How to Transfer Data from Samsung Galaxy S5/S6 to Galaxy S7 (Edge)

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New Samsung Galaxy S7 is Coming, How to Switch from Galaxy S6/S5 to S7? – Fixed

Though the Samsung new product Galaxy S7 hasn’t come into the smartphone market yet, it already attracts the eyeballs of the public and pushes people in an exciting emotion. The Samsung new product spokesman said the Galaxy S7 would be put into the market on February 21st of this year, 2016. And even before the 2016 Mobile World Congress, the overwhelming anticipation of this new product has been created over the loyal Android users.

By its incomparable innovation idea, Samsung has become the leader in the Android smartphone field. And of course to have the newest Samsung smartphone Galaxy S7 is the dream of the most Android phone users to replace the old ones. But, there are also some puzzles for changing a new phone such as how to deal with the content of the old Galaxy S5/S6 phones? Because for most of us, the contents of the old phone is still useful and need to be kept. So the contents transfer from old Galaxy S5/S6 phone to new Galaxy S7 phone becomes one the dilemmas that people concerned if we want all the important files to be transferred to our new Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone.

It’s indeed a daunting task to move data from one Android device to the other Android device. To have an easy and useful data transfer tool is the key point that might help us to realize the idea that moving files between the old Galaxy S6/S5 phone and the new Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge). However, the truth is cruel, though lots of data transfer tools have been created for solving this problem, most of them are flawed. So it’s still a worrisome problem. But, is there a really effective and useful data transfer tool that we can get online or in the market? The answer is YES! dr.fone – Switch is the best choice for you who want to transfer the old files from your old Galaxy S5 or S6 to the new Galaxy S7.

Part 1: What is dr.fone – Switch?

Here we need to introduce the software we will use to do the content transfer first, the dr.fone – Switch. It is a one-click transfer software that could transfer all the important contents you want from your one device to the other one. Here the “contents” means all your music, contacts, SMS, photos and nearly all the files or documents that you have saved on your device. And the device means all the phones, tablets, and iPods. What’s more, the version and supporting system of your device can be Android, Apple IOS, Windows, and even Nokia Symbian system. This powerful transfer tool can be compatible with all of the models of all of the above versions. How amazing! And aside from the transfer function, dr.fone can also do other works such as:

  • Back up data from your device to your PC
  • Secure all important files on to your PC
  • Restore data from your PC to your device
  • Transfer all iTunes files to a non-iOS device
  • Retrieve all saved files in iCloud to any supported Android phone

Part 2: How to Use dr.fone – Switch to Transfer Contents from Galaxy S5/S6 to Galaxy S7?

Now, I will teach you how to use this amazing transfer tool, dr.fone – Switch, to transfer to contents from your old Samsung Galaxy S5 or S6 to your beloved Samsung Galaxy S7. To convenient you guy, I divide the procedure into the following steps so that you can learn well and easily.

Step 1: Download the Software and Install It

Once you enter the official website, you will see the detail introduction of this software and on the top of the window, you can find the download center. This software provides two versions both for Windows users and Mac OS users. For Windows as Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, and for Mac OS as Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later. Also, each one has a free trial version and a paid full version. The trial version just can transfer a limited amount of files while the full version can transfer unlimited numbers of files. Choose the appropriate version you want and click download.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Once download is finished, install the software on your computer.

Step 2: Choose Your Appropriate Solution

When the program is already successfully installed on your computer, launch the program. The interface of the program will be shown on the screen, you will see different choices of the solution on it. It means the software is asking you which task is the one you want to do. Here you click on “Switch” button.

Step 3: Connect Both of Your Galaxy S6 & S7 with the Computer

When entering the “Switch” interface, the program will ask you to connect your two phones to the computer. Now you use the matched USB cable to connect each of your Galaxy S5 or S6 and Galaxy S7 with the computer. Then wait a moment for the program to recognize your two phones. You can see the left window shows “Source” on the top which means it’s the place where all your contents come from. The right window shows “Destination”, it means it’s the place where your contents will be transferred to.

Once both of your phone have been recognized successfully by the program, you need to check whether the Source and Destination phone is right or not. If not, click on the “Flip” button to switch both of them to make them in the right place.

Step 4: Select the Contents You Want to Transfer from Galaxy S5 to S7

After the above all done, you can start to tick all the contents that you want to transfer from your source Galaxy S5 or S6 to your destination Galaxy S7. And here you can see a small option on the bottom of the destination location, “Clear data before copy“. It means if you want to wipe out all the data of your destination phone, you can tick it also.

But if you want to transfer the app data of your old phone, you will be required to root your device temporarily when you continue to go through the program. But you don’t need to worry, it won’t void the warranty on your phones. Here just click on the “Confirm” button to go on.

Step 5: Transfer Contents from Galaxy S5/S6 to Galaxy S7 (Edge)

Now, the most exciting moment is coming. Click on the button of “Start Transfer”, the program is running to transfer all your selected contents from the source phone to your lovely Galaxy S7. I know you are excited, but be attentional to keep both of your devices firmly connecting to the computer during the transferring process, otherwise, the progress will be interrupted. Then you need to do the whole process again. So try your best to avoid such kind of bad situation happening.

dr.fone – Switch – Easily Make the Transfer Done!

  • Zero Risk to provide 100% Safe.
  • Transfer Data between Any Devices
  • Support All the Models of iOS, Android and WinPhone

Get dr.fone – Switch

Part 3: The Fantastic New Features in Galaxy S7

In the beginning, we have mentioned that the Samsung new product Galaxy S7 has attracted the digital fans crazily. But compared with its predecessors, what makes it so hot? So what’s new in it? We have to admit that there are still many similarities among the new ones and the olds, but it also gets some new advanced features which surpass all the old ones. Let me list some of them:

1. Battery-Sharing Function

The new Galaxy S7 enables the Samsung users to share the battery with each other even without a USB cable or any links. You just need to turn on the switch of this feature on your Galaxy S7 and you don’t need to worry about power loss.

2. 4GB Ram

If you are a smartphone fan who always likes to open many apps on your phone at the same time, you must this feature very much. It will allow you to experience all the programs very smoothly.

3. 64 Bit Processor

Samsung Galaxy S7 is the first smartphone that has such fast processing speed which only appears on laptops and computers. It is a huge improvement for a phone and it’s also a big step for the phone industry.

4. 32/64 and 128GB Memory

Generous memory space is always the wild known characteristic of the Samsung devices. And as its latest product, Galaxy S7 has inherited this feature and surpasses it without surprise.

5. 30 Megapixels Camera

Even these digital cameras rarely have such kind of high pixel, but Galaxy S7 equips this high pixel. It’s really a big improvement for its camera and good news for the photo-taking fans.

6. 5G Network Connection

The highest network for smartphones in the current market is 4G. And sometimes the connection of this network is not so stable. 5G is totally a new concept for the phone user and this must be an unbelievable but exciting experience for the network chasers.

Though the new Samsung S7 has not been made yet, it already draws our attention. And we believe it must exceed our expectations and will bring a new smartphone innovation by its unique and new features. Let’s just look forward to, and hope it won’t let us down.

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