5 Tips to Manage New Android Device: Galaxy S6 (Edge+)

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Finally you ditch your old phone and get a brand new Android device such as Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge+). Before you present it to your friends, there are several things you need to notice about your new Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge). For example, you need to setup the network and password, install useful apps and know how to keep an eye on your data. Once you know about all the detailed things, you can go on with using your new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Tip 1. Activate your Android device – Galaxy S6 Edge+

The very first thing after you get a new Android phone is to activate it. Take off the back shell of your device and then put the SIM card into the slot. Then just open your device and follow the instructions on the screen. You have to pick a language, setup the year, date and time, get network settings ready and more. When you have followed all the steps, it means that you have activated your Android device – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge successfully.


Tip 2. Secure your Samsung S6 Edge Android device with passcode

In order to secure the important data on your Android device, it is quite necessary to setup a passcode for your device. You have several passcode types to choose from. You can choose PIN, password, Swipe, fingerprint and more. The steps of setting are quite simple too. Go to Settings on your device and find Lock Screen option. Go to Screen Lock. Here you are able to select the preferable way to lock your Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge+) so that the data will be secured.


Tip 3. Sync files from accounts like Google, ActiveSync and Exchange

It is a very wise move if you have synced files like contacts and calendars to your Google, ActiveSync and Exchange account and more. You just need to open Settings, and then Accounts. Hit Add account. Now you can sign in your account and start to sync files to your Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge+).


Tip 4. Get some killer apps on your Galaxy S6 Edge+ Android device.

You will find many pre-installed app provided by manufacturers and carriers on your device to fulfill your daily needs. But the apps are not enough. In order to experience more features, you can go to Google Play to install some must-be apps such as Killer apps.


Tip 5. Keep an eye on your data usage

If you overuse the mobile data, that could mean quite a burden for you. So it is very crucial to keep an eye on the data usage of your Samsung Galaxy S6. To ensure the data usage stays within the limitation, you can install some data monitor apps on your device. The app helps to accurately record down the data usage and reminds you the consume situation of each apps so that it minimizes the chance of overusing.

If you don’t want to install a specific app to monitor the data, you can try the build-in feature of your device..Go to settings and then tap Data Usage. Here you are allowed to set the limits and the alarm point of your data. What’ more, you can check the data usage of the apps.


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