The Most Powerful Pokemon In The World In 2021

Strongest Pokemon in the world? What will be the answer? There are many entries, but finding the most powerful Pokemon in the world can be somewhat difficult for you. But the good news is that this article explains the strongest Pokemon figures you can find in 2021.

The Strongest Pokemon In The World 

As mentioned before, there are many Pokemon characters, and they have different abilities and characteristics. Many players want to know about the strongest Pokemon who can defeat others and have impressive abilities. In other words, knowing the Pokemon that has the best attacks and moves is handy for any player. We did create this article listing the most powerful and strongest Pokemon characters for our readers. All you need is to go ahead and read this article to learn about them.

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01. The Strongest Pokemon – Arceus


This can be rated as one of the most powerful Pokemon in the world due to various reasons. In fact, this Pokemon was introduced with Generation IV. We consider it as the strongest Pokemon because Arceus is the one who created the Pokemon universe. Trainers tend to believe that Arceus is responsible for creating the Lake Trio and the Creation Trio.

Arceus comes with a Base Stat of 720 and also has a 120 score across all the available parameters. The God of Creation (Arceus) can be the strongest Pokemon in the world without any doubt, therefore. Although it’s the most powerful Pokemon in the world, it’s vulnerable to Pokemon that come under the Fighting category. Also, it is immune to attacks that come from Ghost types.

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02. The Strongest Pokemon – Giratina

Giratina Strongest Pokemon

When it comes to the Pokemon that fall into the category of Dragon and Ghost, they can Creation Trio. That is done with the participation of Dialga and Palkia. This strong and powerful Pokemon was found in Generation IV. In fact, Giratina comes in two forms – original and altered.

Giratina is included to represent antimatter, and both of those forms come with a Base Stat of 680. When it comes to the altered form of Giratina, it has a defense score of 120. Also, it has an attack score of 100. Its base form comes with an attack score of 120 and a defense score of 100. You should consider those stats for your information. Both of those forms of Giratina can resist Poison, But, Fire, Water, Grass and even Electric-type Pokemon. You should also know that The Legendary Pokemon forms have some weaknesses to Ghost, Dark, Dragon, Ice, and Fairy.  

03. The Strongest Pokemon – Black Kyurem

Black Kyurem

When you look for the strongest Pokemon, you shouldn’t forget this dual Dragon and Ice Pokemon. It was introduced in Generation V and hence a relatively new one. It is true that this Pokemon doesn’t evolve into a different Pokemon. However, it has the ability to change its form and become a Black and White Kyurem. It does use DNA Splicers as well on figures like Kyurem, Reshiram, and Zekrom. As a result, it can form both White and Black Kyurem. When it comes to the Bast Stat Total, Kyurem has a value of 660. On the other hand, White Kyurem has a total of 700.

Compared to the counterpart, Black Kyurem shows higher aggressiveness. Also, it has an attack value of 170 along with 120 for special attacks. You can see a defense value of 100 along with 125 HP. Black Kyurem resist against Water, Electric, and Grass types. This Pokemon, however, is vulnerable to Pokemon types fall into fighting, rock, dragon, steel, and fairy categories.

04. The Strongest Pokemon – Mewtwo Y

Strongest Pokemon - Mewtwo Y

This is rated as one of the strongest Pokemon in the world since it was introduced in Generation I. That means this Pokemon has a very long history. Also, Mewtwo doesn’t have the ability to evolve into a different Pokemon at that time.

In Generation VI, they said that Mewtwo has the ability to evolve into two different mega forms. They are Mewtwonite X and Mewtwonite Y Mega Stone. Compared to other forms, the Mega Y form is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the world. With that said, it has a superb Base Stat with a value of a whopping 780. Also, it has a special attack value of 194, and it is a massive value.

When it comes to the defense value, however, Mega Mewtwo Y has a pretty low value. For instance, it has a defense value of 70. It goes up to 120 when a unique defense is required. This specific Pokemon is perfectly agile and comes with a speed of 140. Mewtwo Y is resistant to all the Psychic Pokemons and Fighting Pokemon. However, it is vulnerable to Bug, Ghost, and Dark Pokemon characters.

05. The Strongest Pokemon – Mega Rayqueza

Mega Rayqueza

In Generation III, varieties like Dragon and Flying Pokemon varieties were introduced. In the same generation, Mega Evolve was turned into Mega Rayqueza. With the assistance of Kyogre and Groudon, Rayqueza has the ability to form the Super Ancient Trio.

Mega Rayqueza comes with a Base Stat Total value of 780. Also, it has a special attack value of 180. This specific Pokemon has good rankings and defensive abilities. Also, it can fly swiftly and achieve a maximum speed of 115.

Mega Rayqueza is resistant to attacks that come from Fighting, Bug, Fire, Water, and even Grass types. However, on the other hand, it shows weakness when interacted with Ice, Rock, Fairy, and Dragon attacks.

06. Deoxys

Strongest Pokemon - Deoxys

When you are in search of the strongest Pokemon, you can find Deoxys as well. Basically, this is a Psychic Mythical Pokemon with the ability to transform into a different appearance with new abilities. There are four forms for you to know. They appear in forms like Normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed. Based on the type of Nintendo game, you can encounter different forms of Deoxys. That means you can find it in Ruby, Colosseum, Sapphire, and XD.

Thanks to the ability to change the stats, it works in many useful ways. They can battle against different types of opponents with those changeable stats. That is exactly why we consider it as one of the most powerful Pokemon in the world.

In addition to that, there is one more feature to make this creature is a very unique, powerful one. That is its ability to create clones of its Normal form. Those clones comprise the same power and abilities as the original. That means you get multiple Pokemon characters to fight, and that’s absolutely beneficial for any player. The psychokinetic powers associated with Psycho Boost can be paired with unique forms, and that’s great. That will make it one of the strongest Pokemon in the world you can find today.

07. Palkia


This is a legendary Pokemon that lives in the Sinnoh region. It also opposes the Second Law related to Thermodynamics (entropy) along with its existence. Each of the breath emerged from Palkia ensures more stability of space. That does signify the role as a deity which is found in the mythology about creation.

This specific legendary Pokemon has the ability to live even in an alternate dimension. However, it does have the ability to cross over the universe. Palkia falls into the category of Water and Dragon Pokemon. It is introduced in Generation IV along with boosted stats. That will definitely encourage the trainers, and they can search for it in the 2006 game.

08. Darkrai

Darkrai Strongest Pokemon

This is yet another entry that deserves a ranking as one of the most powerful Pokemon in the world.  This specific Pokemon is also has a reputation as the Pitch-Back Pokemon. That is specifically because of the dark-type characteristics it possesses. This specific game was introduced back in 2007.

Darkrai is responsible for creating a large number of nightmares. In fact, these nightmares can only be fought down using a Lunar Wing (through Cresselia). Cresselia is the other member of the Lunar Duo for those who don’t know. Regardless of the vicious appearance of this Pokemon and the abilities it possesses, Darkrai cannot act along with malice. However, it does when it comes to the aspect of self-defense.

It is true that many individuals believe that this Pokemon is stronger than Dialga and Palkia. However, Darkrai is actually weaker than both of those in The Rise of Darkrai. But we still consider it to be one of the strongest Pokemon in the series. Also, it is arguably the strongest Pokemon in the series, along with its creepy appearance.

09. Kyogre


Kyogre, in many ways, is similar to Poseidon in the reign. It does rule the seas along with its ability to manipulate substances like water. As per the legend, this Pokemon has initially created the seas using violent storms along with endless tidal waves.

Even if the capabilities of the Groudon are pretty similar to Kyogre, the latter stands ahead. This is particularly true when it comes to the epic battle between those two. Kyogre has the intention of gaining the power of nature. The motives of this specific Pokemon have a strong intertwine with the abilities, and that’s notable. However, with the intervention of Rayquaza, the battle of Groudon and Kyogre became a tight one. The fight, eventually, ended up making Kyogre enter the eternal sleep status, and that’s the end of it.

10. Solgaleo

Strongest Pokemon - Solgaleo

This is yet another entry in the list of the most powerful Pokemon in the world. This specific entry can generate an element called “Ultra Wormholes.” With that, it has the ability to travel through “Ultra Space.” This wonderful Pokemon was released along with Generation VII. Also, it is known as a steel-type legendary Pokemon. The abilities and power of this specific Pokemon make it one of the strongest Pokemon characters.

Some of the powers of this specific Pokemon inherit from the unique abilities it possesses. For instance, Sunsteel Strike is one of those abilities. Z-Move Searing is another one, and we should mention Sunraze Smash as well for your information.

The abilities of the Sunsteel Strike, it will make the opponent stuck. That is because of the powerful and unbeatable force directed to the opponent it faces. The best thing is that it happens regardless of the type, energy, and abilities of the opponent.

To make it a more sophisticated Pokemon, it has received this Sunsteel Strike as an upgraded Z-Move. Needless to mention that it can increase the damage output significantly. So, we’ve enough and more reasons to consider it as one of the strongest Pokemon in the world.

Well, that’s our list of strongest Pokemon in the world. As you can see, all of those Pokemon characters have some powerful abilities with unique characteristics. What is your favorite Pokemon in the above list of strongest Pokemon? Also, please let us know the other strong Pokemon you may know.