What is Yourphone.exe on Windows 10 & How to Disable It

Many users bother about Yourphone.exe on Windows 10 and want to learn how to disable it. If you fall into that category, this article will be the answer to your questions. So, continue reading and find the answers.

What exactly Yourphone.exe on Windows 10 is?

Yourphone.exe on Windows 10

In a nutshell, Yourphone.exe is an app that runs in your Windows 10 PC. This app works as a bridge to synchronize your Windows 10 computer with your iPhone or Android device. As a result, you can enjoy a very handy cross-device experience and make your work easier. For instance, you can synchronize files like messages and even photos between Widows 10 and your smartphones. The only requirement is to use the same Microsoft account on Windows PC and the respective smartphones.

Yourphone.exe on Windows 10 is running in the background of your OS due to that reason. That means it continues to work even if you are engaged in some other work. Synchronization will continue, so the connectivity between the phones and your computer. Yourphone.exe will send all the notifications from your smartphone to the computer as long as they are synchronized.

Through this app, the user can see the text messages and even the pictures from the corresponding Windows PC. In addition to that, this app allows you to have some control over the basic features as well. As you can realize, Yourphone.exe on Windows 10 requires an internet connection to bridge the devices.

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Should you consider Yourphone.exe as a virus?

As we have mentioned in this article, Yourphone.exe is software owned and developed by Microsoft. Therefore, you don’t have to take it as a malware or a virus by any means. Nevertheless, the problem is that some malware can disguise pretty much any file found in your system. The same thing can happen to Yourphone.exe as well, even if it is not very common. So, the best way to stay away from such instances is to install a good antivirus program. Then, you should update the respective antivirus program to the latest version and perform a full scan.

If there is a malware that disguises the Yourphone.exe file, your antivirus program should find it. Then, the required actions will be taken, and your computer will be secured without any issues. Even if you don’t see any virus or other malware, you should scan your PC using an antivirus program.

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Is it possible to disable Yourphone.exe on Windows 10?

Many individuals want to know if there is a possibility to disable the Yourphone.exe app on the PC. In fact, it comes as a standalone app. That means, it is not a part of your Windows 10 OS. Because of that reason, it is totally possible to disable the Yourphone.exe app on your computer. If required, you can even uninstall the app. This is a pretty good decision taken by Microsoft corporation.

In fact, there are many individuals who don’t want to use this feature on their computers. That means, there are many users who don’t want to synchronize their phones with the Windows PC. One of the reasons for users to avoid this feature is the number of system resources it takes. In other words, Yourphone.exe can slow down your PC, particularly if the system resources are limited.

How to disable it?

In fact, disabling Yourphone.exe is a very simple process. It can be done easily with a couple of configuration tweaks. So, in this section of the article, we explain how to disable Yourphone.exe on Windows 10. We explain it in a step-by-step manner for the convenience of the novice users as well.

  • First, you should press the “Windows” key and “I” key on the keyboard simultaneously. That will open the “Settings” app on your device.
  • You can now click on “Privacy Option” and then navigate to the option called “Background Apps.” This option is located in the left pane, and you can find it easily.
  • You can now scroll down and turn the toggle option off for “Your Phone.”
  • As a result of performing this tweak, you will be able to see that the app is disabled. It doesn’t even run in the background.
How to disable it?

Uninstalling Yourphone.exe on your Windows 10 PC

While some users are satisfied after disabling the Yourphone.exe app, others want to uninstall it completely. If you fall into that category, you can follow the steps mentioned below and remove the app successfully.

  • Hit the “Windows” key and “R” key on the keyboard simultaneously. As a result, you can see the “Run” prompt comes up.
  • Once the “Run” box turns up, type the text “PowerShell.” Then, hit “Shift” + “Alter” and “Enter” keys simultaneously. This step will open the PowerShell window with administrator privileges. Please note that it is compulsory to launch PowerShell with administrator privileges to perform this task.
  • Once you are in the PowerShell window, key in the command mentioned below and hit “Enter.”

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove-AppxPackage

Uninstalling Yourphone.exe on your Windows 10 PC
  • As a result of typing this message, the application will be removed from the system.

How to minimize the potential issues associated with Yourphone.exe?

There are several actions to take in order to minimize the potential for errors associated with Yourphone.exe on Windows 10. Listed below are some of those basic measures you can follow.

  • Perform a thorough malware scan with a powerful, updated antimalware program.
  • Clean and optimize your hard drive to keep it fully optimized.
  • Uninstall the programs you don’t need anymore.
  • Use the MSConfig feature on your computer and check for Auto-start programs.
  • Enable the automatic updates of the Windows operating system.

You must be smart enough to perform periodic backups at regular intervals, and that should be a habit. If not, you should set the periodic backups at the least.

In case if you experience an issue, try to recall the last change you did to the system. If not, recall the last program you had installed on the computer before the issue appeared. You can consider using the “resmon” command (Rescue Monitor) and identify the causes behind the actual issue. If the issues are pretty serious, you should try to repair the existing installation. That is a time-saving and convenient approach compared to reinstalling the OS as you can easily realize.

If not, if you are running Windows 8 or newer OS, you can use another solution. You can use the command DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth. With this command, you will be able to repair the OS, and you will not experience any data loss.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

You can check the status of the Yourphone.exe on your computer simply by using some tools as well. There is no shortage of utility tools found online to clean your computer and fix potential issues. Those tools can easily track down all the Windows tasks with embedded hidden processes as well. That means, it can detect keyboard and browser monitoring processes together with Autostart entries.


As we have mentioned before, some malware programs are developed to be very smart. They even have the ability to camouflage as an official program in the OS and operate discretely. In very rare instances, some malware can appear with the name Yourphone.exe and make things complicated. However, as long as you have a good virus guard, you can identify such threats easily. Malware, spyware, and even trojans can appear like Yourphone.exe and do the damage.

So, that’s all about Yourphone.exe on Windows 10. We explained what it is and its purpose for your reference. In simplest terms, Yourphone.exe is not a virus or malware. Some individuals want to disable this process because it can slow down the computer and impact its performance. In that case, disabling Yourphone.exe is possible. In this article, we have explained how to do it without experiencing much trouble. Please share your opinions in the comments section below.