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How to Transfer Data from iPad 4/3/2/1 to iPad Air, iPad Pro or iPad Mini

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Even though it was just released, a lot of Apple fans already bought their own iPad air. But they also feel tied about transfer data from their old Apple devices, like iPad, to their new iPad Air or iPad Mini. In order to solve this problem of those Apple fans, the next part is going to introduce three methods for transferring data from your old iPad to newly bought iPad Air, iPad Pro or iPad Mini.

Method 1: Export data from iPad to iPad Air, Pro, Mini by using iCloud

  • Step 1. You should open your old iPad as well as its Wi-Fi networks.
  • Step 2. Find “Setting and navigate” in your iCloud, then click “Storage & Backup”. After that you should turn on “iCloud Backup” and click “OK”, and you should click “Back up”
  • Step 3. Check the last Backup time & see if you had backup successful
  • Step 4. Turn on your iPad and its Wi-Fi networks
  • Step 5. When you are ready to set up your iPad, import your Apple ID and password after finding where “Restore” is from iCloud Backup
  • Step 6. Find which one is your most recent backup and then click “Restore”. Please wait a few minutes before the whole process is completed

Pros: Most of the data can be restored and backup though iCloud. Like paid music, movies, apps, photos and those videos stored in the Camera Roll as well as devices setting, SMS, visual or voice mail, home screen and so on.

Cons: The whole process will need very stable Wi-Fi network to support it. And it is really time-consuming, as for those unpaid media from iTunes, iCloud can not backup or restored them.

Method 2: Transfer iPad data to iPad Air,iPad Pro or iPad Mini by using iTunes

  • Step 1. Install iTunes’s latest version
  • Step 2. Your old iPad should be connected to your computer
  • Step 3. Find your iPad in your iTunes, it should be under “Devices”, then you can tab “Back Up”
  • Step 4. You can break the connection between your old iPad and computer while keep iTunes working. (Only break the connection after the backup process is finished)
  • Step 5. Now, connect your iPad air with your computer. Again, find it under “Devices” and right-click it and then choose “Restore Backup”
  • Step 6. Click “Restore” after you find your most recent backup data

Pros: iTunes is free software that can be used for data backup and restoring on iPad. It supports to transfer data like purchased music, podcasts, books, apps, photos and videos, SMS, wallpapers and more.

Cons: Beside its disadvantage of time-consuming. Some media files are unable to backup and restore. The most important is if you using iTunes to transfer your data, you have to face the problem of data losing and transferring fail.

Method 3: Directly copy iPad data to iPad Pro|Air|Mini by using dr.fone – Switch

The previous two methods can not solve the problem of coping non-purchased music or videos to new devices. But the third method can help you deal with it. Let’s meet the dr.fone – Switch. It is well-designed software for helping data transfer between different devices with different platforms like iOS, Android and Symbian. You can use it to copy contacts, photos, music (paid or unpaid) and videos from your iPad to iPad air.

Get dr.fone – Switch

Let’s find out how to use dr.fone-Switch for data transferring between old iPad and new iPad Air

Step 1. Connect your iPad and iPad air/Mini/Pro with your computer

You can use USB cables to connect both of your devices with your computer. Soon you will see both of them displayed on a primary window after dr.fone-Switch detecting them.

Step 2. Transfer data from your iPad to iPad air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini

dr.fone-Switch lists all the data you can copy in the middle of its operation interface. You can check them one by one then pick up those you plan to copy.

Then you just need to click the “Start Transfer” tab to start and “OK” tab when it is finished. Please check the connection between your devices and computer is not broken during the transferring process.


  • 1. No matter the items are paid or unpaid; dr.fone-Switch can manage to transfer them at one process.
  • 2. You can choose to clear all existing data saved in your iPad air before the data from your old iPad being transferred. You can also keep the current data on iPad Air as well.
  • 3. No Wi-Fi network is needed.
  • 4. Process very fast and guarantee no data loss.


Can not be used for restoring setting, app and its data, SMS and visual or voice mails.

Get dr.fone – Switch

These are the three recommend methods for transferring data from old iPad to iPad air, iPad Pro. You can choose the most convenient one and try it.

Tips: You can use dr.fone – iOS Transfer to manage data on your iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini.

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