How to Fix ‘This iPhone Is Linked to an Apple ID’ Issue With Ease

This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID” is a message that may appear on your preowned iOS device. It can appear on iPhones, iPad, or even with iPod Touch devices that have an iCloud lock. As a result of this issue, you will not be able to log into the respective device. This issue can appear on your screen when you try to set up the device that is purchased.

No matter what the amount you have spent on purchasing a preowned device, you should deactivate the previous account. Otherwise, you can’t log into the respective device. However, for many individuals, bypassing the existing iCloud account becomes a really challenging task. If you fall into that category, this article explains how to overcome this issue.

1. Use iMyFone iBypasser to overcome “This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID” issue

When you see the message that includes “this iPhone is linked to an Apple ID,” that could be frustrating. If you don’t know the Apple ID and password, you cannot use the device as expected. You cannot go beyond the iCloud activation lock. So, there is no shortage of individuals who want to find a solution to this issue. In fact, plenty of individuals tend to buy used iPhones today because they are cheaper (things to examine before Buying a Used iPhone). However, when the “this iPhone is linked to an Apple ID” appears, they feel helpless. But you don’t have to be so thanks to this tool called “iMyFone iBypasser Cloud Activation Lock Bypass Tool.”

iMyFone iBypasser is designed with plenty of features and a very smart algorithm to unlock iCloud locks. It doesn’t want you to know coding or programming. Instead, it can unlock the given iCloud accounts with a couple of clicks only. After bypassing the given iCloud account, you can easily log into the associated device and use it normally.

This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID

Features of iMyFone iBypasser

In this section, let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with iMyFone iByPasser. And also here is the full iMyFone iBypaser Review for your reference.

  • This tool bypasses the activation lock screen and solves various issues related to Apple ID without a password, such as this iPhone was lost and erased or Apple ID grayed out.
  • iBypasser is compatible with all the iOS devices that operate on iOS 12.3 to 14
  • It lets you create a new Apple ID once the bypassing is done.
  • Once the device is bypassed, no one will be able to trace your device back.
  • There are no technical skills needed to make use of this tool.

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How to use iMyFone iBypasser and unlock your Apple ID?

Now that you have a general idea about the capacity of the software. Let’s learn how to use it. We mention it in a step-by-step method for your convenience.

01. First, you should download and install iMyFone iBypasser. Then, launch the software to see its Home Screen. Then, you should click on the option called “Start.” Then, connect the iPhone to the same PC. Be sure to use a lightning cable to establish a connection.

iMyFone iBypasser

02. Now, the software will download a package that is required to jailbreak the iPhone.

iMyFone iBypasser

03. As the next step, you should see some onscreen instructions. You must follow those instructions carefully so it will jailbreak the iPhone. Once the package is downloaded, you should click on the option called “Next.”

iMyFone iBypasser

04. After that, you should click on the option labeled “Start Bypass.” You will see that iBypasser starts to bypass the respective activation lock. You will be able to access the iPhone now without using a password. Also, the best thing is that it allows you to create a new Apple ID and link it.

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2. How to fix ‘This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID’ issue remotely

Another professional tool to fix this issue is AppleiPhoneUnlock; unlike other iCloud unlocking tools online, this tool really works for you. As we have tested the AppleiPhoneUnlock for Apple Watch, iPhone 12, and iPhone 11, it worked really perfectly! You just need to hand over some information about your device, and the unlock team will help you to fix the issue easily.

With AppleiPhoneUnlock, your iPhone will be unlocked permanently; you will never see messages like ‘This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID.’

The Benefits of Using the AppleiPhoneUnlock

  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee – if the tool doesn’t work or fails to remove the phone from the previous owner’s account, you will get a full refund.
  • 100% Clean & Safe – No threat to your files. Let you use it without any virus.
  • 24/7 Customer Service – Excellent customer service & after-sales service are provided all year round.

Simple steps to fix the ‘This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID’ issue by AppleiPhoneUnlock:

First, please go to the AppleiPhoneUnlock.

Secondly, you should enter the IMEI of your iPhone. Please find below and tap on ‘i’ to see the IMEI listed.

Thirdly, please click the button ‘Remove Activation Lock.’ Now, you should finish the payment first and then wait for the activation lock removal to be done.

After that, you will never see the messages of ‘This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID,’ and you can set up your iPhone without any hassles.

3. Contact the previous owner to remove the Apple ID & fix ‘This iPhone Is Linked to an Apple ID’

The iCloud Activation Lock is introduced for iOS 7 and newer devices. That is to assure the optimal security of the device. It is used to protect your device against potential unauthorized access to the device. With such an approach, access to the user data, and Apple ID from third-parties is prevented. In other words, this feature doesn’t allow others to access the device unless they know the credentials. Although this feature is very handy, it may become problematic at times.

For instance, if you bought a preowned iOS device and you don’t know its password, you cannot access it. As we have mentioned earlier, we can use iMyFone iBypasser and bypass the device. However, if you don’t want to do that, what’s the next solution? If that is the case, you have the option of contacting the previous owner. After that, you should request him to remove the lock remotely. He or she will remove the lock by following the steps that are mentioned below.

  • First, you should sign into the iCloud using the Apple ID, which is already existing.
  • Now, go to the option called “Find iPhone” and select the corresponding device.
Contact the previous owner to remove the Apple ID
  • Click on the option called “Remove from Account.”
Contact the previous owner to remove the Apple ID

That’s it!

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4. Things to consider before purchasing a used iOS device

Before collecting a preowned device from the seller, you should be able to check the following things. Checking these things will allow you to stay away from various potential annoyances you may otherwise face. Be sure to check if the Activation Lock is disabled or not as the first step. If you see the lock is still on, be sure to tell him to erase the device. In fact, this action will allow you to realize whether the seller is the actual owner.

To erase the device, the owner should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to the “Settings” app & choose the option called “General.”
  • Then, choose the option called “Reset.”
  • You will see an option labeled “Erase All Content and Settings.” Tap on that so the existing Apple ID must be entered. After entering the details, you can get the device erased from the iCloud account. If the user is not close by, you should contact him or her through another method. For instance, you can give him a call, send an email, etc.
Things to consider before purchasing a used iOS device

Once you have followed the steps, you can register the respective device under a new iCloud account. Then, you can use the device as a new device.

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5. If you are the owner of the device, change its password

Are you the owner of the respective iOS device (be it an iPad, iPod, or iPhone)? If that is the case, there can be various instances in which you’ll have to remove the Activation Lock. For instance, if you forget the Apple ID, you will have to do it. Also, suppose that your friends have played with the device and entered the wrong password repeatedly. In that case, the device can get locked or even disabled. So, no one (even you) will never know the password. If that is the case, please follow the steps below.

01. Launch the Apple ID account page first. Then, go to the option called “Forget Apple ID or Password.”

Forget Apple ID or Password

02. Now, you should enter the Account ID.

03. Once you have done that, please choose an option from below to reset the password.

  • When it comes to security questions, you should click on the “Answer Security Questions.” Follow the steps afterward.
  • If you want to use email, click on the option called “Get an email.” Then, reset the password using the email you have received.
  • If the system asks you to enter a Recovery Key, you should enter the Two-factor authentication.
If you are the owner of the device, change its password

04. Now, choose the option called Continue. The password will be reset, and you can use the new password that can be used to log in.

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Conclusion on How to Fix ‘This iPhone Is Linked to an Apple ID’

This iPhone is linked to an Apple ID” issue can appear when you try to use a preowned iPhone. This message occurs because the respective iPhone is connected with an existing Apple ID. If that is the case, you should either have to contact the respective device’s owner or bypass it. If you cannot contact the owner and still want to use the device, the option is to bypass it.

When it comes to bypassing the Apple ID, the best tool you can use it iMyFone iBypasser. It is an exceptionally user-friendly tool that can unlock any iPhone without a password easily. Once unlocked, you can register the device under a different iCloud account and use it as a fresh one. You will not see the “this iPhone is linked to an Apple ID” after bypassing it successfully.

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