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As fans of Apple, you must be always bringing out your iPad, iPhone and MacBook no matter either in your work or study. Indeed, Apple does develop quite a good system for iDevice users so that they can always sync and share their files among all their iPhone, iPad, and MacBook through the same iTunes Library. However, you may find it has ups and downs during the usage.

In this article, I will show you how to do a good job in sharing your iTunes library among your multiple devices in two methods: the first method focuses on how to complete the task in apple way, and the second method focuses on how to complete the transfer and sync with more freedom in a new way. Just choose either one according to your preference!

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Part1: How to share iTunes music library on a home network

In this method, you can learn how to share your iTunes music library to your devices via the home network in an easy way. Here is to show you the steps to complete the task.

Step 1: At the very beginning, please turn to your iTunes and open the Edit menu. Then please choose “Preferences” if you are Windows OS or choose the “Preferences menu” if you are Mac user.

Step 2: Now on the top of the list, please choose the “Sharing” tab and then click the option “Share my library on my local network”. By clicking the option, you now have the option to share part or all playlists with ease.

Step 3: Here you can choose to add a password to your files that are shared. Then just click “OK” once you made all the selections.


Note: Please note that your iTunes should be remaining opening during the whole process for others to connect to the iTunes and get the music.

After these steps, all people within the same local area network can see the playlists that you shared through the network.

To share your iTunes library, you can also turn to the “Home Sharing” option for help. If your devices are authorized to use the same Apple ID, you can share all music and other files among devices in an easy way. Here are steps:

Step 1: Firstly, please turn to “File” option and turn on the “Home Sharing” in the list.

Step 2: Now please enter into your Apple ID and password. Please note that the authorization may be required if not done already.

To enable home sharing, you can repeat the above two steps for your other computers as well so that you can view shared files on these devices.

Part 2: How to share iTunes library to iOS device with more Freedom

Since the method mentioned in part 1 has many restrictions, for example, you may have to keep iTunes open all the time, here is to show you how to complete the task more easily with fewer restrictions.

Here I recommend you to use the program iMusic, with which you can easily copy all files in your iTunes library between your iOS & Android devices. Here you can download free trial version to have a try before you purchase it. Here are the steps for you to use the program in detail:

Download iMusic

Step 1: Firstly, please plug in both your devices into your computer via USB cables. Then you just need to start up the iMusic on your computer.

Step 2: Here you can see the whole interface of the program. You should click the option of “Transfer Music to Other Device” to sharing your iTunes library.

Step 3: You can just click the “Music” and then export them to your PC or Mac if you would like to backup iTunes library to the computer.

iMusic lets you transfer iTunes library between any two devices easily. And it’s really easy and simple that you don’t need to log in your Apple ID.

By using the iMusic program, you can see little restrictions during the process. What’s more, you even don’t need to log in your Apple ID! To experience more functions of the program, you can free download it here to have a try!

Download iMusic


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