How to Transfer & Sync Music from Computer to Galaxy S5 / S6 / S6 Edge+

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I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 which makes me enjoy music more than ever. Now I want to transfer some of my favorite music from my computer to S5. Anyway, I hate to waste a lot of time to do it or suffer data loss during the transferring. Hope there will be a way for me to transfer all these songs to Galaxy S5 fast and safe.

After asking some of my friends and also doing some research by myself. There seem to have two solutions for me. One is to Download music from computer to Galaxy S5 with SD card and another is to use some professional data transfer software to help me.

Way 1: Sync music to Galaxy S5 by SD card

I think we should start with the method without using any third party software.
Now you can read the following part to learn how to transfer music from computer to Galaxy S5 through SD card.

You will need your USB cable to connect Samsung Galaxy S5 to the computer. Then you can check all the data on your phone under the file stored in “My Computer”. Click your device’s fold and then find the folder for music. After that, you should find where your computer saved music which you can check them to see if you would like to move them to your phone. Well, the last step is to copy all these chosen music from your computer to Galaxy S5.

This method seems easy enough, but I believe many of us had met some accidents when they using this way to sync music to S5. Maybe some music gets lost, or just too much music to transfer and make your devices broke down. Some troubles like this remind you that this method is not the best and safest way you can find. In order to make sure you can transfer music from computer to Galaxy S5, you’d better use some program. And this time, I want to recommend you to use Wondershare MobileGo for Android .

Way 2: Transfer music from PC to Samsung S5 by MobileGo for Android

I will take the Windows version as the example because if you were using Mac, the steps will be almost the same.

Now learn to use this software to sync music to S5 in three steps.

Step 1. Download and install MobileGo for Android on your computer.

Just follow the installation instructions to have this amazing software on your computer, it won’t take much space on your disc. After launching this software on your computer, there will be two ways to connect your phone to the computer. You can use the USB cables or just via Wi-Fi. When the software finishing detecting your device, it will be displayed in the primary window.

Step 2. Sync music to Samsung Galaxy S5 from PC

Look at the left side where you can find “Music” and then click “Add”. You will see a small window appears which allows you to mark that music you wish to transfer. After that, click “Option” in order to transfer them to their destination. Or just click the small triangle which you can find under “Add” to move the iTunes playlist or whole music folder if you like.

Just remember never break the connection between your Galaxy S5 and computer during the whole music transferring procession.


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