Ways to Recover iPhone Contacts from iCloud For You

Lose your contacts in iPhone? It seems not a big problem nowadays for an iPhone user because there are a lot of ways to fix this problem such as restore them with iCloud backup files. It sounds really easy, but still unsafe. Why? Because the original way to recover the data from iCloud backup file only allows you to recover the data non-selectively. You have no choice to recover some of the contacts. It means that you will also have to recover other kinds of data such as music, videos and text messages whether you want or not at the same time. You may get your lost contacts back, but other important data, may have been overwritten.

But every problem has its solution. You can still use the original way to recover the contacts from iCloud backup file safely without losing any other data, though it may be a little complex. Just as the two following methods:

Method 1: Restore All Contacts from iCloud to iPhone Freely

In this way, you can just get the contacts from iCloud and merge them to those existing in your cell phone. This solution won’t delete the existing contacts so you can adopt it trustingly. Below are some operating steps in this solution:

  • Step 1: You need to go to “settings” on your iPhone, and then go to “iCloud on your iOS device”, then turn the “contacts” off.
  • Step 2: Now you can see a message popping up on your screen: What would you like to do with the previously synced iCloud contacts on your iPhone. Select the first selection.
  • Step 3: Now return to step 1, just turn the “contacts” on again, and then choose “Merge”.

That’s all. You will see the new contacts have saved in your iPhone from iCloud.

Method 2: Restore Contacts from iCloud Backup Files to New iPhone

This is not a good solution because it requires to clear up all contents including all contacts in the iPhone right now, which means that you may lose some important data saved in your iPhone right now. But you can still use this way to update your new iPhone quickly. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to “Settings”, and then go to “General”, and tap on “Reset”. Select “Erase all contents and settings”.

Step 2: Sign in your iCloud. After step 1, your iPhone will reboot automatically. When it turns on again, it will require you to set it up again. Choose the options 2- “Restore from iCloud Backup”, and then use your Apple ID to log on the iCloud service.

Step 3: Now all your iCloud backups will be listed ordered by the date, and choose one, to restore the lost contacts from iCloud, of course, including your other data.

Above are two methods to restore lost contacts without any third-part tools. But if you do have a powerful third-party tool to help you do it easier, why not use it? Just let iMyfone D-Back for iOS Data Recovery help you!

Method 3: iMyfone D-Back Let You Preview & Selectively Retrieve Lost Contacts from iCloud (Best Way)

Tips: You can download the free trial version of iMyfone D-Back easily and experience it.

Download iMyfone D-Back

Step 1: Download iMyfone D-Back, launch it on your computer after the installation.

Step 2: Choose the “Recover from iCloud Backup” mode on the top of the primary window.

Step 3: Log on iCloud. You should Turn Off Two Step Verification firstly and then log in your iCloud directly with the program. And then you will see all backup files, choose one and download it, then click “Start Scan”.

Scan iPhone Contacts from iCloud

Tips: The good thing to use this tool is that you can see all details of the backup file and choose parts of them to recover, not just recover without selective.

Step 4: When the result of the scan shown in the primary window, just tick up the checkbox of “Contacts”, or just choose what you want on the right. And click Recover under the interface, to save the contacts to your computer.

Recover iPhone Contacts from iCloud

Isn’t it the best solution? Just try it.

Get iMyfone D-Back


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