How to Sync Music from CD to iPhone Directly? (included iPhone 11, XS, XR)

It may take you lots of money to download many songs on your iPhone. When you already have the CDs, it contributes to a double-cost and wastes your money. If you are a crazy fancier of music that collects many special CDs and many your favorite songs of those CDs cannot be found in iTunes, this may really drive you crazy. So learning how to transfer your music from CDs to iPhone can be a very practical skill.

Here we will introduce you two methods to transfer your music from CDs to iPhone and both of them are quite easy to understand and simple. We also provide clear screenshots to make sure readers won’t run into any troubles. Thinking about the money that you saved, spend some time to read a passage like this can be cost-effective. So follow the instruction we give and transfer your music to iPhone in a fast and easy way.

We provide the reader with two methods. And we will use two different applications. They are iTunes and dr.fone. Most likely you have already known iTunes but little about dr.fone. Be easy, we will make detailed introductions for all of them in the later paragraph.

PS: if you have issues with this song is not currently available in your country or region or iTunes Cannot Locate the CD Configuration Folder, click to fix them now.

Part 1. Use iTunes to transfer music from CD to iPhone

Step 1: Sync your Songs in CDs with iTunes

Take it easy, it is not some big deal and it will not take you too much time if the size of your media files in your CD is not too large.

Be sure that your computer has a CD-ROM. First, you need to insert your CDs in the CD-ROM. And be sure you already have iTunes on your computer, but if not, we also provided you a download link. You can download iTunes here. After we installed iTunes on our computer. Find the app and run it.

If everything goes as we think, you will get a window like what we display in the screenshot. But if not, do not be panic. Find the option of “Albums” at the navigation bar and click it. Open up a window like what we show.


When the CD-ROM in your computer finishes the reading process of the CD, there be a message pop up says “Would you like to import the CD into your iTunes library?”. Of course, you need to click the button of Yes. And you may find there is another option you can take before you click “Yes”. If you do not want to perform the same operation again when you import your songs from CDs to iTunes next time, please check it. And this operation will be done automatically afterward.


After you click “Yes”, iTunes will start to import your songs from CDs to the iTunes library.


The whole importing may take a long time, it depends on the size of your music data in CDs. When iTunes finish importing your music from CDs to iTunes, it will give you a prompt. So you can also use this part of the time to do whatever you want, just be careful do not break the importing process.

If you follow us step by step and get there, congratulations that you finish the first step. And there comes the last step.

Step 2: Import the songs that already loaded to your iPhone.

Here we will begin to learn how to transfer the music which imported from CDs to your iPhone. At first, you need to create a new playlist for your new music in the file tab.


Use a USB cable to connect your computer to your iPhone. Then find your iPhone under the option of “DEVICES’ in the left sidebar and click it. At the top of the screen, click the “Music” option. And at the lower right corner, click the button which noted “Sync”. With those works done, you can choose the albums, genres, playlists, and artists.

Follow the steps we show above, you will find that importing your music from CDs to iPhone. But there is something that we have to remind you if you use iTunes to sync your music with iPhone, the songs which already on the iPhone will be totally erased. For many users, this is nearly unacceptable. We can also learn that the user’s interface is not so pretty and the operation still causes some difficulties for some green hands. So we also provide you another method. You can learn it at the passage below.

Part 2. Use dr.fone – Transfer to import your songs from CD to iPhone

If you get enough with the complication and the inhumane user’s interface of iTunes, we strongly recommend you use dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) to replace it. We provide you two versions, one for Windows, one for Mac. Both of them have a free trial version and have a much more simple and user-friendly interface. You can find this application in its official website.

The basic function of dr.fone – iOS Transfer includes transferring music and video from computer or iTunes to iPhone without erasing anything. What’s more, it also can transfer your media data from iPhone to computer easily. In the next paragraph, we will mainly discuss the function how to import songs from CDs to iPhone.

Those are the simple steps for you. Though it is simple, you still need to read it carefully to make sure you will not get lost.

Step 1. At first, you have to know how to bring your music from the CDs to your iTunes. It is quite easy and we already make detailed introductions about that. If there is any problem, please go back and read the first part carefully.

Step 2. Download the matched version of dr.fone according to the operation system of your computer. After installing this software, open up the software. Use your USB cable to connect the computer to your iPhone.

Step 3. In the main window of dr.fone – Transfer, please click the “Home” button and then tick “Transfer iTunes Media to Device“. Then you can see all media files in your iTunes will be checked and shown up. To transfer CD to your iPhone, you just need to uncheck other file types and then click the button of “Transfer” to start your task.

Step 4. Without waiting for a long time, you can find that all the playlist in your CD has been synced to your iPhone X/8/7/6S/6, then just click the button “OK” to finish it.