Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled! The Best Fix For You

What if you enter your Apple ID only to find out that your Apple ID has been disabled? Is there a way to fix such an issue by yourself? Or do you have to take your iOS device to an Apple store? Let’s find it out!

Disabled Apple IDs are not that rare. Every day, many Apple users find out that their Apple IDs are disabled due to some reason. It’s so frustrating for any Apple user to learn that his Apple ID doesn’t work after entering the credentials. Generally, when the Apple ID is disabled, you are supposed to see an error message on the screen. However, there are many instances on which your iOS device doesn’t display any error message at all.

Regardless of whether you see an error message or not, the result is similar. You will be kept out of your Apple account regardless of how many times you enter the password. Even with the correct password, you will have no luck once your Apple ID has been disabled. Shouldn’t you worry though – the purpose of this article is to explain how to fix a disabled Apple ID. The methods explained in this article will help you access your Apple ID back.

Why your Apple ID has been disabled?

Although disabled Apple IDs are pretty common, only some of the users know the exact cause behind the issue. In fact, there are two main reasons for your Apple ID to be disabled.

a) Entering a wrong password several times obviously disables your Apple ID due to security reasons. When you remember the correct password once the Apple ID is disabled, you will feel so miserable.

b) If you have left your Apple ID abandoned for a considerable period, your Apple ID will get disabled. Apple imposes time changes on their password requirements. If you left your Apple ID untouched, it would be disabled as it doesn’t match the requirements. In that case, your Apple ID will be kept disabled until you update the information accordingly.

When Apple ID is disabled, users will see two different types of error messages.

  • “Your Apple ID has been disabled”
  • “Your account is disabled”

Although these two messages have some dissimilarities, terms “disabled” and “locked” are used to give the same idea. That means both of these messages say that your Apple ID has been disabled. These two messages can vary depending on the type of device you use. For instance, and Macs say that “Your Apple ID has been locked or disabled” due to security reasons. iPhones say that “Your Apple ID has been disabled”. But none of these messages tell you how to fix the issues. Don’t worry; this article will explain the real fix.

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Things you should do if your Apple ID has been disabled

If your Apple ID is disabled, there are two basic options for you to consider.

  • Fixing it through Apple’s official website
  • Contacting Apple’s support center directly

Basic option 1: Fixing it through Apple’s official website

First, let’s take a look at how to fix a disabled Apple ID through Apple’s official website. You will find this option a very convenient one. That is mainly because it lets you type the security questions and other information on your webpage using the keyboard.

Visit Apple Official Website to fix 
 Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled

As an iPhone user, you can easily make mistakes when typing passwords on the device. Especially, when you are on the go or in a busy mode, you can easily mistype your password. If you type the password several times repeatedly, you are likely to get your Apple ID disabled. It is needless to say that it is a really frustrating experience.

To fix it through Apple’s website, you should obviously visit it first. Then, you should click on “Manage your Apple ID” and enter the password you remember. You can then click on the option Sign In”. If the correct password is entered, you can see the options to reset the password. Or, you can see an option to update the existing security questions as well. Well, if you have already forgotten your password, you should click on “Forgot your password?” option. You can go through the onscreen instructions and then reset the password. After resetting it, you can visit Apple’s website and update the security questions.

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Basic option 2: Fix it through Apple support

If your Apple ID has been disabled, fixing it through the phone or an online chat session is difficult. Although this difficulty is there for the benefit of the Apple users, it can be annoying. Verification is so difficult particularly because you have to use various information and prove you are you. Although there should be a convenient way to do so, the process is still pretty difficult.

Fix Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled through Apple Support

So, if you need to talk to someone at Apple, you will have to start it on their website. You can visit Apple’s support website and select the option “Apple ID”. Then, you should choose the disabled Apple ID. Then, you can decide whether to send an email, start a chat or even call an Apple employee. You should decide the mode of communication depending on your convenience and the time of the day.

Signing in to see if your Apple ID has been disabled or not

Can you access the main account screen of the Apple ID webpage of Apple’s service? If yes, your Apple ID is activated now. From that point onwards, you don’t have anything to worry about.

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To erase deleted files

The files that are already deleted can be recovered using data recovery software. Umate Pro can find and erase those files completely and assure peace of mind for you.

To erase potential fragments

iMyFone Umate can remove all the fragmented files caused by third-party apps.

Single-click cleanup

You can clean up all the data using a single click. That saves a lot of time for you.

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How to remove iCloud without password using Umate Pro

Here are the steps you should follow to remove iCloud without the password to fix Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled. Before you begin the process, however, you must be able to disable “Find My iPhone” on the device.

1. Connect the iPhone to the computer on which iMyFone Umate Pro iPhone Data Eraser is installed.

2. Choose the option “Erase Deleted Files” and click on the option labeled “Scan”.

3. At the completion of the scan, you can preview the files that are already deleted.

4. Simply click on the files you need to delete permanently and hit “Erase Now” option.

5. Select a security level and enter the text “delete” on the given text box.

6. Click on the option “Erase Now” to complete the deletion of files.

Fix Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled Using iMyFone Umate Pro

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How to prevent your Apple ID from getting disabled

You already know how annoying it is to get locked away from your own Apple ID. Here are some tips for you to consider to avoid such instances in future.

  • Make sure you use a strong password
  • Make sure that you sign out from the accounts after using them on public iOS devices
  • Never share your password
  • Be aware of phishing attacks and other scams
  • Use two-factor authentication to strengthen the security

Well, that is what you should do if your Apple ID has been disabled. We hope you would find this article to be useful. Good luck!