Senuti Mac Version Alternative: Transfer Music from iPhone/iPod to iTunes Library

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When you switch Windows computer to a MAC, you may meet varies of the problem, such as you can’t find the music you just have bought from the iTunes Music Library, all the music in iTunes library fade out because of the system crash and so on. At this moment, what can you do?

Anyone problem same as above will be so annoying. So it is wise for you to use Senuti for Mac. It has the function that you can transfer all music to iTunes library on MAC from your iPhone or iPod conveniently. But you must have Mac OS X 10.5 at least. Wonder how perfect it is! Download and try it.

You may ask if there are any other Senuti for Mac Alternative tools to exchange for it. I will tell you that there have some Senuti for Windows software but not many for MAC version. However, there indeed has a perfect dr.fone – iOS Transfer (Mac). It not only has as many functions as Senuti for Mac, but it provides more choice for you. And they work in the same manner.

The rest of the article will show you the main functions of this Alternative for Senuti Mac version – dr.fone Transfer (Mac). If you don’t believe what I said, you can download the trial version to have a try to verify all I have said. You will lose nothing but know the fact and may get a helpful tool, right? You can also download the Alternative Senuti for Windows versiondr.fone – iOS Transfer.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)

Main functions for Senuti for Mac Alternative – dr.fone Transfer (Mac)

  • Simple Recover: Recover any music and playlist to iTunes music library from your iPhone and iPod just by one click on Mac.
  • Funnel Duplicates: The Senuti for Mac Alternative can detect the music you have had already in iTunes library & those on your iPhone/iPad/iPod and then copy the music you don’t have in iTunes library from your iPhone/iPod/iPad to iTunes. So there will not be redundant music to occupy memory.
  • Support varies kinds of files: The Senuti for Mac Alternative can copy more files than Senuti for Mac such as Voice Memos, iTunes U, Podcasts and so on from iPhone, iPad, and iPod to the iTunes Library. And users can copy music or playlist from iPod shuffle/ nano to your Mac either.
  • Manage all files on iOS devices: The Senuti for Mac Alternative allow you to transfer any video, song or photos you like from MAC to your iPhone, iPod and other Apple devices without quality losing. And you can manage your files conveniently.

The way to use dr.fone Transfer (Mac) -Senuti for Mac Alternative

  • 1. Download and set up dr.fone on MAC. It can also support OS X 10.14 which has been released latest.
  • 2. Link your Apple devices with your Mac via USB cable or WiFi and run Senuti for Mac Alternative.
  • 3. On the primary interface, hit “To iTunes”, the music and playlist on your Apple devices will be imported to your iTunes Library with the existing funneled. Hit “To Mac”, music and playlist will be added to your Mac.

Get dr.fone – Transfer (iOS)


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