Easy Method to Share Music, Video with Your Friends and Family

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Have some fair-sounding music stored on your iPhone, and have eager to share with your friends or family? Unfortunately you only have limited right to manage the media files on your iPhone. Not just for iPhone, including all your iDevices such as iPod, iPad, etc., after transferring the purchased media items to other devices, you may have no right to play them as usual unless you can authorize all the devices. But if you can get a good helper, things may be changed and you can share the music with anyone as you want easily.

In this article, let me tell you how to share your iTunes music, video and etc. efficiently with your friends and family.

Situation 1: Share beloved music or video with your friends (by transferring the media items to their computers)

You can easily accomplish this mission with iTunes. However, to the purchases, you also need to authorize your friends’ computers, or the music and video may not be played as normal. To authorize your friends’ computer, just go to iTunes on the computer you want to authorize, and go to “Store” -> “Authorize this Computer… “. And then authorize the computer with your Apple ID. But you can only authorize up to five computers.

But here is an easier way: just turn to dr.fone – iOS Transfer for help. This third-party tool can help you transfer the iTunes music/video efficiently. Download this little helper and install it on your computer. And when you want to transfer the music/video to your friends’ iDevices, you just need to run this program on your Mac and connect your friends’ iDevices to the computer as well. And then you can add the music/video you want to those iDevices conveniently.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

Situation 2: Share favorite music or video with your family (with iTunes’ home sharing function)

If you are at home and share the same Wi-Fi with your family, you can share your fair-sounding music with your family members with iTunes’ home sharing function. This cool function enables you to share the same iTunes library with 5 computers in the same Wi-Fi Ethernet network. And all your family can enjoy the music, video of your iTunes library conveniently and at the same time. However, once your computer is offline, they won’t access your iTunes library anymore.

So the best way is to transfer the music, video to their computers with dr.fone for Mac or iTunes. dr.fone – iOS Transfer not only can share videos, music but also sync TV shows, photos, iTunes playlist, etc. between any iPhone/iPad/iPod and Mac for you in an easy way. Just download to have a try now.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

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