How to Sync Gmail Contacts to Galaxy S7 Edge / S8 / S9 / S10 Easily

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Now gadgets like mobile phones and portable tablets are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, it is getting increasingly difficult to remember the phone numbers by ourselves. Thus, when you want to switch to another mobile phone, it is important to sync all the contacts on your old phone with the new phone. Or you will find it hard to contact anyone you want because you don’t know the phone numbers at all.

Now in this article, I would like to introduce three nice ways to you, hoping that they can be of help if you want to sync Gmail contacts with Galaxy S7 Edge. And then, let’s suppose that you are syncing Gmail contacts to Galaxy S7 Edge. Gmail is a service offered by Google, which can help the users store a lot of useful information on it so that you can get easy access to them. And the Galaxy S7 Edge is a mobile phone running with the Android operating system. So in fact, all the three ways offered by this article will be useful for almost all Android users. Also, you can get to know how to fix Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t turn on error and how to strikethrough Gmail text here.

And here are the ways recommended:

Way 1. Sync Gmail contacts with Galaxy S7 Edge directly

If you don’t want to download any tool on your computer before syncing the Gmail contacts, it is advisable that you choose this way. It is easy to sync the Gmail contacts with your Galaxy S7 Edge in this way. And here is the detailed tutorial for your reference.

Step 1. On your Galaxy S7 Edge, go to the “Settings” function by clicking on the relevant icon.

Step 2. Find and click on the “Accounts” option, where you can see and manage many accounts including the Google account.

Step 3. Now if there is no Google that you want to use, you need to add it to the list. By clicking on the “Add account” button.

Step 4. Now input the right Google account and the passwords to it, and then you will successfully log in the account. But it you don’t have one, you need to create one from the start.

Step 5. After logging in, you can see all the information available, including the app data, contacts, Gmail, Google fit data, and People details. You need to choose the items that you want to sync with your new Galaxy S7 Edge.


Way 2. Sync Gmail contacts to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with the dr.fone

The dr.fone – Transfer (Android) is a professional tool for managing the phone data. You can use it to manage the messages, contacts, photos, audios, videos and so on. It can also help the users sync the Gmail contacts to the new dr.fone in the formats of vCard. Now you can read on to see the detailed tutorial below.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

Step 1. On your computer, open the browser and then visit the website of Google.

Step 2. Then log in the Google account so that you can get access to the contacts stored there. Simply go to the upper left and find the option of “Contacts”.


Step 3. Then on the drop-down window, choose the options of “More” and then “Export”.


Step 4. Now you can see a little window of “Export contacts”, where you can choose the options you want. For example, you can choose to sync all the contacts or simply a specific group of them. And choose the format as “vCard”.


Step 5. Now, launch the dr.fone on your computer. If you haven’t downloaded it, remember to choose the suitable version for your computer. Because there are two versions for both the Windows computer and the Mac computer.

Step 6. Then connect the Galaxy S7 Edge to your computer. And then the dr.fone will recognize it. It is easy to use this tool, which can do almost all the task automatically.

Step 7. Then on the left column of the primary window of the dr.fone, find and click on the “Contacts”. And then it will show you all the contacts on your Galaxy S7 Edge.

Step 8. Under the main toolbar, click on the “Import” button. And then it will bring up a drop-down menu, from which you need to choose the item of “from vCard file”. And then the dr.fone will automatically help you import the vCard contacts to your Galaxy S7 Edge without hassle.

Way 3. Back up contacts on the Gmail with dr.fone

If you want to back up the contacts on the Gmail for further use, you can read on this passage.

Step 1. Launch the dr.fone on your computer.

Step 2. Choose the “Contacts” option on the left column.

Step 3. Then click on the “Export” button under the toolbar. Then choose to export the contacts “to vCard file”. You have done it with the dr.fone.

Step 4. Then on your computer, open the browser and go to the website of Google. Log in to your Google account.

Step 5. Then you can import the vCard files from your computer to your Google account. It is safe to store the contacts on Gmail, and you can get access to them as long as you can connect your mobile phone to a steady network.

Now you have finished this article, how do you like the dr.fone – Transfer (Android)? Is it a nice tool? If you download it on your computer, you may find more functions of it. And here is also a free trial period of this tool. For people who want to hack Gmail password, click to read on.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (Android)

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