Top Best Screen Time App for Android And iPhones in 2021

Many modern-day parents face a common problem – their kids use smartphones excessively. That is why most of the parents are looking for solutions to limit their kids’ smartphone usage. One of the most effective ways to put a control on that is using a Screen Time app.

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What is a Screen Time app?

Basically, a Screen Time app is an app that can track and control the usage of a given smartphone. With such apps, you can specify the time and duration the respective user is allowed to use the phone. The user cannot exceed the predetermined time unless they know the passcode of the Screen Time app. After exceeding the time duration set, the user will not be able to use the blocked features.

Those who are using an iOS device might be familiar with the feature called ‘Screen Time.’ iOS offers this feature to limit the time the respective user spends starring at a digital screen. It is true that the Screen Time app works well for the majority of users. However, some users say that there are some issues with that. They say that they cannot achieve what they expect from the default Screen Time feature.

The good news, however, is that you don’t have to limit yourself to the default Screen Time feature. There are plenty of other options available in the market to get it done. To make the selection easier for you, we mention some of the best apps below.

Top Best Screen Time Apps in 2021

01. The new Screen Time feature of iOS devices

Do you use an iOS device like an iPad or an iPhone? If so, you have the advantage of using a built-in app to limit the screen time of the device. This feature is named ‘Screen Time,’ and it does a decent job for many users. This feature can be found under the ‘Settings’ app. With the assistance of this feature, you can decide which apps to be allowed for how long. In addition to that, it comprises of various features that can restrict and control the usage of the device. Basically, this is a good option that can be used as a parental control app. Mentioned below are some of the features that are associated with the Screen Time option.

● Downtime feature

This is the feature that lets you define a time in which the target device will be turned off. As a result, the target user will have to stop using the device for the day.

● App Limits

This feature allows you to configure limitations on the apps that are installed on the respective device.

● Apps that are ‘Always allowed’

As per this feature, you can decide which apps should be allowed without any restrictions. The apps that are added to this feature can be used throughout the day without any restriction.

● Ability to block content

Blocking content is another important feature associated with the Screen Time app. It allows you to block the inappropriate content that your kid may access through their smartphones.

In a nutshell, Screen Time is a very decent feature that can allow you to have decent control. Since it comes as a default feature of iOS, it doesn’t require you to pay anything extra.

Important: iOS Screen Time is activated through a passcode. That means you cannot alter any settings of the Screen Time app unless you know the passcode. By any chance, do you find that your child is exceeding the limits of Screen Time? If so, that’s because you haven’t configured a password yet. As a result, the kid can easily exceed the limits you have defined, so it becomes useless. Also, if the kid gets to know the passcode, he can alter the settings and use the device freely.

If you have forgotten the passcode for Screen Time, you will not be able to change its settings. Those who have come across such a situation will find it really difficult to overcome it. What if you have fallen into such a situation by any chance? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to fall into a helpless situation. That is because there are two ways to overcome it. The best method to use is Tenorshare 4uKey – iTunes Backup. If not, you can even reset the device completely and get rid of the passcode. However, the latter is not the best option because resetting the device erases all the data.

Why resetting the device is not the best solution?

It is true that resetting your device will get you the chance of resetting the Screen Time passcode too. However, it deletes all the data files saved in your device. In that case, this is not the best choice for those who have important data on their device. As long as you can afford to lose that data, you can go for a reset and reconfigure. You cannot even restore the device from an existing backup because your Screen Time passcode is there. Restoring the backup will restore the Screen Time passcode as well. So, you will be back in the previous situation, which is useless. This means that you have to give up on all the data before resetting the device to recover passcode.

Tenorshare 4uKey – iTunes Backup – the best tool to reset your Screen Time passcode

Do you want to reset the screen time passcode without losing any data on the device? In that case, the best option you should use is Tenorshare 4uKey – iTunes Backup. It is a powerful and convenient tool that comes with a smart algorithm to reset your Screen Time passcode.

Mentioned below are the reasons why you should use Tenorshare 4uKey – iTunes Backup.
  • It is a very powerful application that can reset your Screen Time passcode in minutes.
  • It is capable of resetting the Screen Time passcode without losing any of your data.
  • You don’t want to jailbreak the device to reset the passcode of Screen Time.
  • Completely safe and secure method trusted by many users;
  • Very convenient user-interface, which is ideal even for a novice user.

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02. OurPact


As we mentioned before, there are multiple options to use as parental control apps. If you are not satisfied with the Screen Time app, you can use another solution like OurPact. This tool comes in the form of a parental control solution as well, apart from limiting screen time. You can use it to locate your family members with very easy steps. The best thing about OurPact is that it can control the contents viewed on the target device from anywhere. You can do it regardless of your location.

Mentioned below are some of the most notable aspects associated with OurPact.

  • It can schedule the screen time on the target device.
  • You can block content on the device manually and unblock them regardless of the location.
  • It can be installed up to 20 devices.
  • It comes with multiple options to block.
  • Be compatible not only on iOS but also on Android devices as well. So, if you were searching for a Screen Time app for Android devices, you can consider OurPact considerably.

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03. Net Nanny

Netnanny screen time app

Net Nanny is another parental control program that can protect your kids from digital dangers. It can allow you to prevent your kids from viewing inappropriate content over the device. If you install Net Nanny on your device, for instance, it will block potentially harmful content.

Here are some important features associated with Net Nanny.

  • Managing the screen time of the target device.
  • Parental control features.
  • You can remotely access the device.
  • It allows you to filter the inappropriate content using the internet.
  • It can block pornographic content and other inappropriate stuff.

If your preference is to use a parental control app, Net Nanny is a perfect solution. This special software is available on all platforms like Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.

04. Screen Time

screen time app

This app stands out the rest of the app because of the large range of features. It allows you to use the app to set the screen time limits on the device. Besides, it has a special reward system as well. As per this feature, your kids can earn more screen time by accomplishing assigned tasks.

Features of Screen Time

  • You can use it to set up a regular screen time schedule on the target device.
  • It has a very impressive reward system that encourages children to perform their tasks better.
  • You can use it to schedule time.
  • It can monitor individual app usage as well.

It has a modern and sleek interface as well. More importantly, it works on both Android and iOS devices.

05. AppDetox

Appdetox screen time app

AppDetox is a handy alternative to consider if your children have become addicted to smartphones. With this tool, you can configure some rules and put a control on the apps used on the device. In fact, it can be used on your own smartphone as well and control yourself from using smartphones excessively.

Features of AppDetox

  • It can view the information related to app usage.
  • It can control the usage of apps using different rules.
  • You can view the rules you have gone against.
  • I can use custom rules as well.

This tool is available just for Android phones as of this writing.

Conclusion on the Screen Time App

Well, that’s all about the Screen Time app and the best alternatives. Whenever you have forgotten the Screen Time passcode by any chance, use Tenorshare 4uKey to resolve it easily.

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