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How to Transfer Data from Nokia to Windows Phone for Free

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As you may find on the Internet, there are many free tools which can help you transfer data files from one phone to another phone. Since the Nokia is acquired by Microsoft, you can now buy a new Nokia which runs the operating system of Windows. So how about we talk about some free ways to transfer data files from an old Nokia phone to a new Nokia Windows phone? It is my pleasure to introduce free and reliable ways of data transfer to the readers. Now, let’s see them together. After reading this article, you can also pick up one and get it a try.

Way 1. Free to transfer Nokia data to new Nokia Windows phone with the PC client

Step 1. To transfer data files in this way, you need an account for Microsoft first. Surely, if you already have one, you can just skip this step. And the account of Xbox or hotmail is also workable for the Microsoft.

Step 2. Download the Nokia Suite on your computer if you don’t have it. And then launch this application on your computer after installation.

Step 3. Now you can get ready to upload the data files that you want to transfer to the SkyDrive. You can find the button “Tools” at the top bar in the primary window. Click on it so that you can get into the SkyDrive.


Step 4. Then you can see the screen turn blue, click on “Start”.


Step 5. After you finish the last step, you can see the items of your phone data listed on the window. Just choose the items that you want to transfer. But there is one thing that needs to be noticed that you can only transfer the photos in the formats of jpg, png or gif with this application.


Step 6. After you click on “Copy”, all the items you choose will be uploaded to the cloud. But before this, you will be asked to input your Microsoft account and the password. And then click on “Yes” in the next screen.


Step 7. At present, all the data files are saved in the SkyDrive. What you need to do now, is to download them on your new Nokia Windows phone. Just log in your Microsoft account and the data files saved in the SkyDrive will be automatically synced to your new phone.


1. This way is totally free.
2. It is easy to understand, and it won’t cost you too much time.
3. The process of downloading can be done automatically.
1. It is a bit of too cumbersome to operate so many steps by manual.
2. It is difficult to remember all these steps.

Way 2. Free to transfer Nokia data to new Nokia Windows phone via a Free App

For the Way 1, you need to do two actions, uploading and downloading. So what about transferring data files directly from your Nokia to your new Nokia Windows phone? It is simple and easy. But the weak point is it can’t help you transfer the photos & calendar like the Way 1. So it is only useful for contact and message transfer. Anyway, let me walk you through this.

Step 1. Download the app named “Transfer my Data” on your Nokia phones, which is totally free for the users. It is easy to find this app on the Nokia Store. Then you need to install it on both of your Nokia following the installation wizard.


Step 2. Click on the start icon of this app on your Nokia so that you can launch it.


Step 3. Now, click on “Continue” on your Nokia. You will see a message asking you to turn on the Bluetooth if you haven’t.


Step 4. Go to “Settings” on both of your phones, and turn on the switches of “Bluetooth” on them. Then you need to connect your phones with each other via Bluetooth. Make sure here is a password protection so that you can transfer data files without virus.


Step 5. Now, on your Nokia, you can see the items of contacts and the text messages. You can choose to transfer the both or only one that you want. And click on “Start”.

Step 6. After that, you need to wait for a few minutes. Make sure that the process of transfer is going on and keep your phones paired during the whole process.


1. You can transfer data directly without a transition point.
2. You don’t need to connect your phones to your computer.
3. It is easy to operate.

1. There are too many steps to remember.
2. The connection of Bluetooth is not steady and sometimes you can find it hard to pair the phones.
3. If you want to transfer the photos & calendar, you need to use other tools.

To sum up:

Both of these two tools are free and useful for data transfer from an old Nokia phone to new Nokia Windows Phone. But, there are all too many steps to remember, especially when it comes to operation by manual. Although the Way 2 is more convenient than Way 1, but it can’t support photo transfer. In one word, they still need some improvement.

So is there any way better than these two tools? The answer is absolutely “Yes”! In fact, you can use the dr.fone – Switch, the professional tool for data transfer with powerful functions in just 1-click. The devices it supports are more than 6000 kinds including the Nokia Android and Windows phone. It can help the users to transfer the contacts, text messages, as well as the photos, music files, videos, calendar and sometimes the apps. The only thing you may dislike about it is that you may have to pay for it. But you will finally find the utility is worth the payment.

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