25 Best Recruitment Blogs in 2020 You Should Follow

Today, we live in the world, where people are constantly on the internet through smartphones or computers. Due to this, human resource professionals have a massive variety of resources handy at all the time. People who like to stay ahead of a new industry or recruitment trends should check recruitment blogs. These blogs provide a great way of guidance from professionals. Recruitment blogs enable you to discover new methodologies and collect new ideas for solving workplace problems. Plus, gain insight on ground-breaking recruitment technology through these blogs.

Whether you are a recruitment consultant for a startup or in-house recruitment for a big company, recruiting is not easy at all. So, there are various HR-focused blogs available online. Some blogs are very helpful, while some fall short. For helping you out, we have come up with some well-established recruitment blogs. By reading this blog, you will be able to locate all the information you are in search of.

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25 Best Recruitment blogs

1. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter Recruitment blog

ZipRecruiter provides tactical content on how recruiters should engage, source, and hire the finest talents. Here, you will find the best tips on everything from writing ads for jobs to handling bad reviews. These tips will help you in attracting the premium-quality applications. One can learn or develop the recruitment skills, winning habits required for excelling as recruiters and enhance hiring processes that offer great results.

Now, discover habits for becoming the best recruiter, manage your reputation, build connections, get the best talent, and provide excellent customer support to both the candidates and also your client/company as you do so. Additionally, find the most required attributes in outside and inside recruiters.

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2. Sourcecon


It is another great recruitment blog, which was created to serve as a hub for telephone and internet researches. The blog has speedily transitioned so as to be on the list of well-known recruitment blogs for news and information. It provides tips and tools for recruiters who have just started their careers. Sourceon is even great for industry news, practice advice, and surveys.

3. LinkedIn Talent Blog

LinkedIn Talent Blog

LinkedIn Talent Blog is not just a recruitment-based blog but also features some treasured contributors that the recruiting industry should look for. The benefit of LinkedIn Talent Blog is that it pulls writers from all across the globe for providing recruiters with insights from their particular experiences. It features an entire piece on “Recruitment Strategies, Tips, and Trends.” This section needs to be bookmarked by recruitment professionals.

4. Blue Octopus

Blue Octopus

It is one of the most significant UK-based recruitment blogs. Blue Octopus offers essential career and recruitment advice on the blog called Blogtopus. Using brief posts, the blog is great for recruiters who like to start the day off with compacted and short blogs.

5. AngelList Blog

AngelList recruitment Blog

AngelList Blog provides an insight into how a startup and early-stage backing companies should approach recruitment. The content that this blog features could be applied immediately. However, it does not get frequent updates. If you are specializing in assisting startups with the hiring requirements or in-house recruiters at startups, you like to follow the blog for hiring tips.

With these tips, you will be able to get candidates having an entrepreneurial mindset that could prove to be amazing assets for the company or client, which is still running the startup phase. Here, you will get answers to the trickiest questions that recruiters must be ready to answer.

6. TalentLyft


This website is a complete all-in-one software for recruitment. Its blog counts among the top-rated HR blogs of the world. The blog is perfect for recruiters and HR professionals who like to know about the best practices, latest trends, first-hand insights, and strategies about the HR world. It is great, especially for those who belong to the field of talent acquisition and recruitment. So, go after such recruitment blogs!

7. The HR Capitalist

The HR Capitalist

This blog is some of the great reads present on the internet. The HR Capitalist continues to perform the impossible and make the blogs more exciting to read. It keeps its focus on innovative practices within the blogging industry. The blog features a wide range of everyday examples for bringing the recruitment theory and HR into practice.

8. Glassdoor Blog

Glassdoor recruitment Blog

The blog of Glassdoor is full of actionable and super-practical content on creating a winning proprietor brand. As recruiters, you might think that employer branding is not what you are looking for. But, think once again as you cannot attract the best talent if your existing employees post negatively about your firm.

As a recruiter, it becomes your key responsibility to hire talented candidates to get into your company’s or client’s pipeline. Here, bad reviews create hindrance in this process. So, this blog offers tips that will help to work together with the hiring managers toward creating a great employer branding, which will attract only the best just as a magnet.

The very first thing that candidates search while considering a post at any company is how its existing employees experience while working there. So, this blog assists you in building great employer branding just for free by creating a Glassdoor account.


One cannot complete a list of the recruiting blogs without including in it. This recruitingblog offers insights, valuable, and in-depth articles that gear towards hiring professionals who work within the recruitment confinement. Therefore, is one of the most innovative recruitment blogs online.

10. Indeed Blog

Indeed recruitment Blog

Indeed provides recruiters a combination of long-form content and quick reads. This blog tries to offer everything they require for hitting the recruitment metrics. Using tips from Indeed, you will learn how you can be better at getting millennials, creating good employer branding, improving inclusivity, tackling insensible biases, and getting the best talents for your company or client.

It features lots of articles on how you can customize your mails for prospective candidates and attract more responses. The blog even provides really useful tips that will help you once you reach out to the passive applicants.

11. Social Hire

Social Hire

This blog keeps its focus solely on recruiting socially. It means that the content on Social Hire is more focused on social media and other topics related to it. However, the issues and insights Social Hire cover could help an HR professional who likes to know more about the recruiting social field. Now, it’s time you should read such interesting recruitment blogs!

12. Teamable Blog

Teamable recruitment Blog

The blog provides recruiters with some good content about how recruiters should source candidates. However, the main aim of this blog is to drive candidates through employee referrals. But, it discusses a massive variety of topics in general on recruitment.

The stories on this blog are more like case studies on how recruitment companies use Teamable. In this way, recruiters learn great lessons that they can use. It even posts an interview series called ‘The Phone Screen,’ where recruiters discuss their metrics, tactics, recruitment tools, and other things.

Using these Teamable tips, you would not just learn about how to hire more candidates but also how to hire diverse talent. It posts blogs that tell you about how to fine-tune your recruitment practices, such as producing engaging presence online or developing thoughtful talent strategies. These practices will assist you in recruiting the most talented applicants for your client or company.

13. Lever Blog

Lever recruitment Blog

It is one of the best recruitment blogs, which publish the most useful and best content for a recruiter. The content of this blog is actionable, accurate, and exhaustive. Using tips from this blog, recruiters will master the important skills required as recruiters. For instance, skills such as fast candidate sourcing, producing engaging experiences, building successful recruitment processes, and creating hiring philosophies that comprise of inclusion and diversity, outshining at collective recruitment, and a lot more.

This blog comes with articles that discuss a diverse range of recruiting challenges. So, head over to this blog and begin preparing because you can also face these challenges at any point of time in the recruiting industry.

14. HR Ringleader

HR Ringleader

HR Ringleader is one of the best recruitment blogs for HR professionals and female employees within the recruitment industry. The blogs on this site come from Trish McFarlane, who is the leader in HR and HCM technology. The articles posted on this recruiting blog are filled with insider knowledge and insights in this industry. So, if you like to excel in this industry, you need to get knowledge from such innovative leaders.

15. Greenhouse Blog

Greenhouse Blog

Greenhouse blog provides various effective tips on everything recruiters require thriving in today’s competitive world. It covers lots of recruitment tips on tools, trends, events, tactics, talent acquisition, and a lot more. The blog also features several interviews from the heads of the leading organizations on various topics like inclusivity, bias-busting, etc. Using this blog’s tips, recruiters will learn how they can keep all their candidates engaged as they move in their talent pipeline. Also, learn about the significant touchpoints in the recruitment journey of their candidates. This blog even tells recruiters how to optimize those touchpoints so that the best candidates do not abandon them halfway.

Here, you will know about some important recruitment metrics like applicants per hire, application completion rates, time to fill, candidate experience, and a lot of others. Plus, this blog even discusses how these metrics are important.

16. TINYpulse

TINYpulse recruitment blog

TINYpulse comes under the high-rated happiness and employee engagement company in the United States. Therefore, this blog makes a great recruitment blog. Its team entirely focuses on the company’s benefits, culture, recruitment, and leadership. For people who are in search of engaging in cultural changes in the company, TINYpulse is something they should go after!

17. ERE

ERE recruitment blog

ERE blog publishes the best recruitment content from its contributor sites. It came into being in 1998 as one of the most significant recruitment blogs. The blog brings together some of the best recruitment influencers and experts. It even offers everything from granular tips to strategic recruitment, which a recruiter should follow while carrying out the routine responsibilities. The blog provides vastly actionable tips, which will assist you in optimizing the talent pipeline.

Using tips from the blog, you will become a good recruiter by knowing talent acquisition and sourcing but also get to know about the latest recruitment updates. As a recruiter, everyone hears about the shortage of applicants. Here, you can highlight the problem using the talent sourcing procedure. The blog’s entire reporting mechanisms and insights serve as valuable tools for recruiters who look at long-term or medium forecasting, while their content tailors to the needs of the corporate recruitment sector’s recruiters.

18. The Savage Truth

The Savage Truth

This blog presents a combination of written and video entries. It is designed specially to begin a real conversation about recruitment. The Savage Truth is in this industry for more than four decades. The blog presents an innovative viewpoint and forward-thinking tactic. Grey Savage is the person behind this blog, who has grown the site through textbook precision. That’s the reason you should follow this site for interesting recruitment blogs.

19. Workable Blog

Workable Blog

Workable blog comprises some of the actionable and most awesome content that recruiters should follow. The blog features tips that will help you in improving as a recruiter. Also, they can learn how to sell their jobs to talented candidates. Whether it is writing ads for jobs or crafting successful recruiting pitches, this blog provides a significant value.

It is so common for seeing people when they use terms like recruiters and hiring managers interchangeably. While these two terms appear similar when in use, they play two different roles assigned for two different kinds of responsibilities. This blog tells everything about the recruiting process, which makes it one of the top recruiting blogs.

20. TLNT


This blog is a branch of ERE that offers everyday news and high-quality content for talent management professionals and HR. The site features a host of support tools like live webinars, job boards, and events around the United States, which aims at HR professionals. Thus, it is one of the most interesting recruitment blogs you will find on the internet.

21. Recruitee Blog

Recruitee Blog

Recruiters who are looking for actionable tips and useful reads, Recruitee blog is definitely they should bookmark. Here, you will come across lots of valued content on data-driven recruitment, talent acquisition, employer branding, candidate experience, and other such topics. This blog features monthly webinars and weekly newsletters, which will boost your recruitment efforts. Recruitee assists you in connecting with some innovative recruiters through Facebook.

The blog posts everything you need to know regarding the recruiting email procedure. It tells you how you can make them more engaging and informative. So, go for one of these recruitment blogs to know about how to structure emails and write interview rejections, invites, and other things.

22. Fistful of Talent

Fistful of Talent

This blog is quite different from the professional HR blogs listed here. Fistful of Talent features a diverse range of articles written by several guest bloggers. These bloggers will make sure that you receive a great laugh when learning something. The most shared blog out of all on this blog was Talent and Vomit-An Anthology.

23. Harver Blog

Harver Blog

Harver blog is one of the best recruitment blogs, where it dives deep into the recruitments topics that recruiters like to know about. This blog researches and writes about the recent resources for helping recruiters in a better way. For instance, their list comprises the most significant podcasts, books, conferences, and a lot more. Besides, it even covers particular recruitment strategies across industries.

As recruiters, people work closely with hiring teams or managers. However, they should work as one team for realizing their company’s or client’s growth goals. Thus, every content that is useful to you might help your hiring team too. So, opt for one of the recruitment blogs like this one to get started!

24. Undercover Recruiter

Undercover Recruiter

This blog belongs to some of the virtually pleasing recruitment blogs that you will read. It is definitely going to emphasize user experience. On Undercover Recruiter, topics could vary but mostly focus on recruitment having three chief sections – candidate, recruiter, and employer. The blog features several guest posters and sponsored content, which you can check out throughout your weekly or daily reading ritual.

25. Recruiter Magazine

Recruiter Magazine

Obviously, a magazine that is totally devoted to recruitment should be on this recruitment list. This UK publication produces high-quality content for recruiters both in print and online. Usually, some pieces are particular to the United Kingdom. However, the overall quality and tone are geared at recruiting professionals. Therefore, Recruiter Magazine is applicable to all across worldwide.

So, these are some of the best recruitment blogs that you will find on the internet today. Now, be an expert in your field by following these excellent recruitment blogs. Get only the best talent for your company or your client after opting for the innovative recruitment strategies and latest trends in this industry!


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