Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on Android

To keep connected with your friends and families, you cannot miss the useful app – Facebook Messenger.

Through the app, you can receive and send messages independent of Facebook, which makes communication easier.

In addition to communicating with close ones, many people also use the app to communicate in a business environment.

Then the problem comes: you may delete important messages by mistake! Since some messages contain important content, you may want to retrieve deleted messages from your Facebook Messenger.

In fact, you don’t need to worry if you only deleted Facebook Messages from the Messenger app. Here you can learn more from the article.

Also, you may like to know how to save Facebook messages on your iPhone.

Can We Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages from Android Phone

Recover Facebook Messenger Messages

As a Facebook Messenger user, you may have found that the app has a unique function that is called off the Internet. That’s to say when you delete the messages of Facebook Messenger on your Android phone, there is actually a copy of the same messages on your phone memory.

Therefore, the deleted messages still exist on your Android phone and you can retrieve them back with some effort.

Here I will show you how to retrieve deleted Facebook Messenger Messages in steps, you can follow to have a try.

Step 1: Firstly, please download any file explorer for your Android phone. The App is quite useful to explore folders on the SD card of your Android phone. Here I suggest you try ES explorer, which is the ever best one.


Step 2: Then please just touch to bring up the File Explorer App. Please turn to the SD card or storage card of your Android and find the Android folder. You can see all data-related applications saved in the Android folder.


Step 3: Just enter the folder then and tap on the Data folder.


Step 4: As you can see, all folders related to applications are saved under Data. Please search for the “com.facebook.orca” folder under Facebook Messenger. Just click to bring up the folder.

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages

Step 5: In the new folder, please find the Cache folder and tap on it. You can then find the “fb_temp” under the folder, which saved all backup files that are stored by Facebook Messenger automatically.

Recover Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on Android

If you feel that it is time-consuming to conduct the above steps, you can also find the same files by accessing your phone memory from your computer. You just need to connect your Android phone to the computer via a USB cable, then just follow similar steps to access the fb_temp folder.

Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messenger Messages on Android

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Steps to Archive Facebook Messenger Messages

Archiving Facebook Messages from Facebook Messenger

Since many messages on your Facebook Messenger are quite important, you’d better archive these messages to avoid losing them by mistake in the future. Fortunately, it is quite easy to archive messages with minor effort.

Here I will show you the steps to conduct the task, and you can complete the task on either Facebook website, Facebook or Facebook Messenger. You can follow the steps to have a try.

Step 1: Firstly, please turn to Facebook Messenger on your Android phone and bring up a recent conversation list. You can also find needed conversations by scrolling to the contact that you want to archive and conducting a long press. You will then see the window.


Step 2: Now, please choose the archive option, and it will then be moved to an archive that can be unarchived later when you need it. It is quite easy to archive the entire message.

As you can see, it is quite convenient to archive Facebook messages in just several clicks. However, you should know that all archiving conversations and contacts history still exist on your device.

If you want to delete the conversation completely, please turn to the Recent tab and click on the Delete option after a long touch. Before the conduction, please think over to ensure that the messages you decide to delete are useless anymore.

The most useful and important advantage of archiving messages is that you can still recover them when you delete them by mistake. Here you can learn how to retrieve your archived messages on Facebook Messenger in steps.

Steps to Retrieve Archived Messages

By archiving your Facebook Messenger Messages on your Android device, you can rest your heart to make any conduction since you can still recover them back to your Android phone when needed. It is also quite easy to view archived messages.

After recovering these messages, they will appear on your Facebook messenger as they were at first. To save your time and effort, we suggest you access it by using Facebook since Facebook messenger does not have a direct option.

Here I will show you steps to recover archived messages, and you can follow them to have a try.

Step 1: To start with, please turn to your computer and bring up the official website of Facebook. Then log into your account and turn to the messages on the left side column of the taskbar.


Step 2: Just click on the option, and you can see a new screen that shows you the list of your contacts whom you conversed with in the past. Please turn to the top right corner of the window and find the Search Messages. Just click it.

You can also type the user name that you want to unarchive. With the former steps you have already archived all conversations you need, it will not appear in the list of conversations. Please just click on the name to proceed.


Step 3: Please turn to the action menu now, and you can see all actions that you want to conduct. Among all options, you can find the Un-archive one.

Just click on the option to unarchive your messages. You can find these unarchived messages have already returned to your Facebook Messenger after the step.


In addition to conducting the task through the computer, you can also do it through Facebook Messenger on your Android phone. However, you should know that the connection would be quite slow to waste your time.

Well! As you learned from the above passages, it is quite easy to manage messages on your Facebook Messenger and you don’t need to worry about the deletion of messages by mistake.

However, you should be careful to make any conduct to avoid data loss. Please note that you should archive and unarchive messages carefully. Since archived messages will be gone from the list, you need to be aware of the messages you want to archive. You also need to conduct a few more steps to unarchive these messages.

Once you delete some messages on Facebook Messenger, you can recover them in steps but please ensure that you kept the cache file from your Android phone.

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