Stardew Valley Greenhouse Layout – A Detailed Guide 2022

In this article, we have discussed everything you need to know about the Stardew valley greenhouse layout and other important details and basics.

The Greenhouse is among the best farm buildings of Stardew Valley, which is a simulator for farming that is used to replicate or simulate the four seasons of North America and its influence on various things, including animals, crops, your livelihood, and daily routines as well.

It is a building in which it becomes possible for you as a farmer to grow crops indoors, thus making it easier to deal with various seasonal changes. The Greenhouse facilitates you to grow crops out of season as well.

Unlocking of Stardew Valley’s Greenhouse

Stardew Valley Greenhouse Layout

Starting a farm demands the clearance of the existing debris. And, once you start clearing it away, you come across the old ruins at the place where there used to be a building in the past. These old ruins are the remains or residual of a Greenhouse. Now the question that must be arising in your mind is how to rebuild or restore this greenhouse.

When it comes to the restoration of a community center, it is needed for you to accomplish the task of completing all the pantry’s bundles. After you have successfully done it, the Greenhouse will be rebuilt by the Junimos. The Junimos would visit overnight in order to make it happen.

On the other hand, in case the community center has been replaced by a Joga Warehouse, there will be a need for paying Joga & Morris 35000 g for getting the Greenhouse rebuilt on the project of Joga Community Development.

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Greenhouse Size & Other Important Details

Stardew Valley Greenhouse Layout

When it comes to the size of the Greenhouse, the building covers the space of 7×6 on the farm. You might or might not like the natural position of the building on the farm. But don’t worry, even in case of a position which you do not like, there is a solution. Once the building has been built, you can ask Robin to displace it to some other place. For this to take place, you will have to visit Robin when she is in the Carpenter’s Shop and attending the desk. Talk to her to move your Greenhouse building to your desired position.

Once you have a newly-built Greenhouse building, you will get to notice that there is a farmable land plot of the size of 10×12 that is available for you to make use of inside the building. But before you consider growing any plant in your Greenhouse, there are a few things that you must keep in your mind. These things are:

  • These plants are not watered by rains.
  • Lightening will not affect your plants.
  • There is no need for scarecrows.
  • It is possible to grow here the crops of any desired season.
  • The crops from multiple seasons can be grown simultaneously.

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Crops That Can’t Be Grown in The Greenhouse

All plants & crops from various different seasons can very well perform and grow simultaneously with one another in the greenhouse except the below given two plants/crops:

  1. Giant Crops
  2. Bee Houses

Bee houses don’t produce honey when they are in the Greenhouse, and on the other hand, when it comes to the Giant crops, their growth is also not possible in the Greenhouse environment.

Now comes the turn to discuss an example of a tree that grows well in the greenhouse environment. Here, we would like to put a light on the fruit trees because they are the trees that can grow very well not only on the farmable land of general type but also on the Greenhouse’s edge. Hence they are considered to be unique trees.

You will have to keep the following things in mind so as to make these trees grow as per the expectations:

  • Each and every tree must be positioned in the center of a 3×3 square of its own.
  • There should be no decoration, not even paths.

There are chances that you will think that decoration along the building walls may stop growing. But still, you can’t have any type of interaction with that decoration, and that’s actually good. That’s because that space is registered as empty by the tree, and it grows eventually. And, further, you are allowed to place any type of paths or decorations between the trees once they are grown to their full extent. But still, you will not be able to do this in their corners.

Importance of Layout in Stardew Valley

The space available in the Stardew Valley Greenhouse is extremely limited as only 7×6 of the total space of 10 rows x 12 columns of its internal plot of land is available for being used to grow crops. And, it is also possible for you to grow trees along with the crops in the Greenhouse. 

Layout in Stardew Valley

So, keeping this in mind, if you plan to grow both trees and crops in your Stardew Valley Greenhouse, it would surely require a large space to make it possible for you. But the space is limited, as we have already mentioned above. Hence, there is a need for planning the best greenhouse layout (Stardew Valley).

Best Layout of Stardew Valley Greenhouse

When it comes to the planning of the setup of a Greenhouse in the Stardew Valley, there are, importantly, two things that must be kept in mind. These two important things are as follows:

  1. You should make use of all the available free space.
  2. It is mandatory to water your plants on a daily basis.

You can put the sprinklers into use to water the plants. If you make use of sprinklers, there will be no need for you to water the plants by yourself. So this approach will be quite profitable for you. There is no doubt that some space will be consumed by the sprinklers that you would use, but you should still consider using them without having a second thought in your mind. They would not use too much of your space.

Optimization of the Stardew Valley Greenhouse Layout

Below we have put a light on the optimized Stardew valley greenhouse layout for both fruit trees and crops:

● Optimal Layout of Fruit Trees

Optimal Layout of Fruit Trees

Many people don’t know that planting trees in the greenhouse is also possible. But it is the truth that you can plant trees too. Eighteen is the maximum no. of trees that can be grown in a greenhouse, and there are plenty of options of greenhouse layout (Stardew valley) to choose from in order to make it happen.

In the sprinkler layout, there are a few Sprinklers arranged outside the growing land. We know that the tree can’t grow well if there is something placed extremely near it. Hence, in such a layout, there is a need for moving these sprinklers until the tree gets fully matured. You will have to maintain the gap of at least one space between a sprinkler and a tree that is in the process of growing.

● Optimal Layout for Crops

While trying to set up your Greenhouse, you will, for sure, come across the issue of the Sprinklers not perfectly fitting in the plantable area. It is one of the crucial things that may come up first, no matter what kind of Sprinklers you are going to use for the Greenhouse layout (Stardew Valley).

But if you are a professional, experienced, or a big fan of the Greenhouse, you must be having some wonderful options to choose from. The number and types of options you may have are totally dependent on the following two things:

  • Your access or reach to the various better kinds of Sprinklers.
  • Your personal choice and preferences also have a considerable effect on the number and types of options available for you to choose from.
Number & Types of SprinklersNumber of Plants That Can Be Grown
4 Iridium Sprinklers With Pressure Nozzle Upgrades118
5 Iridium Sprinklers With Pressure Nozzle Upgrades119
6 Iridium Sprinklers116
16 Quality Sprinklers108
4 Iridium Sprinklers With Pressure Nozzle Upgrades
4 Iridium Sprinklers With Pressure Nozzle Upgrades
5 Iridium Sprinklers With Pressure Nozzle Upgrades
5 Iridium Sprinklers With Pressure Nozzle Upgrades
6 Iridium Sprinklers
6 Iridium Sprinklers
16 Quality Sprinklers
16 Quality Sprinklers

Final Words

Stardew Valley Greenhouse is a great solution when it comes to the constant source of income for the long run. But before you move ahead to make it happen, there will be a need for you to perform some repairing tasks for the greenhouse as it was built in the past but is not in a functional state at present. So you will have to rebuild it.

Once it is rebuilt, the next thing that you will have to perform is to plan the best Stardew valley greenhouse layout in order to grow trees and crops in the available limited space. Only a perfectly planned layout will make it possible for you to start generating a regular and decent daily income from your greenhouse in the Stardew Valley. The above-mentioned tips would help you to design the best possible layout.