Saving Snaps Using Snapbox and Best Alternative

The Stories and Snaps shared over Snapchat disappear automatically after a certain time. Because of this very feature, Snapchat users cannot keep other users’ Snaps saved by default. However, there are several methods you can consider to save Snaps shared over Snapchat. Snapbox for Snapchat is one of those methods that allow saving Snaps without any complexity. Snapbox is a third-party app that necessarily will enable individuals to save Snaps safely.

Section 1. How to use Snapbox and save Snaps

As you may already know, Snapchat is designed to match the requirements of all age groups. Although it is particularly popular among youngsters, many other individuals use this app regardless of their age. But, the problem is that Snapchat doesn’t allow saving others’ Snaps and Stories onto your device. Once the Snaps are disappeared (disposed), they cannot be recovered. That is exactly why Snapchat users are looking for alternative ways to save Snaps onto their devices. Some users tend to use the ‘screenshot’ feature on their devices to capture Snapchats and save them.

Although this method works with Snaps, it doesn’t work with Stories. That is exactly why you require the assistance of special software like Snapbox or a suitable alternative. With Snapbox, you can easily save all the Snaps and Stories without any hassle whatsoever. Once saved, Snapbox allows you to view the images whenever it is necessary. If you need to save the Snaps and Stories through this app, read this article.

01. Get Snapchat downloaded

As the obvious first step, you should download the app into your smartphone and get it installed. The icon resembles a white color ghost in a box.

Login SnapBox

02. Go to Snapchat

Now that you have downloaded and installed Snapbox, you should provide the credentials of your Snapchat account. You mustn’t be hesitant to enter the credentials as Snapbox is perfectly safe software.

Save Snapchat Photos with Snapbox

03. Save Snaps with SnapBox

You are almost done now. You can now wait for Snapchat to give you a notification about a new message. Once a message is received, you can easily launch Snapbox and open the received Snap in it.

Snapbox for Snapchat

This app will first save the received Snaps before opening them. That allows you to access those Stories whenever you need them. If you need to review any Snap, you should do it through the Snapbox app on the smartphone. To do this, you should tap on the option labeled “Available Only”. That is located at the top of the app’s screen. This option lets you see all the saved Snaps without any issue. If you tap on any Snap, you can easily open them on display.

Well, those are the easy steps you should follow to save Snaps using Snapbox for Snapchat.

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Section 2. Use iOS Screen Recorder – the best Snapbox for Snapchat alternative

As you can see, Snapbox is a handy way of saving Snaps on your smartphone. However, the problem is that it saves every Snap you receive. Eventually, it will end up eating the free space on your smartphone and lead to poor performance. Saving all the Snaps and Stories you receive on Snapchat is not a very efficient idea. Instead, you should look for a way to save those Snaps on a computer. You can then access those images whenever necessary. So, it is always better to know a powerful alternative to Snapbox.

This is exactly when a tool like iOS Screen Recorder becomes handy. If you have the assistance of an iOS Screen Recorder, you have the option of viewing the Snaps any time. That means, even when Snapchat is not working, you can use iOS Screen Recorder.

iOS Screen Recorder is a highly versatile and powerful tool that comes with superb user-friendliness. Now, let’s take a look at the most notable features associated with iOS Screen Recorder.

Features of iOS Screen Recorder

  • It can record your iOS device’s screen without performing any jailbreaking
  • You can use it to mirror your iOS device into the computer or another projector over a wireless connection
  • It can save Snapchats videos, save Snapchat pics, record iPad screen, record iPhone screen, record all the mobile games, Facetime, videos, etc. that are displayed on the device’s screen
  • It works perfectly on jailbroken and un-jailbroken iOS devices
  • You can use iOS Screen Recorder on iPad and iPod Touch in addition to iPhones
  • It is compatible with Windows and iOS platforms perfectly

Get iOS Screen Recorder

Recording an iOS screen using iOS Screen Recorder App

This respective app makes it very convenient for us to record all the Snapchat photos and videos. Also, it doesn’t require your iOS device to be jailbroken. Now, let’s see how to use iOS Screen Recorder App and record an iOS screen.

01. Download iOS Screen Recorder App on your iPhone and get it installed.

02. During the installation process, a message will appear asking to trust the iPhone distribution on the device.

03. Next, you should tap on the iOS Screen Recorder app and launch it on the home screen. Before beginning the recording process of the screen, you may customize the settings of this app.

Snapbox for Snapchat Alternative - dr.fone iOS Screen Recorder

04. Then, you should tap on the next screen to begin the screen recording. You will notice that iOS Screen Recorder will get minimized at this moment. You should open Snapchat and then play the video you intend to record on your iPhone.

05. As the last step, you should tap on the red tab once the playback is done. This step will complete the recording process. Now, the recorded video will get saved into the camera roll.

Recording an iOS screen using iOS Screen Recorder Software

Now let’s see how to record an iOS screen with Snapbox alternative – iOS Screen Recorder Software.

01. As the first step, you should connect your iOS device to the computer. You should do this through a local area network or the WiFi network. Be sure that both the devices are connected to a similar network.

02. Then, you should launch iOS Screen Recorder software. Before this, you should obviously have downloaded iOS Screen Recorder Software on the same computer. Now, open the program on the PC simply by double-clicking on the desktop shortcut. You will now see the iOS Screen Recorder software with clear onscreen instructions on the home screen.

Snapbox alternative - iOS Screen Recorder

03. Now, you should mirror the iPhone with the computer. Open the control center. If your iOS device runs on an older version (older than iOS 10), swipe it up. Now, you should tap on the button labeled “AirPlay”. Then, tap on Dr.Fone iOS Screen Recorder Software and toggle the Slide and switch it on. This is located near “Mirroring”.

If it’s iOS 10, the process is pretty much the same, but you don’t have to toggle any option.

When it comes to iOS 14, you should first open up the control center. Then, you should go to the option labeled “Screen Mirroring” and select Dr.Fone.

04. Now, you can start the process of recording Snapchat Stories. To do this, you should launch Snapchat on the iPhone and select the Snap you intend to save. Now, you will see the Snapchat screen with two icons. The red color icon is simply for recording, and the other icon is to open full screen. Since you need to record a Snapchat Story, click on the red button. The respective Story will now be saved on the computer, and that’s it.

Final Words

Well, those are the two most effective methods to save Snapchat content. Although both the methods are exceptionally convenient, Snapbox for Snapchat has a limitation when it comes to space. So, if you are concerned about the space and performance of your iPhone, choose iOS Screen Recorder over Snapbox.

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