Easy Way to Recover Lost or Deleted iPhone Notes

Have you ever deleted some important files such as iPhone Notes by carelessness? Everyone must have such crazy moments in daily life. Fortunately, Apple has offered some support to deal with such problems, just in case. Now you can have a backup for your personal data saved in the phone by using iTunes or iCloud commodiously. When the data loss happens, you can sync your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud from the backup files. But the problems is, the iTunes & iCloud sync will not be able to keep the existing files on your iPhone. And sometimes, you have not synced your iPhone regularly.

So a third-party iPhone Notes Recovery program may help you more. Here I will introduce a competent tool for you – iMyfone D-Back. It can not only help you restore the lost iPhone Notes from iTunes or iCloud backup files & keep your existing files well, but also have power to scan your iPhone and recover lost data directly from your iPhone. Just come along with me.

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Solution 1: Restore Lost iPhone Notes from backup files.

As I referred, you can make your iPhone backup with iTunes or iCloud regularly, and then use the existing backup files to make a recovery.

Part 1: iPhone Notes Recovery from iTunes/iCloud Backup without the third-party tool

Firstly, let’s see how to recover lost data from iTunes without the help of third-party tools.

  • 1. Open iTunes
  • 2. Connect iPhone and your PC
  • 3. After the recognition, you will see your iPhone shows on the left sidebar. Right-click it and choose “Recover from Backup…”
  • 4. Then, select the backup file you want. And you can start to recover files from a backup file.

Recover from iCloud may be a little more complex, but you don’t have to connect the iPhone to PC. The steps are as follows:

  • 1. Clear up all contents of your iPhone. Just go “Settings->General->Reset“, and select “Erase All Contents and Settings”. (Be careful. This step will erase all things in your iPhone, you may lose all data which have no backup.)
  • 2. Then iPhone will reboot automatically, and go into “Set up your iPhone” page. Select the second choice listed on the screen. Now you have to log on your iCloud with proper Apple ID and password. Choose one backup and then start the recovery.

Those are all good ways to get your lost files back. Only thing inconvenient is that you have to restore all your files without any choice, not just the files you want. iTunes and iCloud will not allow you to preview the details of a backup file since it has been sealed. But iMyfone D-Back can fix this!

Part 2: iPhone Notes Recovery from iTunes/iCloud Backup by iMyfone D-Back

See how iMyfone D-Back works:

  • 1. Download this software and have an installation on your PC. Then launch it.
  • 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer.
  • 3. To recover from iTunes, switch the program to “Recover from iTunes Backup” mode, while to recover from iCloud, switch to “Recover from iCloud Backup File” mode.
  • 4. Under the “Recover from iTunes Backup File” mode, the software will scan your computer and find out all iTunes backup files and list them in the table and you just need to choose one.

But if it is under the “Recover from iCloud Backup File” mode, you may be required to sign in your iCloud and download the backup file from the Internet firstly.

  • 5. Click “Start Scan”, the program will start to extract the backup file you choose. A few minutes later, you will see all the details of the backup file shown in the window. Since you want to recover the iPhone Notes, select it, click “Recover” button and then your lost iPhone Notes will be back soon.

Yes, iMyfone D-Back not only let you recover lost iPhone notes from iTunes & iCloud backup but also keep your existing files on your iPhone well.

Solution 2: Restore Deleted iPhone Notes straightly from iPhone without backup files.

iMyfone D-Back Recover data from iOS Devices

Another powerful function of iMyfone D-Back is that you can recover lost iPhone Notes without any backup. The program has the ability to scan your device and find out the lost data which haven’t been overwritten. The steps are also very simple!

  • 1. Open iMyfone D-Back on the computer, and connect your iPhone to it.
  • 2. Choose the “Recover from iOS Device” mode and click “Start Scan”. It will take some minutes to scan your device. When it has done, your lost data include iPhone Notes will display in the window. Just choose what you want and click “Recover” just as above. And the lost iPhone Notes will be found back later.

That is so amazing, and I introduce iMyfone D-Back for you here sincerely again!

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