What to Do to Recover Lost Contacts from Motorola Moto X (Style / Play / Force)

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Assume that you have accidentally deleted all contacts on your Motorola Moto X or factory set your device without backup previously. What can you do to bring the important data back, especially the contacts on your Moto X, which is kind of invisible assets for you? Don’t worry, Dr.Fone for Android can help you easily solve data retrieving problem. It is the most welcomed and outstanding software for recovering data in the play store. There is a trial version of this program for now and you have to notice only Windows users are allowed to use this software.

Pay attention to the following guidance. We will show you how to get the lost contacts back from Moto X with the help of the professional Moto X data recovery tool step by step.

Step 1. Make a connection between your Moto X and your computer.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

When you are done installing Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android on your computer, run it immediately. You will be required to connect your device to once you get into the main interface. Connect your Moto X to your computer as told to continue the recovering process.

Step 2. Start to scan your Moto X

It only takes a few seconds for the program to detect your Moto X. You will be led to the next screen automatically. There is a start button right in the middle, click it when you are well prepared. Then the program will start to scan your Moto x.

Step 3. Analyzing

The analyzing process may require you to wait for a while. It is analyzing your Moto device one by one.

Step 4. Handle your Moto X

When the analyzing process is done, you will be asked if you want to put your device in superuser mode. Hit the option allow on your Moto X and then go with Start to go on with the recovering process.

Step 5. Scanning

This is the most important step among the whole process. Dr.Fone for android is checking all the files on your Moto X one by one and is trying to recover all the files including messages, images and more. If the memory of your Moto X is very large, you may need to wait for a few minutes.

Step 6. Recover lost contacts from Moto X

Check all the contacts if you want to recover all of them on Moto X. Then hit the recover button. If you only want to get parts of your deleted contacts, you can preview the contacts in the list and then pick the wanted ones to recover.

We hope you fully understand the process of recovering deleted contacts from your Moto X. But reading the instruction is one thing, try the method out by yourself is still one necessary step to take. So please don’t be hesitate to download and install the trial version of this professional phone data recovery program for your Moto XDr.Fone for Android Data Recovery by hitting the download button.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)


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