Transfer Data from iPhone to Google Pixel 4/3/2 in 1-Click

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Do you want to transfer data from iPhone to Google Pixel  4 / Pixel 4 (XL)? Apple users shifting to the new Google phone is not a surprising fact. The Android platform has seen tremendous growth in recent times. After many years of partnerships with several brands such as Motorola, HTC, and Samsung Google has finally decided to go solo with its own mobile brand.

While Google’s Android platform is a powerful one, which has served as a successful Launchpad for several top mobile brands, it has played the role of co-brand mostly. Now all this has changed with the introduction of Pixel XL and Pixel phones by Google. The price is expensive when compared to the existing Android brands, but with Google, you can expect a totally new experience in the software and hardware capability.

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Why a transfer tool is necessary?

Since mobile phones have become the one-stop storage solution for all our important information from phone contacts, messages, pictures and music file and much more, it becomes quite a frustrating issue when switching phones. And the task becomes all the more difficult when you need to transfer only certain specific data. The inability to transfer all the data from your old phone to a new one can be however tackled easily and quickly if you have the right tool.

A phone manager tool is ideal for the transfer of data between smartphones. dr.fone – Switch is the best phone transfer tool to transfer data from iPhone to Google Pixel. It transfers all the content on your iPhone to your new Google phone. With this transfer process, it will be easier to upgrade the phone whenever needed. dr.fone transfer tool helps you have access to your important information no matter which device you are using.

Why dr.fone is the best?

Of the various transfer tools in the market, dr.fone is ideal to transfer Data from iPhone to Google Pixel. With this tool in hand, you need not worry about transferring data when you switch your phones. Usually migrating between phones with different operating systems can be a nearly impossible task. But dr.fone keeps the entire process simple. You can easily and in a snap transfer everything you need from your Apple device to the new Pixel smartphones. All you need is a single button push. And Apple iTunes is not necessary to do the transfer. Further, dr.fone software is compatible with all Apple devices including 4/4S/5/5S/SE/6/6S/7/8 (Plus)/X/XS/XR/11, etc.

It is also easier to make backups of all important data. Everything is completed in very simple steps. The backups are very important as they help to restore the phone if data loss occurs. Further, the Wondershare interface is a standalone version that is entirely hassling free with its different functions and managing apps.

Important features of dr.fone

With dr.fone phone manager tool, you can enjoy several features such as

  • Do an effective backup of videos, photos, music, SMS, contacts, etc. to your computer and store them safely.
  • Import, export and de-duplicate contacts and use your computer to reply to your SMS messages.
  • Easy transfer of information including contacts, videos, photos and music between phones.
  • Easy and simple single-click Android rooting process for tablets and phones, enabling you to wield full control over your device.
  • The app manager helps to import, uninstall, install or do backup of any app in batches.
  • The Gif Maker helps to create videos, motion photos, and photos.
  • Special iTunes manager helps synchronize iTunes Music to your Android or transfer the music files to iTunes from Android.
  • The phone manager is compatible with more than 3000 Android devices including Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Motorola, Huawei, Google, etc.


Step by step instructions to Transfer Data from iPhone to Google Pixel  4 / Pixel 4 (XL)

It is easy to transfer your videos, music, photos, and playlists from your iPhone to Google Pixel when you use dr.fone phone manager tool. The tool enables transfer between Android phones and also between Apple and Android phones. The simple one-click transfer of content is one major reason for its effectiveness and popularity. Here are the steps to do the transfer.

Step 1: Download dr.fone software on your Mac or PC, install and run it. Connect the iPhone and your Google Pixel to the computer via the USB cord.

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Step 2: Select the source device. In this instance, iPhone is the source device. You can rebuild the library in iTunes, transfer media files in iTunes to the new device or perform a backup of all the important files to the PC if needed.

Step 3: The next step is to transfer Data from iPhone to Google Pixel. You have to just click on the “Switch” button present in the main software interface to enable the transfer.

Step 4: Now the next step is to select the target device. Select Pixel as the target device. You can find the Pixel icon present in the drop-down menu feature.

Step 5: The program will select all the content you want to transfer. The transfer can be done as a whole data transfer where all the files are moved or do a selective transfer. With a single click, it is a breeze to transfer your photos, music, contacts and various other files you need.

Step 6: Click on the transfer option once you have completed selecting all the files chosen in the box. Now, wait for the entire transfer to complete fully.

Once the moving of data is over, disconnect the devices from your system.

Now hit the transfer button after you have chosen the files. Wait for the transfer to complete before disconnecting the devices.

Owning a Google Pixel provides you with the innumerable number of beneficial features. In fact, it is one of the top-performing Android phones in the market. The features, as well as performance, are exceptional. So making use of the smartphone to the maximum will help you enjoy all the new updated Android features. dr.fone – Switch is an outstanding phone manager tool that lets you to transfer data from iPhone to Google Pixel 4 (XL) enabling you to have interrupted access to all the important information in your smartphone. Try this tool for transferring data from iPhone to Google Pixel and have a great time relishing in the new and brand Google Pixel phone.

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