Why You Should Root Your Android Device?

You may be still wondering whether to root your Android device or not. Rooting your device means that you are in charge of your own Android device and you can set your phone as you wish. When the rooting process is done, you are able to lengthen the battery life, install apps that are only available on rooted phones, and speed up your Android device at the same time. We will tell you why you should root your Android device. Go through the 12 reasons we offer below.

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Reason 1. Remove Bloatware

You will find many useless preinstalled bloatware on your phone if you are an Android device user. The bloatware in your phone takes up so much space and is consuming your battery life in the background. So many users are really upset about the bloatware but still don’t know how to get rid of them. Actually, you are able to easily remove the annoying bloatware from your Android device once it is rooted.


Reason 2. Make your Android phone work faster

Of course, you are able to improve the performance of your Android phone by installing some third-party tools like MobileGo.apk. You can free up space by removing useless junk files and caches. However, with a rooted phone, you are able to do more things than that. You can delete useless bloatware, stop the apps running hidden in the background. What’s more, you are able to activate some hardware specifications to make the performance of hardware better.


Reason 3. Install root-required apps

You can find thousands of fantastic apps in Google Play. However, not every single one of them is compatible with your Android phone. Some apps are forbidden by the carriers or manufacturers for some reason and you are only allowed to install these apps by rooting your phone.


Reasons 4. Backup your Android phone completely

Since Android is open to users, you are free to a backup file on your phones such as music, videos, and docs. Even contacts on the SD card are within your capability. Unfortunately, when you reset your phone or change a new Android phone, the apps on your phone is quite a problem for you. So that is why you need to root your phone. Some best backup apps like Titanium are only available for rooted phones.


Reasons 5. Updating the latest Android OS

The new Android operating system always comes with new outstanding features. Each time, users are able to get more and better user experience from the latest Android version. But unfortunately, only a few kinds of the flagship are supported by the latest Android version. Other Android phones just have to wait for the manufacturer to make some adjustments to embrace more Android phones. However, you will never know when that day would come. Thus, rooting your phone seems to be the best option. You can rush to the first to experience the latest Android version with your Android phone.


Reason 6. Stop annoying ads

Many users are really upset about the ads appearing in your most frequently used apps. Is there a valid way to block the apps in the apps? We can tell you rooting your phone what you are looking for. You are entitled to install apps which are free from the ad.


Reason 7. Lengthen the battery life

You have known that the preinstalled apps on your phone are usually running in the background and consuming the battery life. To lengthen the usage of battery, rooting your phone seems necessary since you are allowed to use custom ROM once rooted. There are many features including battery saving coming with custom ROM.


Reason 8. Change the ROM yourself

You are authorized to change the ROM of your Android phone once your phone is rooted. The bootloader is open to you, and you are able to customize your phone by changing the ROM of it. You can optimize your phone by lifting the battery life, install apps that are ad-free and even experience the features which only later version of Android are capable of.


Reason 9. Improve the performance of the system

You are able to take a lot of measures to optimize your rooted Android phone. For instance, you can find the Fonts’ folder at the path /system/font. When you root your phone successfully, you are allowed to download and use your desirable font from the website. In addition, there are some files saved to optimize system at /system/framework. You are free to preview the battery life, set transparent noticing center, etc.


Reason 10. Get apps installed on your SD card to make more room

Apps are commonly installed by default inside the Android phone. But the room on the phone is somehow limited. If the apps take up too much space of your Android device, the speed of your phone may become slower and slower. One great solution is to root your phone so that you can get the apps installed on the SD card of your phone to save more space on the phone.


Reason 11. Play games on your Android device with the gaming controller

If you still have no clue whether it is possible to play game apps on your Android device with a gaming controller, we can tell you the answer is yes. When your phone is rooted, you are allowed to connect the gaming controller to your phone so that you can play the games via Bluetooth wirelessly.


Reason 12. Make your Android phone complete your own device

The reason we would like to present at last is that you can take full control of your Android phone and be the actual owner once you get the root access. Many users may notice that Carriers and phone manufacturers are trying to add pre-installed apps on your device and they can’t be erased on your own. When you get to the root access, you are free to cut the connection of your Android device with the carriers and manufacturers, which make you a 100 percent owner.