How to Undelete Android Photos Successfully

Sometimes, we accidentally delete our photos on our Android Device. This must be very annoying and really makes us sad. If you have experienced this situation before, you would make it as a lesson so that you will not do the same mistake in the future. What if you finally forget and you accidentally delete some important photos on your android device again and how to undelete the Android photos? If this mistake happens for the second time, you should not panic. Since when you delete the photos from your Android device, it does not mean that you delete them totally. The photos just disappear from the folder. However, you need to remember that you are not recommended to fill the device with new files or you should not take a new picture when you lose your photos from your android device. You just need to let the phone standby and do not do anything before you do the photos recovery. So, how to undelete android photos? It is an easy thing to do because you can use our sophisticated software to recover any files from your Android device. Here, you can count on Dr.Fone for Android Data Recovery as the best recovery software in the world.

1. Several Things to Consider When You Delete Your Photos

How to undelete android photos? You have to remember that you should not panic when you accidentally delete your photos on your android device because you are actually able to recover the photos back. Since the photos are not totally erased yet. Besides, you are not recommended to add some files on your android device when this mistake happens. When you delete the photos, you should do nothing towards your smartphone. Just think about to recover the deleted photos from the device. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to download Dr.Fone for Android as the best tool for lost data recovery from any android device. This software is really easy to use and it seems pretty simple. So, anyone can use this software to undelete android photos and you may not need any guides how to undelete android photos properly because it is really easy. However, if you are still confused how to undelete Android photos using our software, you can follow some instruction below.

2. Several Steps How to Undelete Android Photos Using Dr.Fone for Android

Before you begin to recover the deleted photos from your android device, you must download the Dr.Fone for Android here first. Dr.Fone for Android is the best photo recovery software that you have to try. This software is also available on several Operating System Such as Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS.

Here are some steps that you can do to undelete android photos simply and easily.

Step 1: Download Dr.Fone for Android according to the OS Version you use. If you use Windows 7, 8, and 10, you can download the Windows Version or it is also available for Mac OS. After you download the software, then just simply install the program, and run the program.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Step 2: Register yourself, and then you will go to the first page of the program.

Step 3: Connect your Android Device to Your Computer via USB Cable. After it detects your device, you have to enable USB debugging, and then click “Ok”.

Step 4: You will see the file types that you want to recover. Since you are going to recover your deleted photos, so you can select “Gallery”, and then click “Next”.

Step 5: The next page, you will see two scan modes. For the first time, you can choose “Standard Mode”, then click “Next”.

Step 6: You just need to wait while the software is scanning your deleted files. After the scan is done, so you will be seeing some of your deleted photos previews. Next, you can select some photos that you want to recover. Finally, you can click the “Recover” button to restore your lost photos.

How to undelete Android photos? As it is explained above, it is really simple and easy to recover your deleted photos from your Android device using our Dr.Fone for Android for the best recovery tool in the world.

3. Finding the Recovered Photos

When you finally succeed to recover your deleted photos, you may feel confused where the photos are restored. Let us tell you that the photos are recovered back to your memory card. If you took the photos using your Smartphone camera, so it will be restored to the phone storage by default. However, if you use another camera app, you will find the photos on a folder with the app name. So, no matter happens, you can find your photos back in the Phone Gallery of your Android device.

Perhaps, you really feel happy because you finally find a software which is really effective to undelete android photos. However, you must need to consider several things when you are about to recover the deleted photos.

  • Do not take any pictures using the camera at the moment you delete the photos accidentally.
  • Do not add any files on your device before you perform recovery.
  • Download Dr.Fone for Android immediately when it happens to perform immediate recovery.
  • Recommend your friends to use Dr.Fone for Android when they also want to recover deleted photos effectively.

In summary, how to undelete android photos? It seems that it already has the answer. Using Dr.Fone for Android, you can recover any lost photos on your Android devices. In fact, you can also recover other deleted files. You can also recover your document, video, audio, message, contact, and call history. Therefore, you should not panic when you finally make a mistake by deleting your files on your android device. We really recommend you to download Dr.Fone Toolkit – Android Data Recovery in order to get your lost data back.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)


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