How to Recover Videos from Android’s External & Internal SD Card

How to find your videos on the Android device?

As we all know that videos are stored on the SD card in Android devices. May it be an internal SD card or an external SD card, however, they are not the place for storing your contacts or text messages. Here is the usual way for you to find your video files in the following way: DCIM > camera.

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Is there a way to recover my lost videos from Android’s internal & external SD card?

In fact, if you deleted videos from the SD card on Android by mistake, it is possible for you to retrieve them on condition that you take care of the device. Remember that the deleted videos are not really gone after deleting, not to create any new data to your Android phone, because this may overwrite those deleted videos. After that, find a phone data recovery software for Android videos to perform a recovery.

Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android Data Recovery is a professional tool for Android deleted video recovery. Apart from videos, you can recover photos as well as contacts from the SIM card if you want to.

Note: This Android Video Recovery tool cannot support all Android devices right now, so before you perform the recovery, check your Android OS and Android device here. If your phone has been rooted, then you do not bother checking it and can directly jump to the next step.

Part 1: How to Recover Videos from Android’s Internal SD Card

Step #1. Get your Android device connected to the computer

First of all, make sure that your Android device is in USB debugging mode. Next, launch Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android on your computer and connect your device to it with the USB cable. Then follow the way below to do it.

  • 1) For phones running Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings” then click “Applications”, after that Click “Development” and finally Check “USB debugging”
  • 2) For phones running Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings” then Click “Developer options”, after that, check “USB debugging”
  • 3) For phones running Android 4.2 or newer: Enter “Settings” then click “About Phone”, after that, Tap “Build number” for at least two times before getting a note “You are under developer mode” then, Back to “Settings” and Click “Developer options”, finally Check “USB debugging”

Step #2. Analyze & start scan your Android phone or tablet

Before clicking “Start”, check the battery on your phone first, and make sure it’s more than 20%. Then “Start” to analyze the data on your Android device. Several seconds later, click “Allow” then click “Start” on the window of Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android to begin the scan.

Note: Sometimes the “Allow” button will appear for more than one time, just keep clicking it until it disappears.

Step #3. Preview and retrieve deleted videos from Android phone or tablet

After the scanning, the Android video recovery program – Dr.Fone for Android will show a scan report for you from which you can preview and read the data on your device, including the currently existing ones like photos, messages, and contacts. However, you can’t preview your videos. Then, check the deleted video and click “Recover” to retrieve them on PC. After that, you can enjoy the videos freely.

Part 2: How to Recover Videos from Android’s External SD Card

Touchscreen mobile phones can be difficult at times, even when we’re “tech-savvy”. You could be playing a game when all of a sudden, your photo albums appear and we’re still frantically tapping until you realize what’s happened. Or perhaps you were deleting some apps to clear up some space on your SD card and accidentally deleted something you didn’t mean to. Regardless of your reasoning for needing to recover videos from your Android’s external SD card, there’s no need to worry. We have the perfect solution for you so that you are able to recover any data that you’ve lost!

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Android External SD Card Recovery with Dr.Fone

To use this method of Android external SD card recovery, you must have our product Dr.Fone. It’s important to remember that while today we are focusing on how you can use Dr.Fone for Android Data recovery, there are also many other data management tools within the program that is available to you too.

So without further ado, here are some simple steps to assist you along the way of recovering data from your external SD card.

Step #1 – Start by either inserting your SD card into your computer, or connecting an Android phone that already has a SD card inserted.

Step #2 – After connecting the SD card to your computer, open up Dr.Fone and wait for it to fully load up.

Step #3 – On the left panel of the program, select the “Android SD Card Data Recovery” option.

Step #4 – A display will be shown to ensure that the SD card is connected to the computer in some way. After ensuring that it is, click “Next”.

Step #5 – Once you have clicked next, the program will scan your computer for any SD cards which are connected to the computer.

Step #6 – A menu will be shown that displays all of the SD cards which have been detected. Choose the SD card which you have attached and that you would like to recover data from.

Step #7 – Before the SD card is scanned, you will be asked which type of scan you would like to be performed.

3 Different Types of Scan

  • Scan for deleted files – If you are looking to simply recover any data that you had previously lost, then choose this option.
  • Scan for all files – This mode will detect both lost files, and files that are currently stored.
  • Advanced Mode – Use this mode as a last resort and if the other two modes haven’t been of much help to you. If you want a thorough and in-depth scan, then choose Advanced Mode.

Android External SD Card Recovery with Dr.Fone (Continued)

Step #8 – After selecting which type of scan you’d like to be run, click on the “Next” option and wait for the scan to be completed.

Step #9 – Depending on how much data you have stored on your SD card, it can take some time for the scan to complete itself. Once the scan has completed, the files that have been detected will be categorized and you will be able to selectively choose the data that you would like to recover.

Step #10 – Select all of the data you thought that you had lost forever, and click on “Recover”.

That’s all there is to it! Losing data can be pretty scary, no matter they are in the internal SD card or external SD card on your Android phone. If you’ve recently lost photos or any type of data you didn’t have a backup of, then get yourself straight onto Dr.Fone – Android Data Recovery and recover it!