Top Smart Lamps of 2021 – the Ray of Future For You

Why People Like Smart Lamps?

For some people having an ordinary lamp won’t do it in the 21st century. Now with smart lamps, you can upgrade the household without breaking the bank. These lamps are the first step to elevate your house to another generation technically. Some of these lamps look and feel a bit more to the future while staying true to the traditional lamp, and some smart lamps on the list have both of these things going for them.

In recent years, energy has become one of the most critical issues of our lifetime. The rise of the internet has made everybody aware of the value of electricity. And after sometimes, some developing countries and developed countries have picked up this signal for the time to change. It has become somewhat common to have a smart lamp not only to save energy but also the value that these bulbs have to offer.

Getting a smart lamp is the getaway entrance to having an intelligent environment around the house. You may add other things to add more to the smart environment, but you can start off the journey with something so simple as a smart lamp. It is unique to earn the world bright in the title. These smart lamps are not only less power-hungry, but they can be connected to your phone via WIFI or Bluetooth. You can command the lamps from your phone, whether you want the lamp to off or on.

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The lamps are easy to install and use. You don’t have to navigate in a dark room to find the switch anymore. These lamps will be connected to your phone. You can access these smart lamp once you are at the right distance from the lamp. Some smart lamps even pack in the function of having more colored lights. If you are not in the mood for classic white, you can switch to different colors based on the atmosphere.

These smart lamps are also connected with the assistance service devices. Such as amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to give you more control over the lamp and its functions just by uttering a few words to a device.

This the best way to welcome the age of modern technology from the 21st century into your household. The addition of this technology would make the house electrical product much simpler to use if you have decided on buying a smart lamp to give the house a much more fashionable look. Then you don’t have to spend your time searching for the right product with good specifications. Here is a list of some of the smart lamp that will make your life shiner.

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Best Smart Lamps of 2021 For You

Here are some of the lamps that will add smartness to your house without breaking the bank.

Philips Hue Bloom Smart Table Lamp

This 5-inch smart lamp comes with different colors to suit the user the best. You can quickly put this lamp behind the TV or computer to add more color to the background. The color can be changed, so don’t worry about only seeing the color white. It can sync to all the AI assistant that you have in your house. Philips even has a particular app designed for this product. So the smart lamp can be controlled from your phone or just your voice.

Another reason why this is one of the best to go for this smart lamp can change color based on whatever happens on the television if the smart lamp is connected to your TV or Computer. It will change colors based on the game or movie you are playing on your Tv or computer.

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WiZ Smart LED Hero Table Lamp

This smart lamp comes with a unique design; this is one of those things that you have to put it on the table so everybody can see and appreciate its beauty. Compares to Philip, the size of this lamp is sitting at 7-inches long. The lower end of the lamp has wooden finishing, which makes it an ideal lamp for wooden tables around the house. This lamp also has a unique feature that is certainly will bring in a good reason to buy this lamp.

WiZ Smart LED table Lamp can change colors based on the events that happen outside the house and inside the house. Once you sync up with the lamp, the WIZ smart LED lamp will change colors with the time cycle and the weather outside the house. If it is raining, the color of the lamp will turn blue. If the sun is out and shining more than ever, the WIZ smart Led lamp will create the same vibe inside the house.

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Philips Hue White Ambiance Wellness Smart Table Lamp

Sometimes people just want along time to lose themselves in a thought or a book they are reading. If you are one of those people, then this the smart lamp just made for you. This lamp’s special features is that it creates the calmness vibe with the light rays. This unique smart lamp comes with a hue white ambiance bulb, the specialty of this ambiance bulb that it can create 50,000 different types of white light. Philips Hue White Ambiance offers various settings depending on the mood you are in at the time; it successfully creates the vibe that will help you lose yourself in. You also have the option to switch bulbs to a colored one, to add more colors, if you are in a funky mood.

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The C by GE Sol Smart lamp

This lamp looks like it from the 2001 spacetime odyssey. The C by GE carries a much more futuristic look for the outer appearance. Another thing that makes this lamp more sci-fi, that this lamp has a speaker built right into it. There is no need to get assistance device to control this lamp, as this lamp features inbuilt assistance, some you can voice control the lamp without needing to sync up with another device.

Controlling the lamp is not the only thing you can do with this smart lamp; you can command the smart lamp to play music, set times, check-in with the weather, and many more. This is the real sense of a futuristic product. The design of the lamp is unique; the height of the lamp can match up to a regular size basketball. It carries the functions of changing colors just like you would get in an ordinary smart lamp.

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Philips Hue Beyond Smart Table Lamp

Coming in with the price tag of $198 is Philips hue beyond smart table lamp. The external appearance of the lamp may not give away the smart lamp look, but it carries all the functions that you would want from a smart lamp. You can connect the lamp to your smartphone. The light from the lamp can sync up to whatever you’re playing on the tv or computer. Philips Hue would change colors based on the things that happen inside of the TV. It even has a function key to turn the lamp off by using your hand, which adds a more normal look to go with the smart function it carries inside.

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MLGB WiFi Smart Wood Table Lamp

If you are looking for an authentic classic look from a smart lamp, the MLGB wood table lamp is the thing you will need to give your house a more traditional lamp that is packed with all the smartest features that you expect from a smart lamp. With WIFI, you can control the lamp from a certain distance from your phone. If you don’t like the idea of using your phone to connect the lamp, then you will always have the option of using assistant services to control the lamp. Carrying all the smart functions inside, there is also simplicity to behave from an MLGB lamp. As it features a power off/on the physical button for doing it in the old school way.

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Yeelight Smart LED Color Bulb

The Yeelight smart color bulb packs in a lot of function to be in the category of smart lamps. One of the unique features of this smart bulb that it lets you pick the color on your own by scanning through your smartphone’s camera so the bulb can catch match the color. The light that this bulb emits is much brighter than any other. It also has the WIFI functions to connect through your phone or assistant devices. The best thing about Yeelight smart LED color bulb that it comes in at $24. Compared to the other products that you will see on the shelves of smart bulbs, Yeelight is a cheaper option while not being cheaper on the technical side of the menu.

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Eufy Lumos Smart Color Bulb

This bulb not only produces a brighter light but also has an app to control the color of the light as for your liking. The app is simple and easy to navigate; it is not cluttered with various functions to confuse the user from even using the product. Coming at 5.5 inches, it is the biggest light bulb compares to another, and by not coming in with any hub for support, Eufy Lumo’s smart bulb can easily fit anywhere in the house. The best thing about this bulb is the price of this bulb, which is sitting at unbelievably $15. This is an absolute steal in all the smart bulbs available in the market.

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Wyze’s low-cost bulb

This is a smart bulb when it comes to energy-efficient ways. It may not pack in WIFI features to turn the power from your phone or amazon’s Alexa. The only thing this bulb going for it is the simplistic design that does the job of a smart bulb and by being a lot cheaper option compare t other WIFI enabled bulbs available in the market. The Wyze’s low-cost bulb will cost you just 18$. It’s easier to set it up and use it. Go for this one if you want your bulb to do exactly what they have been doing since the dawn of humankind.

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LIFX 1100-Lumen

LIFX’s bulbs are straightforward to use, and their design makes much better options for the user. All their bulbs have a new, improved modern look attached to them. If you want to install a smart bulb in your house but you don’t want to deal with the hub. Then go for this one. This bulb has all the features that you would expect from a smart bulb to have; it can connect to Amazon Alexa, google assistant, and apple home kit. If you want to turn on the light through your voice, then this is one of the best bulbs you can go for, the price of this bulb doesn’t even break the bank. LIFX’s bulbs come at $19,99. If you don’t this to be a regular white bulb, the multicolor version will cost you $24.99.

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Nanoleaf NL22-0003TW-9PK

Give your room a much more smart look with Nanoleaf NL22. The reason why this makes one of the best choices for your house is the sheer unique design; it gives out a much more modern technical future look than anything on the list. It looks futuristic and in terms of what has to offer also falls in the same range. Nanoleaf comes in the form of flat triangles, so, don’t mess with your head with the classic screwing the light bulb.

As these flat triangles can be installed on the wall or on a stand on any order. This gives the user a more customizable option for their light bulbs. You can customize the light from each panel based on your liking. Once you have installed on your wall, the next thing to do is to download the app, boot up the app, and start playing with the lights.

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All these smart lamps and bulbs have unique features with a wide range of connectivity attach to them for better user interaction while most of them carry the traditional look of a bulb on their external appearance, while some of them carry in more smart functions than another. At the end of them, it is the user that matters. If you want to raise the bar on smart electrical products in your house, or you just want a simplistic look to fit in the environment.