How to Use iCloud Email Account on Android Devices

One of my friends has purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, and he needs to switch from Apple to Android. He is a little upset because he doesn’t want to leave his iCloud. In fact, there are some ways out. Now I’d like to tell you how to use iCloud Mail Account on Android devices &  transfer iCloud contacts to Android.

Here is a tutorial for your reference to set up an iCloud email account on your Android devices.

These steps work well for any Store Email Clients.
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Step 1. Run the Stock Email Client on your Android device. You can do it on either an Android phone or an Android tablet computer. And then input your iCloud ID and password that you used to sign in to the iCloud account on your Apple devices. And go to the next step.

Step 2. You now may probably be shown with a new screen where you need to choose “Manual Setup” and then click on “IMAP”.


Step 3. Then, you are in the IMAP server. Now you can input all the information as follows. It is too professional, but it is definitely safe.

  • IMAP server:
  • Username: [your username]
  • Password: [your Apple password]
  • Port number: 993
  • Security Type: SSL/TLS

Tap on “Next”.

Step 4. Now you need to configure the SMTP server. All the information you need to input is as follows.

  • SMTP server:
  • Username: [your username]
  • Password: [your Apple password]
  • Port number: 587
  • Security Type: SSL/TLS

Step 5. Congratulations! You have finished all the necessary settings for Android device so that you can use the iCloud on your Android phone freely from now on.

Attention here:
1. You need to set up both the IMAP and the SMTP server or you will be not allowed to get access to your iCloud on your Android device.
2. If there are any problems with the Security Type, you can try it again. You can choose SSL or TLS.

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