator vlog name generator

This is the best vlog name generator for YouTube that you can find online. Namegenerator.biz is simple to use and a quick tool. This tool is not complex and does not need scrolling down over lengthy text. It produces desired and quality results.

This application has been designed especially for generating good vlog names that relate to what a given channel would be actually about. The site provides a usual adjective and pairs the same with words like TV, videos, or channel.

After that, the page keeps a record of all the vlog names that you have generated. This allows you to choose and select your favorite names, ensuring the decision-making process becomes easier.


  • Offers relevant results
  • Simple to use
  • Comes with a comprehensive name list


  • Always suggests a blend of a channel-associated word and adjective
  • Not personalized

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2. SpinXO

SpinXO vlog name generator

SpinXO is another vlog name generator that offers incredible YouTube channel names for vloggers. The site has a welcoming user interface and nice site design as compared to other alternatives. This convinces most visitors to remain on this site.

Although this YouTube channel name generator is a bit complex, it offers personalized options. Users can really find the name of their YouTube channels that fits the vlogging creations more perfectly.

This website enables users to put in particular words that assist them in mixing together a perfect concoction. To be specific, there is a box for inputs like ‘Focus or niche,’ ‘Topic,’ ‘Important Words,’ ‘Numbers or Letters,’ ‘Things You Like,’ and ‘Any Other Keywords.’


  • Offers personalized results
  • Comes with an option to enable the rhyming feature
  • Provides multiple results in one go


  • Needs inputs from people
  • Might not be random for several vloggers
  • A bit complicated for use

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3. BNG: Business Name Generator

BNG: vlog name generator

BNG is a great vlog name generator to generate good vlog names. However, please remember that this site was not designed especially for YouTube but generally for business names. Just as SpinXO, this site has a smooth and beautiful design. So, it can also work for YouTube channel names for vloggers.

This site comes with a tool for checking the names against various domains. So, if you like to expand the channel into a site, you could check if that domain is taken already or not. Also, there is an option to insert lots of keywords. It even lets you select a particular industry and decide how many letters you like to include in your channel name. It even lets you select where you like to place the keyword in the phrase.


  • Comes with various useful features
  • Features a good user-interface
  • Provides lots of good results with some keywords


  • Not specifically designed for YouTube
  • Just uses one keyword in the title

4. Kparser YouTube channel names for vloggers

Create YouTube channel names for vloggers with Kparser

Kparser is a bit complex vlog name generator. This could be a curse and a blessing. It takes some time to create good vlog names using this tool. However, it produces amazing YouTube channel names for vloggers. Thus, users could get specific with the kind of name they are in search of.

The generator has different versions. It could create different names for a lot of uses. However, it features a special subscription only for YouTube. This tool even enables users to select their language and country. Plus, it comes with advanced settings.

These advanced options enable you to choose how deeply you want this generator to scan. It provides you a list of ‘exclude’ so that you can avoid specific words that you do not want in the channel name.


  • Provides deeper insight into channel names with an optional update
  • Offers a rank for strength
  • Sorts channel names into subsections


  • It produces longer names
  • Provides straightforward channel names

5. Wordlab

Wordlab vlog name generator

This vlog name generator is not specially designed for YouTube instead of created for helping users name their business. Technically, this is what you do while naming your YouTube channel. Wordlab is one of the basic vlog name generator tools. There is no need to enter any keywords. All you have to do is to click on the ‘Get Name!‘ tab.

So, you get random, good vlog names with Wordlab. Here, the name does not link to what your vlog is actually about. However, this is not something bad. Just look at some of the well-known YouTube influencers as their channel names are often meaningless.


  • Provides a nice blend of made up and real words
  • High-quality interface
  • Extremely quick


  • Needs outside research for identifying if the channel name is taken
  • Entirely depends on the site as you could end up with something impressive or something really bad

6. Shopify

Create YouTube channel names for vloggers with Shopify

Shopify is a cool vlog name generator. This tool provides a number of tools to internet-based companies, including a name generator. You just have to provide a single word that you like to include in your YouTube channel name. Then, this tool combines that specific word with other random words to get a potential channel name.

Shopify is not designed especially for YouTube. However, it provides amazing YouTube channel names for vloggers. This tool also enables users to examine the availability of domain names if you like to build up the YouTube channel into a site. Overall, it offers quality results via a clean, smooth interface.


  • Simple to use
  • Offers good vlog names based on the topic
  • Produces all results in just a single tap


  • Restricted customization
  • Simplistic
  • No option to choose more than one keyword

7. Names4Brands

Names4Brands vlog name generator

Names4Brands is one of the most innovative vlog name generator tools. This tool enables more customization as compared to other tools. It features three categories, like ‘Starting Words,’ ‘Random,’ and ‘Ending Words‘ to provide good vlog names.

With ‘Random,’ you put in the starting letter, language, and the character’s length. Then, this tool chooses YouTube channel names for vloggers. In ‘Ending Words,’ users can choose a word that they want at the name’ end, language, the character’s length, and starting letter. In ‘Starting Words,’ the exact opposite setup takes place.


  • Incredible customization
  • Provides additional tools for checking domain availability
  • One can use this generator in a directed or random way


  • Offers limited results
  • Takes some time for generating results
  • A bit cluttered user interface

8. Jimpix

Create YouTube channel names for vloggers with Jimpix

Jimpix is a good vlog name generator for finding good vlog names. However, it is a bit complex to use. It is all worth it as you get to use various incredible options. The tool has interesting categories like rivers, silly words, old English words, etc.

The only drawback of Jimpix is that this YouTube name generator that it is unlikely to come across a perfect name just after pressing the ‘Go!‘ tab. Meanwhile, it will produce some amazing YouTube channel names for vloggers.


  • Provides amazing results
  • Users can check the domain availability on various platforms
  • Innovative customization


  • Not good user interface
  • Time-consuming

9. Name Generatoroid

Create YouTube channel names for vloggers with Name Generatoroid

Name Generatoroid is a simple vlog name generator. It creates good vlog names randomly with a single click. There is an option available to add prefixes and suffixes. Otherwise, the generator looks for YouTube channel names for vloggers. Despite its limitations, this tool produces some funny, memorable names.


  • Offers unique names
  • Basic functionality and design


  • Little customization
  • Produces random results

10. Name Mesh

Name Mesh

Name Mesh is a nice vlog name generator that enables you to enter 2-4 keywords or long phrases as the ending and starting phrases you like. After that, the tool provides good vlog names. There are different categories, such as random/fun names, shorter names, and names designed for SEO.

Here, YouTube channel names for vloggers come up in a domain format so that you choose available domains while selecting a perfect name.


  • Offers various customization options
  • Provides helpful name categories
  • Transforms the channel names into domains


  • Dedicated to selling domain names
  • Straightforward suggestions than creative

Part 3: YouTube Usernames Vs. YouTube Channel Names

There is a difference between a YouTube username and a YouTube channel name. Let’s see this difference between the two:

● YouTube Channel Name

YouTube Channel Name

By this name, your YouTube channel is known on the online network. When people see your online videos, the channel name comes up on the screen. They click on the channel name for reaching your YouTube channel to view the collection.

● YouTube Username

YouTube Username

The username shows up on the URL while you visit the channel page. On first starting the YouTube channel, this username contains a string of random characters. Earlier, there was not an option to change this URL, but YouTube enables users now to customize their usernames if they have over 100 subscribers and a month-old channel.

YouTube Username

Part 4: How to Change the Name of Your YouTube Channel

YouTube enables users to change their display names. However, you can change this name, but the channel’s URL is permanent. If you have a following with a name, then changing it could result in losing some viewers. If you think it has to be changed to grow faster, then go for it. Also, remember that your YouTube channel’s name is the same as the Google account name. If you change it, the change will appear across all Google services like Google Drive and Gmail.

Steps to change the name of the YouTube channel:

1: Initially, log in to YouTube, and press ‘Settings‘ present at the screen’s top corner.

2: From ‘Settings‘, select the ‘Edit on Google‘ option.

3: Now, enter your update name and hit the ‘OK‘ tab.

So, this is how you can change your channel name in an easier way. Now, visit the YouTube channel to see if your new name has started to appear on it.

Bonus: Filmora – Best Video Editor for YouTube

Coming up with a nice YouTube channel name and username is not quite easy. However, it is absolutely simple to edit great YouTube videos using Filmora. This tool is designed especially for novice vloggers who like to edit their YouTube videos easily. Users can add various effects, filters, and royalty music for free to touch up their videos with dropping and dragging. Once edited, users can upload the edited videos directly to the YouTube platform. So, download Wondershare Filmora and enjoy its amazing features now!

Special Features of Filmora:

  • Filmora is an incredible video editor for vloggers.
  • It comes with powerful editing features.
  • This video editing tool features an intuitive user interface.
  • This lets you burn videos to DVD
  • Wondershare Filmora allows you to upload the edited videos directly to YouTube.
  • It features a trial version.

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Conclusion on YouTube channel names for vloggers

So, these are some amazing tips regarding how to come up with a nice YouTube channel name. Also, we have listed some of the best vlog name generator tools. These tools will provide incredible YouTube channel names for vloggers. I hope these tools and tips could help you in building up your channel on YouTube effectively and easily. Before you upload your videos on YouTube, it is important to edit them professionally. For this, YouTubers can use a professional video editor called Filmora. Download this tool from Wondershare and enjoy its incredible features to make your videos impressive.