Fully Control Your Samsung Galaxy S5 (S Series) by Rooting

What benefits can you get if you root your Samsung Galaxy S5 or other Galaxy S series phone? Well, you will be quite amazed at how much you can control your Galaxy S5 phone on your own. You are allowed to get rid of bloatware, install apps that only available for root phone, get a custom ROM and update Android version more freely once you are done rooting your phone. Sounds very attractive right? If you want to root your Samsung Galaxy S series but completely have no clue about the rooting steps, then you have to pay attention to this article. We will show you the preparations you have to make before rooting and the detailed steps of doing it.

Part 1. Preparations you have to make before you root your Samsung Galaxy S5 or other Galaxy S series

To start with, you need to get some notices and make some preparations before you root your device:

  • Rethink about your choice to root your Samsung Galaxy S series. Despite all the wonderful benefits, it still has some risk of bricking your device.
  • Backup your Samsung Galaxy S5 to prevent data loss.
  • Make sure the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S remains at least 80%
  • Install USB driver for Samsung Galaxy S on your computer previously.
  • Go to Settings and then Developer options to enable USB debugging.

Part 2. The steps of rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5 with the help of MobileGo

Common rooting steps without a third party tool are very complicated and sometimes even endanger your device. If you want to root your device without any risks or annoying steps, a powerful third-party tool is definitely your best choice. MobileGo is one professional tool enables you to root your Samsung Galaxy S series on the computer directly whatever carrier for your phone is: T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon. The software is quite simple to handle, you are able to root your device with just one click. We will show you how to root your device in the next part. Just go on with reading,

Step 1. Launch MobileGo on your computer

First of all, get MobileGo downloaded and installed on your computer. When the installation is done, run the program immediately to get into the main interface.

Download MobileGo for Windows

Step 2. Use a USB cable or via a WiFi connection to connect your Samsung Galaxy S series to the computer.

There are two ways to connect your device to the computer. First one is to use a USB cable. Then MobileGo will detect your Samsung Galaxy S immediately and install an APK app of MobileGo on your device automatically. Then you will be able to see the main window. Or the WiFi connection is also available. You can switch on the WiFi network and then install the APK file on your Samsung Galaxy S series by yourself. Open the APK file so that the desktop software will send out the QR code to connect your device. Thus, you are allowed to get into the main interface as well.

MobileGo for Samsung Galaxy S5

Step 3. Root your device

Navigate to the left side and hit Toolkit. Then you will see an option to Get Root Access. Hit it to root your device. Make sure your Samsung Galaxy S5 is connected the whole time while it is rooting. And wait for the program to finish.

root Samsung Galaxy S5

Download MobileGo for Windows


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