Spy GPS | Top 6 GPS Tracking Tools for PC

Why is Spy GPS Necessary?

Most of the parents continue to worry about their children’s location even after their children are old enough to take care of themselves. However, it is necessary to keep an eye on your children’s location in times like these. The most effective way to keep an eye on your children is through spying the GPS location of your kids with the help of some GPS tracking software.

GPS tracking software is tool that keeps you updated about the exact location of your small kids. It may be sounding exciting, but it is actually true. These tools take the help of GPS in order to get you notified about your kids’ whereabouts. Unfortunately, if you cannot locate your kid in the house, you can check their location via GPS tracking software as these tools are highly reliable and easy to use as well.

On the other hand, not only children but you can also spy on your spouse’s location if you are suspicious that you are getting cheated on. You do not have to hire a detective to know whereabouts of your spouse as GPS trackers do the work for you. You get everything on your computer with the help of GPS tracking applications.

Here, you will know about some of the top GPS tracking applications that would be of utmost importance to spy GPS location of your spouse and children without getting detected. So, here goes our list of best tracking applications.

Part 1: Top 6 Spy GPS Tracking Applications for PC

Here, let’s start our list of top ten GPS tracking applications that can be used to spy GPS location of any iOS or Android device along with other smartphone activities. Let’s get started!

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1. Famisafe

Famisafe is a GPS tracking application that helps to monitor the real-time GPS location of any iOS or Android device. It comes in handy when people want to know updates about their loved ones. It tracks not the location of the target device but various other aspects as well. And it allows you to record call logs, messages, online activities, emails, etc. with its key-logging feature. In addition, it can track a lost phone, and see someone’s private messages on Facebook.

Famisafe even monitors social media platforms including browsing history. You can check all these aspects online on its web-based dashboard. It shares all reports about the target device on a timely basis. So, this GPS tracking software is the best to spy GPS location of any device.

Compatibility Check: iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows

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2. KidsGuard Spy GPS

No software could be better than KidsGuard when it comes to monitoring the GPS location of devices. It is one of the leading applications that are used to monitor devices. KidsGuard is compatible with various devices, which makes it unique from other spying applications available on the internet.

Apart from spying the location, it helps you to access applications, call logs, messages, social media platforms, and various other types of data, twenty-nine to be exact. The best part about KidsGuard is that the owner of the target device does not get to know about all this. The icon of KidsGuard vanishes as soon as you start to monitor the device.

KidsGuard GPS Spy

Unique characteristics of KidsGuard:

  • It tracks the exact location of the target device on computers.
  • It works really well even on the latest iOS or Android OS versions.
  • There is no requirement of root or jailbreak on devices.
  • It monitors calls and messages on the target device along with the GPS location.
  • It tracks social media platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Compatibility Check: iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows

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3. MobileSpy Spy GPS

This tool is used by many users to spy GPS location to know whereabouts of their children or spouse. MobileSpy gives you access to contact lists, messages, call records, and calendar along with the GPS location of the monitored device.

MobileSpy GPS Spy

However, this spying tool is only available for selected models of devices because of its expensive price range. With MobileSpy, you can even restrict screen timings as a parental controlling measure. It’s another feature that include geofencing that you can set to stay notified about your kids’ location whenever they leave a certain zone.

Compatibility Check: Only selected models

4. Followmee

This spying tool works well on Windows systems along with Blackberry, iOS, Windows, and Android devices. It records the exact location with the help of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular triangulation services. It saves the recorded information on a protected server.

Followmee Spy GPS

With its website, you can track all activities of the target device on your computer or mobile phone. To spy GPS location with this monitoring tool, you are required to register on Followmee. It can be used to track multiple devices at a time. Now, enjoy features like monitoring the location, getting real-time updates, tracking multiple devices, creating geofences, and downloading reports all at just one place.

Compatibility Check: iOS, Android, Blackberry, or Windows

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5. Auto Forward Spy

It is one of the leading software that is used to spy GPS location of iOS devices. It helps you in tracking messages, call logs, and browser history of the target device. All activities of the monitored device are stamped with the exact time.

Auto Forward GPS Spy

It also clicks pictures remotely using the camera of the targeted iOS device. You get real-time updates on the recorded data of the target device via emails from time to time. It notifies you about the GPS location of the monitored device every five minutes.

Compatibility Check: Only iOS devices

6. Family GPS Tracker

It is an efficient tool in order to spy GPS location of any device. The best part about Family GPS Tracker is that you are not required to register in any way with your personal details. With the help of Family GPS Tracker, you can monitor the exact location of your family members.

If you are using it to spy GPS location of your children, you can turn ON its “Child Mode” in order to find them anywhere at any time. You can even create a secured space to ensure the safety of your children, and whenever your kid leaves that assigned space, you get notified about the same immediately. You can see the whereabouts of your cherished ones for three years in this too, who are getting tracked for such a long period.

Compatibility Check: Android, iOS, or Windows

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Part 2: How to spy GPS location via Famisafe

In order to spy GPS location of your cherished ones with the help of Famisafe, follow some instructions as listed below.

Step 1: Create an account

Initially, you have to create an account on Famisafe with a valid email ID. Visit its official website or click here for the same.


Step 2: Enter other details

Then, log-in to Famisafe with the lately created credentials and enter other details about the target device such as name, device OS, and age of the owner. Click on the operating system as “iOS” in case of an iOS device. Now, click on the tab “Next”.

Step 3: Enter iCloud ID

Next, you will see an interface of iCloud login. Enter the details about iCloud ID and its password of the target iOS device. After that, hit on the button “Verify”. With it, you can monitor that device easily as well as remotely.

Note: For Android devices, you have to follow up a different setup process.

Step 4: Spy GPS location

Now, you are all set to spy GPS location of the target device. You need to login to your account from any iOS, Mac, Android, or Windows device. From the Famisafe’s dashboard, you can easily spy GPS location as well as other activities of the target device remotely. Hit the monitored device’s icon to get all details on your system screen.

Spy GPS via famisafe

Now, you know what methods you have to use to spy GPS location of any device. There are various options available but to choose the best is really important. You can choose any application for tracking the GPS location of your children or spouse from the ones listed above. However, it is best to go with the best choices available to you.

Try Famisafe

It is recommended to go with Famisafe to monitor any iOS or Android device. These two GPS tracking applications are the best as these tools do not only track the exact location of your dear ones but also give you details about other activities happening on their devices. These tools monitor social media platforms as well. Download Famisafe on your kids’ or spouse’s devices to get updated with what they are up to!