How to Trim Video Online with Free Online Video Cutter Tools?

Sharing videos has become incredibly popular particularly with the increased use of social media platforms. However, most of the video clips you record requires at least some basic trimming before getting shared. But, what if you don’t have expensive video editing software installed on your computer? What if you don’t need to dedicate a large space of your hard disk for a video editing tool? The answer is pretty simple. Just use an online video cutter and trim video online without installing any software.

With that being said, there is no shortage of options when it comes to online video cutter tools. Selecting the best tool to trim video online might be a challenging task particularly because of this variety. Well, we have prepared a list of best online video cutter tools for you. Read on if you need to trim video online without installing any software on your computer.

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Section 1. 5 Best Online Video Cutter Tools

Here’s a list of best tools to trim video online. If you need more, switch to online video croppers and read more about the PowerDirector crop video function.

01. YouTube Video Editor

This is a free online video editing tool that comes with several handy features. YouTube Video Editor comes as a totally free tool that can help you cut, connect and create new videos. You can use this tool to create video clips to match the desired length. Moreover, once the video is created, you can share it on YouTube with a single click.

Pros of YouTube Video Editor

  • It has a very convenient user interface to work with
  • It doesn’t come with complex and too advanced options
  • YouTube Video Editor has a faster processing speed
  • It lets you upload videos directly to YouTube with a single click

Cons of YouTube Video Editor

  • It offers a very limited range of video effects

02. Online video cutter

This is another free tool that lets you cut videos and get rid of unwanted scenes out of them. This respective application is compatible with pretty much all the video formats. In order to cut a video file, you should visit the website provider to get the URL of the video. If not, you can import the video into the website. Then, you can cut it and save it easily.

Online Video Cutter

Pros of Online video cutter

  • This software lets you trim video oinline, crop and rotate videos
  • You can easily decide the export file quality and format

Cons of Online video cutter

  • It features a slow processing time

03. Video Toolbox

This is another basic tool that works as a free online video editing option. This particular tool comes with a simplified version and an advanced version. Video Toolbox lets you cut, merge, crop, add watermarks and perform various other editings with videos. Also, this special free tool is compatible with all the video file formats that are being used today.

Video Toolbox

Pros of Video Toolbox

  • Apart from cutting videos, it can be used to apply different other effects
  • It is compatible with all the major video file formats available in the industry

Cons of Video Toolbox

  • It doesn’t allow you to edit files larger than 600 MB

04. FileLab Video Editor

FileLab is considered to be a convenient video editor that comes with a friendly user interface. This respective tool allows you for cutting, trimming, splitting, mixing, merging, etc. of videos. Apart from that, it lets you add music, transition, text and other effects to your videos.

Moreover, it supports a large range of video formats. If necessary, you can even edit HD videos using this tool. The videos edited using FileLab Video Editor can be played on smart mobile devices as well. In order to open the video editor, you should get the FileLab plug-in installed. The size of this file doesn’t exceed 1MB.

FileLab Video Editor

Pros of FileLab Video Editor

  • It works perfectly with pretty much all the video formats
  • It has a user interface that comes with a set of convenient features

Cons of FileLab Video Editor

  • You need to install a plug-in to get the video editor launched

05. MixFactory

MixFactory is a tool that comes with a range of options to trim video online and do various tasks. The editing toolbox of this respective web-based software is really customizable. This tool allows you to import pretty much all the media files from your computer and web. MixFactory lets you add transitions, perform frame-level cuts, use templates add text and do various other tasks.

MixFactory Trim Video Online

Pros of Mixmoov

  • It can import video clips from YouTube without downloading
  • Support videos that are stored in your computer
  • It works perfectly with various video file formats

Cons of Mixmoov

  • MixFactory doesn’t allow previewing the video clips you edit

Section 2. How to Trim Video Online Using an Online Video Cutter?

In this section, we will explain how to cut a video using one of the tools mentioned above; Video Toolbox.

Many users consider cutting videos as a complicated task. However, if you have the right kind of tool, cutting a video is pretty simple. If your purpose is to cut a video, you can use Video Toolbox and get it done. It doesn’t require you to download or purchase any software.

Here’s how to do it.

01. Create a Video Toolbox Account

You should create a free Video Toolbox account to use the trim video online service. It is a very simple process though.

02. Upload the clip you need to cut

Select the clip you need to upload (which must be less than 600MB).

03. Decide what you need to do

Now that the uploading is finished, you should go to the Select Action menu and select an option. In this case, you should select “Cut/Split” the video file.

04. Decide the content

Simply select the start time and end time of the video clip you need to cut. Then, you should click on the option called Cut the Slice. If you need to change the format, however, you may select Convert the Slice option.

Trim Video Online

05. Complete the process

Now the cut fill will be processed. At the completion of the processing, you should download it to the computer. Be sure that you know the location of the downloaded file.

06. Repeat

This tool allows you to cut only one video clip at a time. So, if you need to cut multiple parts, you should repeat the above process.

Section 3. Cutting Videos using Wondershare Filmora – The Best Way

It is true that you can cut and do basic processing of videos using an online video cutter. However, when you trim video online, there are obvious disadvantages. For instance, uploading a personal video to a third-party server can be a bothersome task. In addition to that, online video cutter tools are slow in performance. So, if you need something more than a basic video cutter, you should go for a reliable option like Wondershare Filmora.

Wondershare Filmora is a professional video editor & blur background app that lets you do advanced editing in a simple manner. It can add voiceovers, add video overlays and add various other special effects. It also fixes how to fade audio in iMovie for you. Although Wondershare comes with a range of professional editing tools, it comes at a very affordable price. In simplest terms, Wondershare Filmora is a user-friendly, powerful and affordable tool to edit videos.

Get Filmora

Here’s how to cut a video using Wondershare Filmora

01.Import the video

You can simply drag and drop your video to Wondershare. If not, you can import a video through the file menu. Both the options are exceptionally easy.

Wondershare lets you cut videos according to two methods.

First Method: Scene Detection

Just right click on the video (located in Media Library). Then, select Scene Detection from the popup menu.

Second Method: Manual Cutting

Just drag the video from the album on to the video track located in the Timeline. Simply drag the Play Head Slider and mark the cutting position. You can delete the marked scene simply by clicking on the Delete button.

Trim Video Online with Filmora

When you deal with an online video cutter, the process depends on the status of the network. You will have to wait for a pretty long time when uploading a video of high capacity. So, if you intend to cut a large video without experiencing any lags, you should use the software. With Wondershare Filmora, you can load a large video within a couple of minutes. In addition to that, Wondershare Filmora lets you add various professional effects to your video. In a nutshell, Wondershare Filmora is a highly professional video editor as well as MKV cutters & MKV file Editor that comes with affordable price and great features.

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Get Filmora