SpyHuman Review & Its Best Alternatives

If you have not heard about SpyHuman yet, then this SpyHuman review is what you need to read.

Learn here what SpyHuman is and how it actually works. Also, if this spying tool does not excite you much, you can look for its alternatives, such as mSpy and others.

So, SpyHuman is a spying tool that satisfies your urge to track someone’s smartphone. This application lets you track all that is happening on the target device effortlessly.

The best thing about this amazing application is that it features a dashboard where clients can remotely screen basic details like SMS, calls, GPS, and more effectively without accessing the target device.

Not just this, but this spying tool has a lot to offer. Read more in this SpyHuman review!

What All SpyHuman Can Track


SpyHuman is a dependable and ground-breaking observing arrangement. This application provides users with consistent reports about the target device on the dashboard.

SpyHuman is capable of doing various things, which other spying tools fail to. This tool can monitor call logs, social media, messages, and lots more without the knowledge of the target user.

Let’s See What All Spyhuman Can Track in Brief in This SpyHuman Review:

● Call Logs

With SpyHuman, users can track call logs of the target device. This spying tool provides real-time updates of the target’s calling exercises. This feature is noteworthy when it comes to tracking clients and children.

● Location Tracker

This tool lets you track the area of the target device for screening the whereabouts of your kids.

More interestingly, SpyHuman allows users to browse GPS tracking history. This lets you know which places your children visited throughout the day.

● Social Media

Today, every kid uses social media platforms, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and many others. If your kid is on Facebook, then monitor their conversations with strangers via SpyHuman. So, find out with whom your kid interacts on such social media platforms in one place.

● Live Monitoring

Using SpyHuman, you can record the surroundings of your children. The live monitoring feature works remotely to update you.

● Theft Protection

SpyHuman is not just a spying tool but also works as an anti-theft program. This is a great enemy of burglary for all the gadgets, which becomes clear after reading the SpyHuman review.

For this, you just need to introduce this application on the target device and get consistent updates about its area.

After reading this SpyHuman review, you will find that SpyHuman is designed especially for screening your representatives, under-mature youngsters, and spouses.

With this tool, you can even monitor the smartphone you claim. However, before you use this tool as a spy application on your phone, you have to grant all the permissions that the app asks.

Although this application is legal to use, it is your duty to go through the pertinent laws of your nation to use this spying tool. However, you are tracking someone’s messages and calling exercises by using the spy tool on the target device without their knowledge.

It could be taken as an illegal movement in your nation. So, check before you use this tool because SpyHuman is not assuming any liability for any harm and abuse brought about by their application.

On the other hand, it is completely safe to use this application to keep an eye on your kids. This ensures that they are interacting with the right people and are completely safe wherever they go.

This is something necessary to do, keeping the increasing cybercrime in mind these days. Now, let’s have a look at its key features.

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Key Features of SpyHuman

  • Using this spy tool, users can screen social media apps like WhatsApp and Facebook on the target device.
  • The best thing about SpyHuman is that you get real-time updates on the control board about what’s happening on the target device.
  • With SpyHuman, users can store the gathered information on their verified server without any problem.

Pros & Cons of SpyHuman


  • It has a user-friendly, straightforward interface that requires no technical skills on the users’ part.
  • SpyHuman’s control board shows the ten most dialed numbers on the target device. This shows you with whom your kids speak the most and what’s happening in their life.


  • Users report that the customer support of SpyHuman is not helpful and good.
  • According to the website, SpyHuman has a basic plan that is available for free. However, when users introduce the app, they get redirected to the purchase page.
  • Some users report that they find it difficult to uninstall this spying application on the target device once installed.

So, these are the advantages and drawbacks of SpyHuman. However, keeping these drawbacks of SpyHuman in mind, we recommend you go with some of its best alternatives. Let’s get started with the best alternatives to SpyHuman in this SpyHuman review.

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Best Alternatives to SpyHuman

If you are not fully satisfied with the SpyHuman review and do not like to use this tool for some reason, look for its alternatives.

When it comes to a spying tool, there are lots and lots of options available out there. However, we suggest you go with the best always.

Read about the two best alternatives to SpyHuman below!

1. mSpy

Undoubtedly, SpyHuman is perfect to spy on any Android mobile device. The amazing part is that it features a free version.

However, if you like to carry out more advanced monitoring, then you need to think about a more reliable and powerful application like mSpy.

mSpy is one of the high-rated parental control applications. This application is aimed directly at ensuring the protection of kids online and giving their parents peace of mind.

mSpy is available for both iOS and Android devices. Plus, this monitoring tool features a wide range of premium-quality features for the protection of kids and prevention online. These features include:

Key Features of mSpy:

  • mSpy has a geofencing feature that allows users to set dangerous and safe zones for their kids. With this, you can check the movements of your kids. If they try to breach the virtual barriers, a notification will be sent to you.
  • Its Keylogger assists you in tracking all the keystrokes typed on the target device. This ensures that your children are not in touch with cyberbullies, online predators, sexters, scammers, or strangers who could harm them.
  • SpyHuman lets you monitor just WhatsApp messages, but mSpy allows you to monitor lots of social media platforms, such as Snapchat, Facebook, Kik, Tinder, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, LINE, Hangouts, and more.
  • With this spy tool, users can set keyword alerts, where you can assign some dangerous words. If your kid types those inappropriate words on their device, you will be notified instantly. For instance, words like pressure, suicide games challenge, etc.

So, these are some of the amazing features of this advanced monitoring tool. Another great thing about mSpy is that it features a reliable customer support service.

This support is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, whereas SpyHuman just offers customer support from 10:00 AM-6:00 PM.

This seems inconvenient to some users when they need an urgent problem to be fixed immediately. So, download mSpy if you want to protect your kids from potential cybercrimes.

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Try mSpy

2. Spyera

In this SpyHuman review, it is time to know about another alternative called Spyera. This application works perfectly well on both iOS and Android smartphones.

Using Spyera, users can keep track of their kids’ smartphone activities hassle-free. All you need to do is to install this spying tool on their mobile device. It provides all the information regarding the target device.

With the help of Spyera, users can access the media documents, logbooks, areas, and calls, and also outperform the bookmarks and history of the program.

The best thing about this spying tool is that it can be deal with an iOS and Android framework quickly without any problem.

Key Features of Spyera:

  • This tool allows users to plan the screen timings on the target device and also tells the device when to switch off.
  • Spyera even records all the incoming and outcoming calls on the monitored device in a clear tone.
  • Using this spying tool, users can carry out an investigation by putting in a catchphrase. This program checks how frequently that word or phrase has been used on your kids’ device.
  • The control board of Spyera provides precise results for all the GPS locations covered by the target device.
  • It remotely keeps track of time spent by the monitored device on web browsing.


  • The best thing about using Spyera is that the target user would not have the slightest idea of being tracked. This is because this spy tool works completely in the stealth mode.
  • This tool keeps a record of the VOIP calling exercises carried out by the target device.
  • Users can create geo-fencing on their kids’ phones and refresh the same continually. If your kid transgresses the characterized area, then you will know about it.
  • With just one click, users can refresh the application installed on the monitored phone remotely.
  • Likewise, users can outperform PINS, passwords designed used on the target phone through the Keylogger.

Try Spyera

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Other Different Choices for Spying

If you are wondering if SpyHuman is not what you are looking for, then look for other options to spy on the target device.

On the internet, you will find many spying tools. In this SpyHuman review, we are going to discuss some of the good spying software. So, let’s have a look at them below!

1. MaxxSpy

If you are worried about what your kids do all the time on their smartphones, then MaxxSpy can be of help. This spying tool allows you to keep an eye on any mobile device.

2. Android 007

Android 007 remotely screens your spouse’s, children’s, or employees’ mobiles. The tool allows users to check furtively each and every activity done on the monitored device legitimately through your PC or tablet.

3. ZoSpy

ZoSpy is another great alternative to Spy humans. With the help of this spying tool, users can monitor what’s happening on the target device remotely. This application works on all Android devices.

4. ProtectMe Mobile Tracker

ProtectMe Mobile Tracker allows users to track all the activities on the target device. With this tool, parents can protect their kids and ensure their well-being without their knowledge.

5. Easy Phone Track

Are you worried about your kids’ security? Or confused about your workers whether they carry out their responsibility properly?

In such situations, you just need a phone tracking tool like Easy Phone Track for securing your information and mobile device.


Hopefully, this SpyHuman review will be of help to you. After reading about its pros and cons, you can decide whether this advanced spying tool is capable of protecting your kids from unwanted interactions and online dangers.

SpyHuman comes with so many advanced features, which allow you to track call logs, text messages, GPS location, contacts, social media apps, web monitoring, gallery, and much more.

What makes SpyHuman the best is its simple-to-use control panel, from where you can keep an eye on the smartphone activities of your kid. It features a user-friendly interface and views the reports on search and device usage.

Along with that, it lets you export all the data to your device in a pdf, CSV, or Xls format. This tool is available for free, which is rare to find when it comes to a reliable monitoring tool. It also has a premium subscription plan with more features.

If you are confused about SpyHuman, then go for its best alternatives. We recommend you go with mSpy.

This monitoring tool also comes with amazing spying features. It is more advanced than SpyHuman. Try out its advanced features with a free trial.

So, make a decision after reading the SpyHuman review thoroughly and download SpyHuman or mSpy to track someone’s smartphone hassle-free!



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