Top Free Christian Music App for Free Christian Music Downloads 2020

Every music lover wants to take pleasure with Christian music to relax from the swift lifestyle and simply enjoy when they want to. However, many of us cannot find much Christian music on your local playlist of the phone or even with the present local radios. You may find it tiresome to copy, update, and delete songs from one device to the other. This is when you need a streaming application. There are several online free Christian music app & streaming sites where you can listen to the best Christian songs you like. Nevertheless, these streaming sites do not allow you for Free Christian Music Downloads.

For instance, YouTube has an amazing collection of songs, but you cannot download them for offline listening. You feel stuck when you cannot have those songs on your phone. In this article, you can have a look at the Top Free Christian Music App for Android 2019 to find the one that suits you. In these apps, you can listen to your desired worship band, dig up new uplifting songs whenever and wherever you are right from the playlist of your Smartphone.

Top Free Christian Music App for Android 2020

1. Air 1

free christian music downloads with air1

This application gives you great Christian songs all through the day as well as lets you download free songs for your Android device. Air1 is a modern day hit radio network to play contemporary Christian songs. It is run by an NGO ministry. The app lets you listen to hit songs, view various artists in alphabetical order and add the albums in your list of favorites. You can also choose to get daily Christian verse free in Air1 application. It features different Christian worship artists and bands performing from various genres of Christian music. The app features a special feature of an Alarm Clock, which you can set with your favorite song. Unlike other applications, Air1 has the feature of locating the lyrics of a song along with the official video cover of the song. Just turn on this Free Christian Music app for Android and surround yourself with positive, uplifting Christian music to make the most of your day.

2. K- Love

free christian music downloads from k-love

K- Love is the online radio broadcast application that plays encouraging and positive Christian music. It is run by an NGO ministry. The application is similar to Air1 except for the fact that you do not have the liberty to choose your favorite songs because the songs are directly broadcasted from the online radio station. Nevertheless, you can listen to various featured artists such as Toby Mac, United, The Afters along with many others. Like Air1 offers a wide range of features for its downloaders, K- Love also lets you add your recently played music to your list of favorites, have the daily verse directly from the application, and search for the lyrics of the song when it is played.

3. Spotify

free christian music downloads from Spotify

It is business music streaming application, which lets you search or browse songs by albums, artists, genre, playlist and also record them for free. Once you install the Spotify application on your phone, you get access to a wide range of Christian music. You can get free Christian music downloads as well as pay for a premium subscription to have a better experience of the application. You can also create your own collection of Christian music with your favorite songs and also import them to your phone. You can stream the songs whenever or wherever you wish. When you are having a good day, you can make it better with the collection of your songs. You can also create a playlist for different moods. You can listen to John Walker or Jamie Grace for uplift your mood.



If you like metal or rock genre of Christian songs, you can consider having in your phone. The Free Christian Music Apps mentioned earlier are great for listening to soft modern day songs, but plays great only metal and rock songs all through the application. If you love Christian rock songs and want to have these songs on your phone, this application is made for you.


christianmusic is one among the Top Free Christian Music App for Android 2019 that lets to listen non-stop to your favorite songs on your Android phone or any other device. or Christian Music gives you the choice of a wide range of Christian music right on the main window. It gives you more period of time to choose your preferred songs and add them to your playlist rather than searching all the genres of contemporary music. Although you do not have much choice of songs and artists in this application, you will not fall short of music because of its wide range of music genres. You can enhance the quality of your time with friends with this Free Christian Music App that features all genres of music.

Best Free Christian Music Downloads, Music Recorder – iMusic

free christian music downloads with iMusic

iMusic is the best Free Christian music downloads for your Windows PC and Mac. It lets you download music from more than 3000 sites. You just have to copy and paste the link of the website when you are listening to your favorite music. For music played on online radio stations, this application lets you record your favorite songs as well as have the music cover and tag automatically. If you are fond of listening to offline music, this is a must-have application for downloading music.
  • Download music from Vimeo, YouTube, VEVO, Spotify, Dailymotion, and many more music websites.
  • Free download the hottest and latest songs and create a playlist from the inbuilt library.
  • Record songs from various online radio stations and have their identification elements such as Genre, Title, and Album.
  • Transfer music to and from various devices such as a computer, iPhone, iTunes library, iPod, iPad, and Android mobiles, which makes it easier for you to have and share your songs with your friends.

Download iMusic


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