How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Android Devices Directly

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Took a lot of videos by your iPhone and wanted to transfer those videos from iPhone to your mother’s Android phone? Did you realize that it is different to find an easy way to do it except with some extra help of a professional phone data transfer software?

The dr.fone – Switch is the software that can help you. No matter what kinds of data you want to transfer, this tool can do it within one click. Your mother no longer needs to wait a half day to see your videos on her phone. Even those videos unplayable on Android devices can be converted into compatible formats through the dr.fone during the transfer procession.

A convenient way to transfer videos from your iPhone to Android phone

You can download and experience this wonderful iPhone video to Android transfer – dr.fone – Switch right now!

Get dr.fone – Switch

No matter what Android devices you want to transfer videos to, Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10 or Huawei Mate 30, you can follow the next steps of teaching how to use the dr.fone-Switch. You may want to check what kinds of devices this software support. Click here.

Step 1. Install the dr.fone

Just follow the instructions given by the dr.fone you will install it very quickly on your computer. You will get this primary window after installing it. See how simple and clean it is. Never worry about how to handle the dr.fone, even the very beginner won’t meet any difficulties during the operation.

Note: You better install iTunes on your computer too in order to ensure the dr.fone can do iPhone videos to Android transferring without mistakes.

Step 2. Connect your devices to the computer

You can connect both of your iPhone and Android to the computer through USB cables. The software will display them side by side after detecting them. The left side shows you Source device which you can see as your iPhone and the right side displays your Destination devices and it would be your Android phone.

videos from iPhone to Android

If there are too many data already stored on your Android phone, this “Clear before Copy” can help you solve this problem. By clicking this tab, those data saved on your Destination device will be deleted before any new data being transferred from your Source device.

Note: The “Flip” tab can help you switch the position of your Source and Destination device.

Step 3. Transfer videos from iPhone to Android phone

In the middle part of the dr.fone-Switch interface, you can see the contents list which shows the data like photos, SMS, contacts, music, and videos. You can tick off the data you need, like videos, and then click the tab “Start Transfer”. And the dr.fone will do its work. Soon you will get all the videos that you wish to be transferred on your Android phone.

Please don’t break the connection between the devices and computers, otherwise, the transfer procession will fail.

iPhone to Android Videos Transfer

Of course, the dr.fone – Switch can be used to transfer any other data like contacts, SMS, call logs, apps, calendar, photos and music between different devices. The dr.fone – Switch is totally supported different platforms, like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Next time you can try to use it to transfer your music from iPod to your Android devices. It will be as simple as what I have just told you.

Get dr.fone – Switch

If you want to manage your data on Android device, you should download the dr.fone – Android Transfer. Another helpful software for you.

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