4 Tips You Need to Know about Android Devices

As one of the most popular and widely used operating system nowadays, Android has unique creative features of its own compared to iOS. You are able to flash the ROM, change the interface freely. With more controls over the operating system, it is more understandable that some users feel confused while using it. In order to solve all the confused parts about this operating system, we are going to show you a comprehensive guidance with useful tips for new users which ultimately ensure all users master what you have to know and get fully control of your device.

Today in this article, we will demonstrate several basic tips for Android beginners. The tips we are going to show you may not be crucial to your daily use. The tips we try to present you may not able to be covered in other posts. But learning the tricks will certainly help you to take fully control of your Android device. So move on with us!

Set your Default Apps & Notifications

If there are several apps that can manipulate the link you try to open on your Android devices, then you will be asked to select the app you want to use. Two options will be offered to you. Either you can apply your choice just once or always. The first choice means that you will be required to go over the choice everytime you open a similar link. If you choose the later one, it means that you set the default opening for for those types of links so that you don’t have to tap it over and over again.


Let’s put it in an easy way. Assume you have several Twitter apps on your device and there is a link you want to click and tweet. It is obvious that you have multiple ways to open the link. You can choose to use Chrome browser to get into the web page of the link or you can try to open it in the Twitter app or some other apps which is available on your device. If you just install the Twitter app on your device, then it will be made as the default setting automatically.

If you accidentally click the Always option( that happens a lot), then next time you try to open the link with another method, you won’t be able to see the notification anymore. What do you have to do if you want to correct that mistake? Go to Settings of your device, open Apps, App name and then select the option Clear Defaults to set things to the original status.

Of course you are allowed to clear the notification window if you just don’t like to be bothered by the notice at all. This notification ads can be wiped out if you intend to do so.


But if you don’t feel right about the choice you made, you are allowed to change it as many times as you wish. When it comes to your personal favorite browser, perhaps you won’t change the default setting frequently. But when it comes to other app choices, you may stand between many choices often. So if you are not satisfied with the default setting of Android devices, you can go and find the alternative solution to app defaults.

Alter the settings of your apps on the Play Store.

Google Play is where you can get all the apps you want for your Android device. This is the largest app purchase store for Android devices for now. We can offer you some must have apps for new beginners. But there are some annoy parts about Google Play though.

To start with, apps can start to update themselves automatically without command from users. Considering it is good to keep the apps up to date, it is suggested to leave this feature enabled. But some users worries that the updates may consume too much their mobile data.


If you want to handle the update process manually, then you can open Play Store on your device and hit the menu on the top left side followed by Settings. Here you are allowed to shut down auto updates and switch the WiFi only or allow them to run at anytime. We advise you to enable the WiFi option. But it totally depends on your decision.

You should check out other options in the Setting. There is an option Add icon to Home screen which can get shortcuts to the launcher each time you try to install an app automatically. This is quite bothering and if you don’t want to keep it, you can disable it as you wish.


Then, there is an option called Require authentication for purchases. You will be required to type in the user name and password of your Google account when you try to buy an app. You can ask for it to appear every 30 minutes, each time or never again. If you find this annoying, you can select never so that it will never appear again. But we still suggest you to set the warning to half an hour due to the frequently happened accidental mistakes of in-app purchases.

Close the Autocorrect Feature

Since typing letters on the tiny visual keyboard on your Android devices does not assure the accuracy, it becomes quite important to have the auto-correct feature on your devices. This feature can understand your typing in some way and help you to correct the wrong typing without really go back to the words repeatedly. But what if you don’t want to use the auto-correct feature for some reason? For instance, you just want to take short notes or just practicing typing with no rules at all, then you can turn down the auto-correct feature.


In order to setup Google keyboard, you can go to Settings of your device, hit the option Language & Input. Go with Google Keyboard. Then tap Text Correction. Here you can set the Auto-Correction off if you want. Or you can make more aggressive moves here.

There are other keyboards available for you of course such as SwiftKey or Swype. But the two tools will not allow you to turn off the auto-correct feature because they think this feature as their main feature among their service.

Take a Screenshot

You will see large amount of screenshots in the past articles we posted. Screenshots can accompany the text and are quite helpful and easy to understand if you want to demonstrate some hard to explain situation. You can use screenshots to record down the interesting moment of your conversation with your friends in a text messages or some social network like Facebook.

Lucky for you, taking screenshots of your Android device won’t be a tricky thing any longer. In the latest models of Android devices, the steps to take a screenshot are easier than ever. Hold the two buttons Power + Volume Down at the same time will enable you to take the shot of the screen you stay. The screenshot will be saved to your Gallery. If you want to share the screenshot.

With your friend, you can open the photo gallery and send it or post it online as you wish.


But if you are using an old Android device, then the easy action above may not be suitable for you. We can only hope that there aren’t too many users using the old fashioned Android devices. But if you have difficulty taking a screenshot, then you can tr to find the answer in Chris’ guide for multiple workarounds.

Be an Android Expert!

If you are a new Android user, you may have to take some time absorbing the things we talked about above and learn about the operation of Android devices. It is necessary to use the tips and then adapt them to the device on your own.

Understanding and taking the advises is a closer step for you to become an expert of Android. We have more articles regarding Android devices especially you are a fresh beginners of Android. So please share this article with your friends who are interested in Android tips or a novice who just start using. You can click the link we offer here: what to do right away with a new phone, as well as the best apps for any user to get more information. I’m sure you will find it worthy.

Is there anything that confuses you during your daily use of Android device? Do these tips we offer really help you solve your problem? Any problems or suggestions will be warmly welcomed. If you do have some thing to say, please do not hesitate and comment us in the following post. Inform us with what you know and what you would like to know.


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