Sync Data From HTC to Android & Transfer Android Files to HTC Phone

No matter you want is copying files from Android to HTC or syncing data from HTC to Android phone or tablets with ease; there are always two methods that can help you.

Now, let’s see what exactly they are?

Method 1: HTC Transfer Tool, a small APK file can transfer data from Android to HTC

HTC Transfer Tool is an application produced by HTC Company for its users, and it enables to copy settings, bookmarks, wallpapers, photos, music and messages, videos, contacts. While you can use it without any charge, but there are several problems about this method. The first one is that users can only sync content from Android to HTC as it’s one-way. So, it means that the program is not able to work if you want to move content from HTC to Android device. Moreover you can not sync apps, photos, and call logs, videos not in your camera folder via HTC Transfer Tool.

The guide for operation of HTC Transfer Tool mainly consists of 4 steps.

Step 1: On your HTC device and move to Setting. And find Transfer Content, select HTC Android devices.

Step 2: Turn on your source Android device, and go to Play Store to download HTC Transfer Tool and install it.

Step 3: Run HTC Transfer Tool and operate in accordance with the guide on both phones. The same PINs displayed on the screen of your HTC and Android devices are for verifying. After checking the same PINs, you can tap Next to go to the next stage.

Step 4: Hand on your source Android device, choose wanted files by ticking and click Start to bring up the data transfer from Android to HTC.

Method 2: dr.fone Switch is able to sync files between Android and HTC

It’s easy and quick to transfer apps, videos, music, photos, call logs and contacts between Android and HTC phone or tablet with the help of dr.fone – Switch. Besides Android devices, such as HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, Google, HUAWEI, ZTE, it as well as supports iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Nokia phone or tablet.

Download dr.fone in Windows Version from the link and start the wonderful transfer process.

Get dr.fone – Switch

It doesn’t matter whether you sync content from Android phone to HTC or from HTC to an Android device; you can operate in almost the same way.

Step 1: Install and run the software

After installing dr.fone on your Windows computer, run it to illustrate the control panel of “Switch“.

Step 2: Get both HTC and Android phone connected to PC

Link HTC and Android device with computer, and when they are scanned successfully by the software, you will watch two of them shown in the window.

Step 3: Transfer all data from Android to HTC or from HTC to Android

Content, like Music, Messages, Videos, Apps, Contacts, Photos, and Call Logs, are allowed to be moved via the program by ticking easily. Meanwhile, you can remove the marks of those unwanted files. And click Start Transfer.

Move your fingers and get dr.fone – Switch installed on your Windows PC.

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Get dr.fone – Switch


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