Ways to Undelete Messages on iPhone 6S Plus / 6S / 7 / 8 / X / XS / 11 / 12

Why We Need to Undelete Messages on iPhone

Have you ever encountered such a situation that one day you delete the messages from iPhone by accident? If you have done so, you can exactly understand how sad and frustrated it is to lose the important data.

If these careless operations are done on Mac or Windows computers, you can take it easy since it has Trash or Recycle bin, which makes your removed objects recoverable even after getting deleted. But iPhone doesn’t have a similar function of the recycle bin until now, so it can’t get your lost messages back itself.

However, don’t be nervous, since there is some kind of third-party apps can help you solve this problem. That is to say, you can probably get your lost messages back, which have been deleted from your iPhone already. Next, I’d like to tell you how the third-party apps can cancel the operation of messages deletion on iPhone, you can follow the simple steps one by one as shown below. Regarding how to unlock iPhone 6S Plus, here is the best method for you.

The reason why the operation of messages deletion can be canceled

Messages are not different from other files which are saved in your iPhone, that is to say, iPhone treats it equally without discrimination as SMS, video files, audio files, images, or contacts. In addition, the iPhone saves them in the internal storage. Just like the computer operation, if you remove messages from the iPhone, although their entry seems to be removed from the iOS, they are not really erased from the storage in fact. In this way, you will see the data is missing and then its space sets free.

If you try to restore the removed objects from the iPhone, like messages, videos, music and so on, the third-party tool will help you scan the phone internal storage deeply and show all the files that can be restored in a list to you. In this recovery process, you have no need to do anything except to decide and check which kind of files should be recovered and then press on the button of Recovery.

What is Dr.Fone for iOS?

People speak highly of Dr.Fone Toolkit – iOS Data Recovery because it is one of the most powerful software that can help you undelete files from iPhone and assists you to solve many other problems related to phone data. What’s more, it can be used on iOS and Android devices and is available for both Mac and Windows computers.

Since we take the recovery of messages deletion as an example, here, I’d like to use dr.fone Toolkit for iOS (which is used as iPhone data recovery software) to do the demonstration.

Get dr.fone – Recover (iOS)

1. Messages can be restored directly from iPhone 6S plus / 6S / 6/ 5S
It will scan your iPhone to find the deleted files that you want them back, and both the latest iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s are supported.

2. Messages can be restored from iTunes Backup
Using iTunes Backup is different from the process described below. Normally, all the files deleted from your iPhone will be restored as a whole, but if you use Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS, you are allowed to select individual objects to be recovered.

3. Messages can be restored from iCloud Backup
Just like being restored from iTunes Backup, Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS can also support to check individual objects to be recovered from the iCloud Backup.

4. Repair the Corrupt iOS
Another powerful function is that Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS allows you to download or update the latest OS version from the Apple server, in this way, it can fix a corrupt iOS and restore it to the iPhone as well.

5. It supports to reset a locked iPhone
If one day, you forget the passcode and your phone remains locked, you can ask Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS to reset your iPhone.
You can download this software from the official website and the download links are shown as followed:

How to undelete messages on iPhone and get the messages back on iPhone 

1. Click on the links as shown above to download the correct version of Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS for the PC. Then install this tool according to the installation files.

2. To process further, please connect the iPhone to the computer by using the original data cable.

3. If your iTunes opens on its own, close it and then open the dr.fone.

4. Wait for a minute, and the tools will detect your iPhone automatically. Click “Recover” and Select “Recover from iOS Device” Option.

5. Once done, please press on the Start Scan button in the main interface.

6. Wait again, and this program will analyze your iPhone automatically.

7. Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS begins to scan your iPhone and it will show you the iPhone recoverable objects on the next window.

8. After the scanning is finished, select the tab of Messages on the left side, just under the Messages & Call log.

9. It is your turn to decide which messages should be recovered as you want, and then check the checkboxes on the right side.

10. Press on the Recover button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

11. On the next window that comes up to you, choose the tab of Recover to Device. Wait for a moment and in this way, your selected messages will be restored to the iPhone.

Tips on how to avoid the deletion operation of messages from iPhone

As it is mentioned above, it is so sad and frustrating to lose important data which is saved on iPhone but deleted by accident. In addition, iPhone doesn’t have such function like Trash or Recycle bin, which can make the removed objects recoverable after getting deleted, so you must use a third-party tool for help. Although we have introduced some efficient programs to restore all the deleted objects, we can’t fully trust and rely on them. So why not reduce this careless operation in the root cause?

Here, I would like to tell you some tips on how to avoid the deletion operation of messages from iPhone, you can take it as a reference.

Protect your iPhone password carefully

This tip is so important as you must unwanted to let any random person can access and operate your iPhone device since many people can visit your office or place. Isn’t it right?

Make sure that your iPhone is out of the reach of children

Although your messages are so important to you, the kids don’t have such concept. The ignorant and innocent kids may only regard it as a fun toy. Therefore, it is wise of you to keep the iPhone away from the children, especially the little child. Unless they are mature enough to realize the importance of your phone data.

Don’t trust or install any file or application from unknown sources

File or application from unknown sources may carry the virus like Trojan which will do some harm to your iPhone or even make the system crash which will lead to data loss. If you need to install any file or application, you can get them from the trusted sources like Apple Store. In this way, you can avoid the unknown viruses effectively.

Get into the habit of creating a backup copy on the personal computer

Restoring data from the backup copy on the personal computer is much more simple and easier than recovering the deleted objects with the help of the third-party tool. So if the condition allows, please get into the habit of creating a backup copy. So that if you find your message suddenly disappears, you don’t need to be nervous since you have a backup copy. You can use iTunes to do this process on your PC.

Create an iCloud Backup

Maybe sometimes, you are not near the PC or the personal computer is not on the run, so how to get your deleted data back? In such situation, it is wise of you to back up your data on the iCloud account as well. So if you want to restore your important data at anytime and anywhere, you had better follow this tip.


As it is mentioned above, Dr.Fone – iOS Data Recovery is so reliable and powerful in the field of restoring any type of lost data, such as photos, text messages, emails, videos, call history, calendar, music, apps, contacts, and so on. It is always a good practice to and backed up to avoid such situations.

However, it is wise of you to keep your data protected and reduce the careless operation from the root cause so that you can avoid data loss caused by carelessness, wrong operation, virus infection or any other season.

Get dr.fone – Data Recovery (iOS)