Top 4 Programs to Sync HTC with Mac (macOS Mojave Included)

The operating system of HTC smartphones is Android. The Mac uses the OS which Apple developed. This operating system is integrated into iOS used in the iPhone. If you want to connect your HTC smartphones to Windows computer, it is quite easy and simple, just use USB cable and an easy-used software for synchronization. However, if you want to connect your HTC to Mac, things will get a little hard.

Let’s talk about some situations, sometimes you might buy a new phone, maybe your phone was stolen, or you have to update your Android version to the latest one. What should you do before these things happened? As we know, you can sync your media files and important personal files with your Mac to avoid losing data. But the HTC smartphones and Mac can’t be connected by a USB cable directly, you also must choose a 3rd party software to help you do this. Here, I will introduce 4 software for you to choose to sync HTC with Mac. You can use any one of them considering your situation.

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I.HTC Sync Manager for Mac

HTC Sync Manager for Mac, developed by HTC, is an application to sync users’ media files such as photos, and videos, and some personal files such as the messages, contacts, and bookmarks between your Mac and HTC smartphones. It is very easy for users to learn to use it. All your important files in your HTC phones can be backed up. The apps and Android system in your phone can be upgraded through this synchronic tool.

HTC Sync Manager Key Features:

1. Manage and read the media files on HTC smartphone from PC
  • View and manage the photos, videos, songs on your computer just like they are on your HTC phone.
  • You also can import the playlists in your iTunes from Mac to this tool.
  • Play songs and videos through the built-in media player.
2. Transfer the Files
  • Import photos, videos, songs, messages and contacts from your iPhone to HTC smartphones.
  • Transfer the photos, videos, and songs from your HTC smartphones to your Mac.
  • Transfer the documents between your Mac and your phone
  • Import selected photos, songs and videos from your Mac to your HTC phone.
3. Create a Backup & Restore
  • Create a backup of your HTC smartphone on your Mac, you can use this backup to restore your data on this phone or any other HTC smartphones.
4. Sync Your Important Data
  • You can share the playlists, the media files and the personal files such as contacts and calendar, between your Mac and HTC smartphones.


II.Use HTC Sync Manager for Mac to Sync HTC Smartphones with Mac

Hardware Requirements

  • 1. Macbook deployed the Intel Processor
  • 2. Recommend to deploy the 512MB of RAM or higher
  • 3. Recommend to deploy the 1024×768 or higher resolution monitor
  • 4. Have 100MB or higher available hard disk space
  • 5. Have USB2.0 or higher interface

Software Requirements

  • 1. Operating System of Mac 10.6 or later
  • 2. Apply Microsoft Office (Mac version) 2011
First: Download the HTC Sync Manager (Mac version), then install it

Open the site of the HTC support center, then download HTC Sync Manager, double-click the downloaded file, install this tool as the simple introduction.

Second: Run this tool and connect your HTC phone to your Mac

Use the USB cable to connect the HTC smartphone with your Mac. You will find the HTC Sync Manager runs automatically. If it doesn’t start, please open this tool manually. When the software has run, it will sync your files automatically.


Click Home to check whether the HTC phone is connected. The property of device will be shown on the screen, such as the type of HTC device, the sync history, the version of Android and HTC Sense, and the number of software.


Third: Sync the photos from HTC with Mac

Select the Gallery button, so you can view folder in your Mac and HTC smartphone. If you want to expand or collapse, tap the arrow.


To transfer a file from Mac to HTC phone, you should find the file, then select the HTC smartphone icon under the file.


To transfer a file from HTC phone to Mac, you should find the file, right click, choose Copy to Computer, then send the photo to an existing file, or instead you can create a new one to send it to.


Fourth: Sync HTC songs with Mac

Tap the Music button, choose Music Settings which are on the left. Select the Display so that you can add the songs from folders on Mac to your HTC smartphone.


Also, you can use this tool to transfer files from iTunes in your Mac to this tool automatically.

III.Troubles with HTC Sync Manager for Mac

Question 1. I can’t install HTC Sync Manager on Mac

Answer: Click the Apple logo on the top-left of the screen, choose System Preferences, then select “security & privacy”, you will find an option that you can select the sources your Mac allows to install from. Maybe right now it selects “App store and identified developers”. If yes, change it to “All sources”.

Question 2. The videos can’t be played back on HTC Sync Manager

Answer: This Sync Manager supports the video format including: 3G2, 3GP, MP4 and WMV(video codec: H.264). You should install the suitable codec on your Mac for playing different video formats.

Question 3. I can’t connect the HTC phone to Mac

Check the list below:

  • 1.Check whether the USB cable is intact.
  • 2.If your phone is locked, please unlock it.
  • 3.Ensure that the Sync Manager, and the device drivers you download is the latest version.

IV.Best 3 Substitutions to HTC Sync Manager for Mac

1.dr.fone – Android Transfer for Mac

dr.fone – Android Transfer (Mac) is a valuable application which can sync your HTC to Mac, you can use this tool easily to create a backup for anything you want in your HTC smartphone. Also, it will help you restore data backed up in a few seconds. If you are addicted to the wonderful music and videos, that’s a wise choice for you to choose this tool. With its help, you can share the songs, videos, photos or more files between your Mac and HTC smartphone in spite of the different operating platforms (Mac OS and Android).

Moreover, it not only can transfer files between these devices but also can manage apps. The apps can be downloaded, installed, uninstalled and backed up by this tool. Besides, the text messages can be received and send on Mac. If you want to keep the messages, you can create a backup for them in .txt.

Sync HTC with mac

The main feature of dr.fone – Transfer (Android) for Mac version:
  • Create backup of media file and personal files such as photos, songs, videos, contacts, messages, calendar, call logs, and apps on your HTC smartphone. You can restore these content anytime easily and simply.
  • Directly share the songs and playlists between your iTunes and HTC phone.
  • Create the backup of messages or important information and save them in .txt files on your Mac.
  • Send group SMS on your Mac.
  • Download, install or uninstall the apps on your Mac.
  • Import/export the media files to/from HTC smartphone.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

2.Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer can run on the Mac OS. It is very reliable because the developer of this tool is Google, which develop the Android. When you use it, you will find your HTC smartphone is just as a Mac external hard disk. You can transfer and view the file on your phone through this software. The method to use it is pretty easy. Open this tool, then use the USB cable to connect the HTC smartphone and Mac, the software will scan the phone automatically. Your phone just becomes a hard disk of your Mac.

Sync HTC with mac via Android File Transfer

The main feature of this tool:
  • Make the HTC phone as an Mac external hard disk
  • Up to 4G amount of data one time for transferring files between Mac and phone
  • User-friendly interface
  • Use Media Transfer Protocol(MTP) to fix the phone on Mac

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3.SyncMate for Mac

SyncMate for Mac is one of the best sync tools to exchange the data between Mac and some other devices including phone, online accounts(iCloud, Google and so on), computer and portable device. SyncMate for Mac is an integrated solution for connecting Mac with many other smart devices. It is an all in one software of synchronization. You don’t need to download other 3rd party tool for different synchronization. The developer of SyncMate for Mac gives us two versions to choose: free one and expert one. The former has the basic function, the later one can do more complex tasks.

Sync HTC with mac via syncmate

The main feature of this tool:
  • Sync the Mac with many other smart devices including iOS devices, Macs, Android devices, MTP devices.
  • Sync the data in Mac with online accounts including iCloud, Google and so on
  • You can choose any content you want to sync such as media files, personal files, Reminders, Safari bookmark
  • Sync data automatically once the data is changed
  • Supports OS X Mavericks
  • Synchronization can be done on background so that it won’t disturb the app window.

Compare the 4 programs with their main features

NameSupport Auto SyncSync with Multiple Device TypeSync with Online AccountMount Phone Like External Hard DiskSend SMSBuilt-in playerSync with iTunes
HTC Sync Manager for MacYesNoNoNoNoYesYes
dr.fone – Android Transfer (Mac)YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Android File TransferNoYesNoYesNoNoNo

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