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Part 1: What is the meaning of Tubidy?

Tubidy is a reliable and stable platform in the field of content sharing. It is created by WapTrick ( and possibly thanks to Renaud Kuiper, Tubidy possesses a strong database which can deal with millions of transactions and files. It has worked on the video coding technically as MP4 and MP3 format for a long time, thus, it is so popular on the Internet and has won a good reputation in the MP4 content sharing.

In this case, it is worth through desktop or mobile to download this software. It has simplified functions and all of them are kept in a logical and clear order. What’s more, its interface is not only modern but also well-developed.

The most important thing is that, with using Tubidy, it allows users to get their favorite video files, MP3, MP4, music and so on over the Internet, from any kind of mobile device, without installing an app. It is s a great breakthrough in the field of content sharing, which makes Tubidy stand out of the crowd.

The main functions of Tubidy

1. Ease of Use.

Tubidy’s interface is so friendly that it is easy for almost anyone to learn to use it. What’s more, people can share unlimited resources like mobile videos, YouTube videos, MP4 files and any other things for free. In this way, you can use a mobile phone for entertainment, without additional cost. As a matter of fact, is so low-cost that you can regard it as a free version.

2. Video Converter.

Except for the great videos, music, and movies that Tubidy lets you enjoy, also allows you to do the video conversion, such as converting YouTube files into MP3 formats. It means that when you find the MV on YouTube of the favorite song, you can use Tubidy to convert it into music files. Sounds nice, right?

3. Cross Platform.

You can play it on the go, at anytime and anywhere, no matter you are online or offline, from iOS or Android device or your desktop.

4. Build Your Library.

Tubidy is a powerful tool that helps you collect more music files and videos, no matter it is in MP3 or MP4 formats. What’s more, you can regard it as a long term entertainment tool without any cost.

5. Updated Search Engine.

It is reported that Tubidy invested in a search engine platform which is updating recently, it means that its content search function will be improved and become more perfect than before. In the past, it is hard for the Tubidy users to search files through the large number of video, or from the giant songs collection, but now, they can enjoy this great change, because this amazing library is full of great videos, movies, and music without any cost and can get accurate and fast search results, since Tubidy’s search ability is quite impressive in its reliability and speed.

6. Share Easily.

As for the data, Tubidy also provides large flow, which allows users to share data with friends, upload content quickly and easily, and download without taking up bandwidth and processing power. Its functions are flexible and multi-faceted and its operating system agnostic development is hip and modern, so all of these features will lead to more users in the future.

7. Try Before You Invest.

If you want to explore movies or music, Tubidy is a good platform and resource before you make an investment. Because it allows users to search any file or information quickly which are related with MP3 music or MP4 movies all over the world. There is no other way can be so quick and easy like this.

8. Accommodating Multiple Languages.

Tubidy supports multiple languages and allows users to search both on and offline, so people can enjoy the best entertainment of the Internet without any cost from anywhere.

9. Accountless Access.

Another feature of Tubidy is that no registration is required. In general, most sites require a setup process of three-screen in their league, but Tubidy doesn’t ask its users to do so, like creating an account or even logging into the website to download content.

10. No Content Limits.

Tubidy’s users can download or access any content, since there isn’t any limit on the amount, either data storage or bandwidth restrictions, so they can get any files as they like. If you want to play MP3 songs or download MP4 movies and think the more the better, Tubidy can help you to achieve this goal.

Part 2: How to Use Tubidy with the Android operating system?

Since Tubidy has the ability to work on cross-platform and cross-device, it is exciting news especially for the people who want to have fun or take music on the go. It allows you to collect more music files and videos, no matter it is in MP3 or MP4 formats. What’s more, you can carry them along for the ride! Even if your cellular data plans are very limited, you also don’t worry about it, because when using bandwidth, Tubidy is very conservative, you still can use Tubidy to enjoy the high quality streaming movies and music in real-time, or even download files and then create playlists to your tablet or local phone storage.

Although the MP4 movies are compressed highly, it still left a deep impression to the audience with its video quality. Thanks to the combination of high compression and quality, Tubidy makes a way to take MP3 songs and MP4 movies on the go with no cost.

The steps on how to use Tubidy with the Android operating system

Step 1: Open your Android web browser on tablet or phone and type “” in the address bar which placed at the top of the screen and then click on “Enter” button.

Step 2: When the content loaded, the search bar will show up at the top of the window. It is your turn to input search criteria on it. Then Tubidy will present a list of videos, music, and movies to you which match your search content. After that, it is your time to enjoy the high quality streaming movies and music live, or choose to download them for later enjoyment.

Step 3: If you want to download movies and music, you can click on the Download link and hold on until you see the submenu, then select the tab of “Save Link”. In this way, you can see the movies and music saved in the Android mobile phone.

Part 3: How to Use Tubidy with the iOS operating system?

As for iOS users, Tubidy seems to be shockingly easy. It keeps cross-platform manner in mind and is coded in an user-centric and friendly way, so either you are searching or downloading files, you won’t feel any difficulty.

Thanks to the characteristics of the cross-platform, If users want access to Tubidy content, they don’t need to download any other app in the App Market. Sound very convenient, right? You just need to open your iOS web browser like Safari on iPhone or Apple iPad, no matter what version they are, as long as you are running iOS operating system. That is to say, the whole process to access MP3 music or MP4 movies is so easy that almost anyone can do it as long as you have an Internet connection.

Step 1: Open your iOS web browsers like Safari on iPhone or Apple iPad and type “” in the address bar which placed at the top of the screen and then clicks on “Enter” button.

Step 2: When the content loaded, the search bar will show up at the top of the window. It is your turn to input search criteria on it. Then Tubidy will present the organized results to you which match your search content. Its content search function is quick and powerful, thus the complex queries can be returned easily.

Step 3: If you want to see the brief description of the song or movie, you can just click on the name of it to get this information. In general, the description includes pictures such as the thumbnail of the singer’s poster or the album cover art. With information about the source of the MP4 movie and how long it will last, users can quickly choose whether they want to enjoy the high quality streaming movies and music live, or download them for later enjoyment.

Part 4: On Windows/Mac, how can we download Tubidy’s MP4 files

Do you want to download or enjoy the latest HD MP4 movies online from Tubidy? If so, you are asked to find the high end software packages which can do this job for you. Although you have a lot of choices for this purpose, I want to introduce iMusic to you, which have a lot of exciting features and become one of the top software packages in this filed.

In order to download Tubidy MP4 on Mac/Windows with the help of iMusic, you should follow the steps as shown below:

Step 1. Download iMusic

First of all, you should download iMusic. It is almost compatible with all kinds of versions of Windows and Mac. Both the paid version or free version is available, users can select one according to the convenience.

Download iMusic

Step 2. Paste the desired video URL to start the download process

In this step, you should launch iMusic and navigate to the tab of “Download”. It is wise of you to copy the desired URL from Tubidy and then paste it in the bar. After that, the download process starts very quickly and all you need to do is waiting for a while.

Step 3. Batch downloading

With the help of iMusic, users can batch downloading the movies from Tubidy. What’s more, you can download videos at the same time, no matter how many they are. What’s more, downloading speed of each video doesn’t be affected by the batch downloading, that is to say, all videos can be downloaded with the same speed. So you can download another video without waiting for the last download has completed! Here is the top Dailymotion video downloader and MP3 Rocket Alternative.

Part 5: Some other Mobile movie download sites except Tubidy

However, the download services of mobile movies and music on the Internet are so widely. Although Tubidy’s MP4 content is unique in its ease of access and quality, you still can see some other download websites that exist on the Internet. Some people say that too many ads and the relaxed attitude about policing files make many users seek for other alternatives.

There are a lot of ways to know more information about Tubidy’s competitors, next I will give you the top 3 mobile music and movie download sites that compete with Tubidy:

1. Videograbber.

Developers of Videograbber ( is the same people who created Flashgrabber and Audiograbber. It has been around for several years and becomes popular among users.

Videograbber seems to be a good tool especially for those people who would like to download videos to their device for later enjoyment rather than enjoy them live. The search is fairly quick and presented well when you get the home page. Then you can paste the desired video URL and click on “Grab It” to download the files.

After that, Videograbber will go to the site and then download the file as you want. Next Videograbber will come back and ask which format do you prefer (between true High Definition 1080p and low-quality 240p). You must notice that the higher quality the video is, the longer download time it needs, then Videograbber will come back again with the desired file and store it to the right place. In general, it will land the file in the local “Downloads” folder, after that, you can choose to move it to any external storage as you like.

2. APT Video Downloader.

APT Video Downloader may be a good suite of options to the people who have devices running the Android operating system. It is also created by Videograbber’s developers, but provides a different suite of tools and attracts people especially those beginners. It allows you to do a full-featured keyword search and the results can be returned very quickly.

That is to say, if users paste the video URL, they will see it directly. APT Video Download also allows user to use compression on each download, but unlike Videograbber, the choices are much more limited. People also can download videos to their device for later enjoyment, and the download button is placed on the right side of the quality selection box. In general, it will land the file in the local “Downloads” folder, after that, you can choose to move it to any external storage as you like.

3., which is created by, is developed a little more professional than any other tool. Its interface is as simple as Tubidy. And it is designed in a more streamlined and modern with the same ease of use and search speed. Thanks to these functions, it becomes more visually appealing. What’s more, it also allows users to search for files by entering the keyword. If you worry that children would access your web history, the “Adult Filter” button, which is placed right below the search bar would help you solve this problem, you can choose to turn on or off it.

As for the Videos Being Watched bar, you can take a quick look at the streaming playing selection, which may help you enjoy something that you don’t know how to look for it. It is also possible to browse videos by category. Users can enjoy the video immediately, or they can choose to save them in local “Downloads” folder. On the right-hand toolbar, you can also share the files.

At last, users can also choose to turn on or off HD. On most modern smartphones or computers and tablets, turning HD off means that viewer will have a lesser quality experience, as for those users who are using a non-HD capable or want to reduce bandwidth consumption, HD is too luxury.

Part 6: How to download free Tubidy’s Videos with using iTube Studio

In this part, I will tell you how to download online videos, and how to manage or convert videos easily and freely with using iTube Studio.

Get iTube Studio

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