Transfer iCloud Contacts to Android Device in Two Methods

When you abandon your old Android device and change into an iPhone, the follow-ups are not that complicated since you don’t have to take a lot of measures to transfer the data from the Android device to your iPhone. The steps are quite simple. But it won’t be that easy for you if you ditch your iPhone for an Android device. The data you need on your iPhone is preserved in your iPhone, iTunes or iCloud. The transferring process from the iPhone to Android device cannot be done within simple easy steps and individual tricks are required if you have no help at all. Or you may find it difficult to transfer iCloud contacts to Android.

But with the help of some professional transfer tool or useful tips, use iCloud Mail Account on Android devices, download and access the iCloud backupexport the iCloud contacts to Outlook directly, transfer contacts from iCloud to Android won’t be a problem anymore. Now we are going to show you two ways to get the contacts transferred in the following part. Go ahead with the instruction and pick the one you consider proper.

Method 1. Transfer iCloud contacts to Android device directly (The most convenient way)

If you want to handle the transfer process manually, then I’m afraid the process won’t be easy and straightforward as you imagine. To transfer iCloud contacts to Android phones directly within steps, you need a professional third-party tool to help you manage the transfer process. The tool we highly suggest you use is dr.fone – Backup&Restore (Android). One powerful program that enables all users to transfer files from nearly all the devices to your smartphone without efforts.

What can dr.fone do?

With dr.fone, you are free to sync iCloud contacts with your Android tablets and phones. The whole process is easy and quick with no data loss at all. Android devices running 4.2 or later can be perfectly supported by this program.

Now pay attention to the following guidance. You only need to take four easy steps to transfer contacts from iCloud to Android devices.

Step 1. Get dr.fone installed

First of all, you need to hit the download button downside and get dr.fone downloaded on your computer. Install it after downloading it. When the whole package finishing installation you are allowed to run it. At this point, connect your device to the computer with USB cables.

Get dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android)

Step 2. Log in your iCloud

When you get into the main interface of the program, Choose Phone Backup feature. Click it and choose “Restore” follow by “Restore from iCloud Backup“. Then you will be asked to log in to your iCloud on the next window.

Here you just need to type in your iCloud account and sign in. There is no need of worrying about the security of our personal information since Wondershare won’t collect any of the information. It just gets the backup file in the iCloud for you which includes the contacts you need to transfer.

Note: ensure contacts have been backed up from your iPhone to the iCloud before you take the step 2. In order to check if you have done it or not, hit Settings on your device, go to iCloud and then Backup to enable iCloud backup and hit the option “Back Up Now”.

After you enabled the two-factor authentication on your iCloud account, you would receive a verification code. Just input that code on the screen and then click “Verify”.

Step 3. Download the backup file from iCloud

You can preview all the backup files you uploaded to the iCloud recently in the right side of the interface after you sign in your iCloud account. Decide the file you want that contains all the contacts you would like to sync to your Android device and click “Download” it.

Step 4. Transfer iCloud contacts to Android device

When the iCloud backup file is done, dr.fone can help you get all the contacts from the iCloud backup file automatically.

Check the Contacts option and hit “Restore to Device“. That is all you need to do to transfer the contacts from iCloud to Android.

Transfer iCloud Contacts to Android with dr.fone

Get dr.fone – Backup & Restore (Android)

Method 2. Export contacts from iCloud and then to your Android device. (More complex and time consuming)

If you have some basic knowledge about iCloud, then you must be aware that iCloud contacts can be exported and saved as a vCard file. You can use this vCard file to get the contacts transferred to the Android device you want. So that is basically how the second method works out. Now let’s focus on the guidance altogether.

Step 1. Upload contacts to iCloud

To begin with, you have to ensure all the contacts on your iPhone have been synced to iCloud already. In order to check that, hit Settings, iCloud and then sign in your iCloud account. At last, turn Contacts on.

sync icloud with iphone

Step 2.Export iCloud contacts and save as a vCard file.

Open the website of iCloud on your computer and then sign in your iCloud account. Hit Contacts. In the control panel of contacts, you will see an icon like a gear at the left side in the bottom. Hit the gear icon and then select the option Export vCard. Thus, the contacts can be exported successfully.

export icloud contacts from pc

Step 3. Import the contacts to the SD card of your Android device.

Use a USB cable to connect your Android device with the computer. Then your SD card of the Android device will be detected in a few seconds. Open the Computer to open the SD card file and then copy the vCard you just exported into the card.

Step 4. Transfer the iCloud contacts to Android contacts book

On your Android device, open the Contacts app. Hit the menu button next to the main button to get a list. Click “Import/Export” and then hit “Import from USB storage“. Thus, all the contacts in the vCard file will be transferred to your contacts book automatically.

Transfer iCloud Contacts to Android with vCard file

In the end, after transferring iCloud contacts to your Android phone, you may would like to know how to delete iCloud account permanently.