5 Best Substitute For Photoshop Using on iPhone

Photoshop is definitely the best photo editing program in the market for both PC and Mac. To make it workable on a mobile device, Adobe adapts the program quickly. So Photoshop Express is born and you are free to download it. Here is the detailed guide on How to unblur an image via Photoshop and how to Photoshop someone into a picture.

Although Photoshop Express follows the steps of famous photoshop, it actually has limited functions regarding photo editing. You are allowed to take basic movements like crop, rotate, flip and enhance the photo and you have multiple filters to apply. Also, you can change the exposure or saturation of your photo. But please be careful that you can only reverse one step. So let’s say that if you change the exposure and saturation level of your photo respectively, then you are only allowed to reset the saturation level.

If you want to get more features of Photoshop Express, you have to buy them. You will be noticed by a popping up windows all the time. Even though you pay for the extra features, you are still able to get only three. They are Auto Reviewnoise reduction and self-timer. With Photoshop Express, you are able to edit our photos in a basic and fundamental way, but if you want to get more subtle, you may have some troubles. If you are not interested in the Photoshop for iPhone, then you can check the following top 5 list.

1. Pro Camera 7

Price: $2.99
Size: 39.4MB
Key Features: Focus and exposure adjustment, filters and photo organization
Pro Camera has many fans since its release in 2009. It seems to get more users due to the latest update. It is a one-in-all app which enables you to use the camera tool and edit the photos whatever you want. Once you’ve taken the picture, you can use multiple features of Pro Camera to edit the photo immediately.


Pro Camera allows you to adjust the focus by clicking the button on the screen. You can also control the exposure. With the app, you can do less than you think because the app takes care of most the work for you previously even before you hit the button. There is a Night Camera Mode for you to take photos in the night. The exposure time can be adjusted down to half a second which means you can easily take good quality pictures in the dark.

When you are done taking the photos,Pro Camera provides you with a variety of after effects to make your photo more attractive. You can use the crop feature to resize the photo to the size you want. Orientate shots and a lot of filters can add extra wonderful effects to your photos.

However, Pro Camera can only be used in iDevices after iPhone4. For devices released after iPhone4, this is absolutely a great tool.

2. Snapseed

Price: Free
Size: 27.9MB
Key Features: Crop, photo manipulation and image Optimization


Snapseed is an excellent photo app which you should try out. This app is quite easy to handle and is equipped with a series of editing features. You can get this app for free and use it with simple clicks without thinking too much. And there is a special feature we would like to point out. If you want to set the saturation and contrast figure of a photo, you only need to tap the exact spot you want to adjust and apply on the screen. This feature makes the app interesting and effective,

3. Filterstorm

Price: $3.99
Size: 12.2MB
Key Features: Image manipulation, filters,curve modification, and vignetting.


If you are looking for a comprehensive photo editing app which can fulfill almost all needs of editing, you can give Fitlerstorm a shot. It is an excellent app with a variety of great features such as curve manipulation and vignetting. You can easily change the light and contrast figure and apply the layers to various parts of the photos as you wish.

Filterstorm was first designed to be used as a half-professional photoshop app for iPad. However, iPhone users can use this app to take professional and better-quality photo as well.

4. Camera +

Price: $2.99
Size: 28.7MB
Key Features: Photofilters, exposure manipulation, cropping and rotation.


Camera+ is very much alike Pro Camera 7. This easy to handle app enables you to set up the elements and photo figures before you take the pictures and then you can make a variety of after modifications to make it even more attractive. For example,you can take basic modifications such as cropping, rotating, curve adjustments and exposure. You can also apply multiple filter effects to the picture and make it unique and professional by this program.

There is a famous Clarity Filter in this program which allows you to view each photo with intelligence. It will suggest the specific area that needs to be sharpened up and then it can adjust the photo accordingly without delay. This is what makes Camera+ a powerful app. If you are looking for an app to make your photos professional looking and different from others,this maybe what you are looking for.

5. PixLr Express

Price: Free
Size: 13MB
Key Features: Collage, image manipulation and filters


Pixlr Express can provide the same normal features as other high functional programs do and still has other unique features to make it special. One of the features is to make collages with multiple photos.

Besides, Pixlr Express owns some same filters that you can also find on some professional photoshop programs for PC or Mac such as Adobe. Halftone, pencil-effect and watercolor filters are all within your choice to make your photo professional designed and edited. And to your surprise, this powerful app is free of charge, you can get it with no cost from the App store. Are you eager to give this app a try? Don’t hesitate and go ahead!