How to Easily Send Emails to Undisclosed Recipients in Gmail?

You have probably ended up in this article because you were searching for what undisclosed recipients in Gmail. Well, we guarantee that your search ends right here in this article. We will cover very important information related to undisclosed recipients in Gmail and get you out of the dark.

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Gmail & Undisclosed Recipients

Emailing has become the most prominent way of official communications these days. Every second, many millions of emails are sent, and that explains how popular this technology is. Sending an email is a pretty simple and straightforward process. Even a beginner level user can learn how to send and receive emails within a couple of minutes. The process is much simpler when it comes to a highly user-friendly email service like Gmail.

There is no shortage of instances where we send emails to multiple recipients simultaneously. Gmail (and other email services) allow you to send emails to multiple recipients at once. To send such email, all you need is to include the addresses of the recipients in the “To” line. However, when you do so, there is one issue. That means every recipient will be able to see your message (which is usual).

The problem is that every recipient will be able to see the other email addresses as well. If you have sent an email to 20 recipients, every recipient will see the other 19 email addresses. So, there is hardly any privacy in this method. However, to overcome this issue easily, you can use the BCC feature. BCC is an abbreviation that represents the term Blind Carbon Copy. If you type the recipients’ addresses in the BCC field, the email addresses will be hidden from the others. So, no one knows who else have received the same email. In the context of privacy, BCC is a very decent feature.

When you send an email to multiple recipients using the BCC field, each recipient will receive the copy. However, the list will be kept hidden from the others. This is a great approach to prevent revealing email addresses to third-parties.

Well, there is one problem, though. You will have to type in something within the “To” field. This process will address the issue successfully.

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How to send an email to undisclosed recipients in Gmail?

Let’s get into the real question now. How to send an email to undisclosed recipients in Gmail?

To address your email to undisclosed recipients in Gmail and to keep the email address hidden, do the following.

1) First of all, you should click on the button labeled “Compose” in Gmail. This button comes with a colorful “+” button. Clicking on this button will direct you to start a new message. However, if you have enabled Gmail Keyboard shortcuts, you can just bring up “Compose” window by pressing “C.”

2) Now that you have opened up “Compose” window (using either of the methods), then go to “To” field. Then, type in Undisclosed recipients. However, make sure that you type your own email address inside angled brackets. For instance, suppose that your email address is [email protected] In that case, what you would type in the “To” field would be “Undisclosed recipients <[email protected]>.

3) Now, you should type in all the email addresses of the recipients who should get your email. Make sure that the addresses are typed in the BCC field. Just like you usually do when entering multiple email addresses, separate each email address with a comma.

4) Now, you should enter the message you intend to have in the email. Also, use a subject for the email. You can also add any formatting to the email body using the toolbar.

5) Go through the email once again to ensure that there are no mistakes. Well, proofreading the email before sending it is a mandatory aspect. Such an approach helps you to avoid all the potential errors. Now, as the last step of this process, click on the “Send” button.

That’s it!

Important: Although this is a pretty effective method when it comes to sending a couple of emails, there’s one catch. That means you cannot use this to send large bulks. As per Google, regular Gmail (free version) is not for business purposes (not to send bulk emails). If you send emails to large groups (by including large numbers of recipients), you will face some issues. Sometimes, your email will be identified as spam. The entire mailing will fail at the end of the day.

So, if you intend to write emails to the same group of individuals frequently, better to create Google Contacts.

Making an email group using Gmail

When it comes to adding a recipient’s name to a certain group, you should do the following. That means you should type the name of the group within the “To” field. In that case, you don’t have to type individual names or email addresses. In fact, earlier Google Contacts versions had used a different way in this case. Following are the list of steps you should follow to make an email group.

1) As the first step, you should launch Google Contacts.

2) Then, next to each contact, you will find a box. Just mark this box if you need to add that respective contact to be in the group.

3) Now, click on the option called “Create New Label.” This is located in the sidebar.

4) Enter the name of your desire to the new group. You should do this in the provided space.

5) Now, it is a matter of clicking OK to create the new group. This group contains only the contacts you have just selected.

6) If you need to add contacts to the new group, you can click on the Tag icon. This icon is located in the upper right corner when the contacts are selected.

7) After that, you should click on the tag to which you should add contacts. Now, you will see a checkmark.

8) When it comes to sending a new email, you should start typing the name of the new group. Now, Gmail will populate the field using the name you have entered previously.

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Why should you use undisclosed-recipients in Gmail?

One of the most notable benefits associated with undisclosed-recipients in Gmail is privacy. That means recipients’ privacy will be perfectly secured with this option. The recipients will not see the other recipients’ email addresses. Not even their names, if truth to be told. Since the email addresses of the individuals are concealed, it is considered to be a professional approach as well.

  • You can simply avoid email filters, and the recipients will be able to see the email contents.
  • It also reduces the possibility of junk emails as well.
  • The recipients of the list will be protected from spammers.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need to call the group you created “Undisclosed recipients.” Instead, you can name it in a more decent way. For instance, think of a name like “Staff Members,” “Our Team,” “Executives,” “One Team,” “Company Group,” etc.

A bit about “Reply All” feature

Just picture a situation in which one of the BCC recipients wants to send a reply to your email. Well, if he or she does, will a copy will be sent to all the recipients in the “BCC” field? Nope. It doesn’t happen that way.

The email address that is included in the BCC field come as copies of the emails. If, by any chance, a recipient replied, he or she can reply to the addresses in the “To” field. Also, he or she can reply to the addresses in the “CC” field as well. So, all the recipients in the CC and TO fields will be getting the replied message.

Bonus: Some email etiquettes to consider

Here are some useful email etiquettes to consider when you send an email.

  • Make sure that you have a clear subject line. A surprising number of users fail to do so.
  • Never forget your signature as it tells the recipients about your details, including contact information.
  • Make sure that you use a professional salutation.
  • Avoid humor at it can be misinterpreted more often than not with emails.
  • Proofread before sending the message.

Well, that’s it about undisclosed recipients in Gmail. We hope that this article provided some useful information for you. Make sure that you follow the instructions properly so emailing will be pretty easy.