Video Speed Controller for Google Chrome and Firefox

You have probably ended up in this article because you are curious about Video Speed Controller extension. In fact, Video Speed Controller is an extension developed especially for two popular websites, namely Google Chrome and Firefox. With that said, this article provides an overview of this extension for the benefit of our readers.

In fact, many of the users generally stream a considerable number of videos on the internet. This content can range from tutorials, fun content, documentaries, lessons, lectures, etc. As we already know, the video industry is an exceptionally powerful source to share information with the community. By using Video Speed Controller extension, you will be able to control the playback of the video in browsers. In addition to that, you get easy to use shortcuts as well. With this, you can control the pace of the respective playback within the browser.

Video Speed Controller extension can be used to slow down, speed up, and even advance rewind the HTML videos. More importantly, it allows you to gain control with quick shortcuts too. This extension also allows you to customize the HTML5 Video Playback. As a result, it allows you to gain total control of the playback speed. In addition to that, it comes with more features to make video viewing a super-convenient process. Please note that this video extension works with HTML5 videos only. So, you will not find this useful when you are viewing Flash videos in your browser.

Part 1. Video Speed Controller for Google Chrome

Video Speed Controller on Chrome

With Video Speed Controller, an overlay to HTML5 will be added to the videos on compatible sites. In addition to that, this extension has some blacklisted websites as well. For such websites, this extension might not work. It is true that it works for most of the video streaming sites, and YouTube is a perfect example. For many individuals, the extension’s compatibility with YouTube is good enough to praise it.

However, it doesn’t work on some of the video streaming sites. For instance, it doesn’t work with Dailymotion no matter whether you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. But, again, Dailymotion is not a blacklisted website for Video Speed Controller. Likewise, you will experience some issues with some of the video-sharing sites you are familiar with. So, have that in mind when you are installing this plugin.

The added overlay will stay hidden in normal use. However, it will appear when you hover the mouse over the respective video you are dealing with. It will display the current playback speed with two other main options for you.

  • It will increase or decrease the respective video’s playback speed
  • You can skip the video to 10 seconds back and forth

To activate the function, you will have to select any of the mentioned options. If you are a Chrome user who prefers keyboard shortcuts (like most of the others), there is good news. That means Video Speed Controller plugin supports keyboard shortcuts for your convenience.

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Mentioned below are the keyboard shortcuts Chrome users can use on Video Speed Controller.

  • Key ‘V‘ to decrease the speed
  • Key ‘D‘ to increase the speed
  • And Key ‘Z‘ to go backward
  • Key ‘X‘ to go forward
  • Key ‘R‘ to reset the speed
  • And Key ‘G‘ to select the preferred speed

In order to activate Video Speed Controller’s functions, you can simply tap the respective keys mentioned above. When the video tab is active, these controllers are responsive. Also, you don’t actually want to hover the mouse over the video to get these shortcuts activated.

When it comes to the preferences of the extension, you can see plenty of options to change the shortcuts. Also, it can change the steps as well. For instance, you can change both rewind and advance (go back and forth options) options to 20 seconds. Also, you can change the preferred speed (which is associated with the letter ‘G‘). Likewise, you can change the speed decrease and increase steps as well.

Video Speed Controller allows you to create two keyboard shortcuts you may want to have. That is in addition to the existing options. You can use ‘mute‘ or ‘pause‘ options as keyboard shortcuts. Besides, you can map the keys for those options as you prefer.

Video Playback Control

Under the preferences, you will see several other options you may find useful.

  • You can hide the controller as the default option.
  • To remember the speed of the playback.
  • To add sites to blacklist so the extension will not function once those sites are loaded.
  • And to enable experimental features and let you disable the key-bindings that are specific to a site.

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Part 2. Video Speed Controller for Firefox

As mentioned before, the Video Speed Controller is compatible with Firefox as well. When you use this tool with the Firefox browser, you will see that it adds a shortcut to the web-browser. As a result, you will be able to take control of the playback speed on any HTML5 video. It will work on websites such as YouTube.

In certain cases, you wish that some videos are played a little bit slower. Also, there are some videos you want to play a little faster. Or, you want to slow down or speed up a certain segment of a steaming video. Such options become particularly useful when you see demonstrations, presentations, walkthroughs, gameplays, tutorials, etc. Decreasing the speed of the video might be very useful if you want to observe a video closely.

In certain cases, browsers like Firefox allow you to control the playback. It is needless to mention how handy those controls are when you have a need which we have mentioned. For instance, on YouTube, you get the speed options under ‘Preferences‘ when a video is played.

Video Speed Controller

When it comes to this Video Speed Controller plugin, it requires access to data for all the websites. It provides the functionality for videos that are in HTML5 format. When the plugin is installed, it will display all the controls on all the video sharing sites like YouTube.

With the assistance of this plugin, you can add the following shortcuts to the browser.

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Mentioned below are those shortcuts for those who prefer convenience.

  • Key ‘S‘ to decrease the speed of the respective video playback
  • Key ‘D‘ to increase the speed of the respective video playback
  • And Key ‘R‘ to reset the playback speed of the video
  • Key ‘Z‘ to rewind the video
  • Key ‘X‘ to advance the video
  • And Key ‘G‘ to set the preferred value to the playback speed of the video
  • Key ‘V‘ to Show or Hide the Controller of the video

Using this Video Speed Controller is exceptionally simple. All you need is to hit the relevant shortcut key to activate the option linked with it. These options are automatically activated when you play an HTML5 video within the browser. You can refer to the above-mapped functionality and start hitting the keys. For instance, in order to increase the playback speed, you should simply tap on ‘D.’ Also, to get the video playback slowed down, you should tap on ‘S‘ key. In order to reset the settings, you should press on ‘R.’ It is that simple!

If you change the levels, Video Speed Controller will show it within the interface of the video. In order to hide this appearing display, you will be able to use the extension settings.

You can click on the extension icon that can be found on the Firefox toolbar after the installation. Then, you can select the ‘Settings,’ and you can open the list of shortcuts. In addition to that, you will see some other options as well.

Some users want to remap the keyboard shortcuts used in the extension by default. The good news is that Video Speed Controller allows you to do so in Firefox as well. If you don’t want to have the default settings, you can customize it as follows.

With such customization, you can expect better productivity as well.

  • You can change both rewind and advance options to the number of seconds you wish to have. It comes with the default value of 10 seconds.
  • You can change the speed as well. The default value of this feature is 0.10.
  • You can even set a preferred speed level. The default speed level of the Video Speed Controller is 1.8.
  • If you check to mark the option ‘remember playback speed,’ it will save the settings. The custom video speeds you save will then be applied to the future videos you play on Firefox.

Like within Chrome, you can blacklist websites in Firefox too using the Firefox browser. You can customize this list as well.

Well, that’s our article about Video Speed Controller. We hope you got the idea about the functionality of this extension. If you find this article to be useful, you may leave us a comment. If you have further questions related to this matter, please let us know that as well.