How To Retrieve and Save Deleted iMessages from iPhone

If you are a proud owner of iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, you know that you cannot live without texting iMessages. But there is always a chance of deletion of those messages accidentally. Shit happens, right? Don’t worry, retrieving those deleted messages is now quite an easy job with dr.fone – iPhone Data Recovery. It is totally compatible with the latest version of iPhone and iOS. It can retrieve iMessages from iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud backup instantly. Furthermore, you can have a look at the deleted messages and select which ones are to be recovered. You can retrieve text, attachments and even the email you used in your iMessages. Let’s see how.

Part 1. How To Save Missing iMessages From Your iPhone Directly

Step 1. Download Dr.Fone – iPhone Files Recovery Software and install it successfully. After that, double-click on its icon to run the software. select “Recover” feature.

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Step 2. Now make your iPhone connected to PC and wait a few seconds before iPhone Data Recovery detects your phone automatically. After that, click on Start Scan button present at the bottom.

Step 3. Wait till the scanning process gets over, click on Messages under Messages & call log tab on the left side of the software screen. You will find to see all your conversations with the contact numbers with whom you had those conversations. On clicking each one of those conversations, corresponding associated iMessages will be displayed with a checkbox by the side of every iMessage. You can tick those iMessages that you want to recover.

Save Deleted iMessages from iPhone

Step 4. Once you have selected the iMessages that are to be restored back by clicking on the corresponding checkboxes provided, click on Recover to Device in order to restore those messages on your iPhone or click Recover To Computer button to save them on your PC. They will get saved likewise.

Part 2: How To Retrieve Missing iMessages From iTunes Backup?

iTunes has this special feature of taking automatic backup of data for any iOS device. After you have accidentally deleted or lost your iMessages, you can utilize their own restore option to sync back the data in your device. But restoration via iTunes has some drawbacks which is why Dr.Fone – iPhone Data Recovery software stands out. iTunes provides no window for previewing the data before restoring them. It offers no feature to recover only those iMessages that are required i.e, selectively message recovery option. It works on the principle of overwriting all data on the iPhone during retrieval. On the other hand, all these drawbacks discussed above are taken care of in Dr.Fone – iOS Data Recovery.

Step 1. Open Dr.Fone for iOS Data Recovery Software and connect your iPhone. Wait a few seconds for it to detect your iPhone automatically. Then click on Recover From iTunes Backup File button among other options present.

Step 2. In the newly opened window, you will get to see all the files whose backup was taken by iTunes. Now, click on that file which has the latest backup data because that corresponds to your device. Alternatively, you can check your iPhone name and version and then select that associated file.

Step 3. Then click on Start Scan option at the bottom. Wait for the entire scanning process to get over, then click on Messages under Messages & call log tab on the left side of the software window. Then you will get to see all the iMessage conversations with contact numbers. You can click on the specific contact numbers to see the corresponding iMessages associated with them. Every iMessage in that conversation such as text, attachments will have a checkbox next to them. You can tick mark those checkboxes whose corresponding text or attachment you want to retrieve.

Save Deleted iMessages from iPhone iTunes Backup

Step 4. Once the required messages which are to be recovered are selected, click Recover To Device option if you want to restore them to your iPhone or Recover To Computer button if you want to keep them on your PC.

Part 3: How To Save iMessages From iCloud Backup?

Using iClouds own restore feature, you have to download the whole backup for your iPhone by making it show as a new device. It is quite useless to back up all the conversation and other data and it is quite time consuming. But using Dr.Fone – iPhone Data Recovery Software, you can select individually those iMessages which you want to recover from the backup by having a preview beforehand.
Step 1. Open Dr.Fone – iOS Data Recovery Software by double clicking on its icon.Find and click Recover From iCloud Backup File button.

Step 2. In the new window, you will get a login screen where you have to enter your iCloud credentials. Don’t worry about the privacy part. Dr.Fone does not save any of those credentials and so you will never have a chance of getting hacked.

Step 3. Once you log in successfully, the software will automatically list all your backup files from your iCloud account.

Step 4. Click on Messages under Messages & call log tab on the left. This will make you see all your iMessage conversations with the contact number of the persons with whom you had those chats. On clicking those conversations, each one will open the associated iMessages with a checkbox attached to each one of them.

Save Deleted iMessages from iPhone iCloud backup

Step 5. Select only those messages which you want to retrieve and click Recover To Device to restore them in iOS devices or Recover to Computer button to save them directly to your desktop or laptop.

Furthermore, if you want to take a print out of your backup iPhone text messages, you can do so easily with Dr.Fone – iPhone Data Recovery Software. All you have to do is start the scanning process as mentioned above from iPhone/iTunes/iCloud backup. Once the iMessage conversations appear, go to the specific conversation and select only those messages or photos of which you want to take a print out of by tick marking the checkboxes for every iMessages one by one. Then at the upper right correct, you will find a printer icon. Click on that, you will see a preview where you can adjust height and width and even the size of the font. Then again click on printer icon which you will find in the upper left corner. This will start the printing out process.

So, you can see that retrieving iMessages from iPhone and saving them on iPhone or computer are so easy with Dr.Fone – iPhone Data Recovery Software. No wonders why it is gaining wide popularity with every passing day and serving its customers with full satisfaction. You can bid farewell to all your worries regarding deleted or lost iMessages with Dr.Fone –iPhone Data Recovery Software.

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