Top 8 Best Voice Changers for Zoom

Over time, Zoom has become one of the prominent video-conferencing applications. Even if you do work from home, you are familiar with the concept of Zoom. Right from the online classes to virtual conferences, each thing can be done on Zoom. Now, you will be amazed to know that with the best Zoom voice changer, you can turn your boring video communication into interesting.

Before moving to the list of best voice changers for Zoom, let’s gain more knowledge about the Zoom application. 

What is Zoom & Zoom Voice Changer? 

It is a cloud-based video communication app that allows users to do video and audio conferencing. Not only this, but you can also organize webinars and do live chat too. This application comes with various features. The most notable feature is that: if you want to join the Zoom meeting, there is no need to create an account on it.

Aside from it, it does not matter what kind of device you have. It is ideal for Max, Linux, Androids, and Windows. The users can easily access it without facing any problem. Whether you are a beginner or have the experience of using these kinds of applications, you can easily use them.

Features of the Zoom Application: 

Zoom is a blend of plenty of features that users can easily enjoy. To a large extent, its unique features make it best from the other applications. Do you know about the different features of the Zoom Application? If the answer is no, the below-mentioned information is ideal for you.

Here is the list of core features of the Zoom application.

● In-meeting Chat

With the help of this feature, you can easily send private messages to other people or in the group during the meeting.

● Recording 

It does not matter which version you are using; you can enjoy this feature. You have the great option of recording the meetings. And you can start the recording of your meeting manually and automatically.

● Screen Sharing 

By considering the screen sharing option, you can share or represent your screen to others. As a result, group members will see your work. This feature is useful in the conference and the classroom when the individuals have to present their screens. 

● Breakout Rooms

It is an interesting feature that helps you in splitting the one call into groups. Due to it, each participant will have their conversation. 

The list of features is not ended here because the Zoom application has a long list of features. For instance, if you have any query or you want to say something, you can use the “raise hand feature“. Due to it, the meeting organizer came to know that you have a question which you want to say.

On the other hand, during the meeting, if you want to modify your voice tone, with the help of voice changer Zoom, you can do this. 

8 Best Voice Changers for Zoom:

Are you confused about the best voice changer for Zoom? So, here is the list of best voice changers that you can consider if you are a Zoom application user.

Voice changers are software programs that are useful in changing the voice tone and format. There is plenty of software available on the internet. It is hard for the masses to decide the plenty of options. So, to reduce your burden, you have the option of choosing the best Zoom voice changer from the below-mentioned lists.

1. iMyFone MagicMic

If you want to change each aspect of your voice, there is nothing better option than iMyFone MagicMic. By using this feature, the users have the opportunity to change their voice into the man, minions, robot, vamp, and so on. For instance, you are doing video calling with your friends. 

You can suddenly add curiosity while video calling by using the best voice changer. It is a complete package of enormous features. Here is the list of some features of the iMyFone Magic Mic.

  • Have the option of changing your voice on the spot.
  • It does not take more than five minutes to start.
  • It supports the different versions of windows and games like PUBG, LOL, Second Life, and so on.)
  • Comes with more than 23 sound filters and more than 190 voice effects. 

Benefits of using iMyFone MagicMic

There are plenty of benefits associated with using the iMyFone MagicMic, which include:

  • Easy to understand and has an easy interface. 
  • Can be considered if you have discord, split, and so on.
  • Ideal for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 11, and Windows 10 (64 bit OS). 

How to Use iMyFone MagicMic:

  • Foremost, download this application and install it on your computer.
  • Visit the Zoom application and go to the setting.
iMyFone MagicMic Settings
  • Tap on setting and choose the Audio Tab.
  • Go to the option of Microphone by drop-down and select it.
Microphone settings under Audio
  • Look for the automation of adjusting the volume. 
  • Choose the Mic Button for testing and then speak. If you require any adjustment, do it.

By following the guide, you can easily use iMyFone MagicMic on your Zoom application.

2. RoboVox Voice Changer 

Do you want to modulate the voice into the robotic voice? Choosing the RoboVox will be the wiser decision. It comes with different voice-changing effects that you can easily consider while doing Zoom calls. It has the X/Y control that makes the real-time voice change easily. 

RoboVox Voice Changer 

Key Points:

  • It comes with approximately thirty-two different voice effects. 
  • You can easily change the pitch and do the modulate settings.
  • You can easily record the video for more than five minutes.
  • It has the latest vocoder technology.

3. Voicemod

Voicemod is prominent free voice changer software that has become the choice of plenty of users. The voiced comes with different sound effects that are fruitful in converting your voice into a funny character, women’s voice, and so on. It is ideal only for windows with different applications.

This voice modulator is popular among online gamers. You will not face any problem in using and installing this window system. Additionally, it provides support to different windows versions that include 7,8, 10, and 8.1. 


Key Points:

  • Do not need to invest a single penny in using it.
  • Comes with the feature of easy integration, including the stream deck and streamlabs OBS.
  • Has the real-time voice-effects demonstration
  • Ideal sound changer for the Zoom application

If you want the funny effect, you should consider it. This voice changer will surely live up to your expectations. 

4. MorphVOX

If you want to get a great online voice-changing experience, you should give preference to MorphVOX. It works on adding the supreme quality of changes in the pitch and tone. The users have the option of using it free tool. 

The notable point of this application is that you can easily implement background music while playing the online game. So, you can add this voice changer to your bucket list.


Key Points:

  • It has the supreme quality of voice modifying facility.
  • The users can easily work on integrating the software with their different chat programs. 
  • It does not use too much CPU. 
  • It comes with the feature of in-built sound and voice effects.

This application is ideal for the different operating systems that include Mac and Windows.

5. Voxal Voice Changer 

The Voxal Voice Changer gives you the opportunity of making changes in the voice during the game or on different other platforms. All you need to do is visit the application and select the ideal tone. The voices have the same modification that played on your computer. 

It comes with different advanced features that you can easily use whether you are a beginner or not. If you are using it for a non-business home, it is mandatory to purchase its license. Aside from it, you can consider the commercial license if you want to consider it for professional purposes. 

Voxal Voice Changer 

Key Points:

  • It is an ideal voice changer for 32-bit and 64-bit. 
  • Voxal Voice Changer provides support to different Windows versions such as 7,8, 10, and 8.1. 
  • It comes with the feature of a speech generator and does not consider too much CPU usage. 
  • There is no need for any particular hardware equipment. 

6. VoiceMeeter

VoiceMeeter is categorized as the virtual voice device for mixing. It is ideal for handling the different sources of audio on a Windows computer. You can easily enhance or decrease the voice pitch. This voice changer is ideal for Zoom and different applications such as Google Meet. You can consider the various other input devices to get accurate results. 

If you install its new version, then it has the feature of a new virtual driver and various corrections.


Key Points:

  • It offers support to MME, WaveRT, KS, AISO, and many more. 
  • You can easily enjoy the free feature of this voice modulator.
  • The users will not face any problem in installing it.
  • Best for windows 10, 7, 8, XP, and many more.

To enjoy the features of this application, you must have technical knowledge. Otherwise, you need to consider the user manual and follow each step. 

7. AV Voice Changer 

The features of the AV Voice Changer make it suitable for Zoom users. Along with it, this software is a great blend of different kinds of sounds effects. With the help of one click, you can easily implement the different kinds of sound effects as per your requirements. 

It’s not only ideal for the Zoom application, but also you can use it for any other chatting app. There are various features of AV Voice changer that you need to know. Here is the list of all these features that makes the AV voice changer unique from others.

AV Voice Changer


  • It is a blend of various exciting and mind-blowing sound effects. 
  • It has a professional editor that is in-built. 
  • This voice changer software is based upon the top-notch quality of virtual driver technology. 
  • You can implement a different voice theme on your existing voice recording. 

8. Adobe Audition

The list of best voice changers for Zoom is incomplete without the Adobe Audition. It does not require too much time to change the pitch. You can add some changes in the voice on the spot while doing online chatting. The users have the option of adding more than sixteen different audio effects. You can easily modify the sound as per your wish. 

You have the option of customizing settings by considering the semi-tone sliders. It provides the different reverb effects that make it best from the other options. 

Adobe Audition

Key Points:

  • Provides support to third-party sixty-four-bit audio plug-ins. 
  • Comes with the feature of the Doppler shifter effect.
  • Have the option of adding more than sixteen different audio effects
  • Ideal for Windows and Mac operating systems.  

In the end, choose the best voice changer for Zoom from the above-mentioned list. Before selecting, it is essential to collect knowledge about it so that you will not face any problem in using it.