How to Recover Files from Samsung Galaxy S7 Internal Memory or SD Card

How are you today my dear friends? I am your old friend Digital Talent Z, so happy to meet you here again. Guess what the course I am going to give you today in my classroom. So hard to guess right? Ha-ha, Ok, let me give you the first hint “Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge”, the range is still so extensive? Ok, the second key word “Recover”, guess out now? Pretty easy to guess now. Yes, today I will teach you All Samsung Recovery – how to recover files from Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Internal Memory or SD Card. And seems like the former course I have taught you, but actually it’s not. Because today I am going to recommend you a new tool for Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge data recovery. And the content for this class is totally different compared with before.

All the Samsung smartphone fans should know that the Samsung recent products Samsung Galaxy Note 3/4/5 and Galaxy S5/S6/S6 Edge have been deleted a very important function, the SD card supporting. Yes, before almost all the Samsung smartphones support the external SD card with the SD card slot but its later Galaxy series products cannot use SD card. It’s really disappointed the Samsung phone fans a lot though these two have a lot of new features. So to solve this problem, Samsung Company innovated the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which also from the Galaxy family. On the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, the SD card slot appears again. This allows the phone users can put an external SD card to expense the phone’s storage to save more contents in side to satisfy their needs, such as the big size files like videos and music, if their Galaxy S7 Edge has not enough storage. This is really a good news, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge become the perfect representatives of the Samsung phone now.

But follows the SD card’s coming, there also problems come together. When we downloaded a lot of apps on our Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, some of them may be installed in the internal storage but some of them may be installed in the external SD card. It’s hard for us to figure out where the files come from if we accidently deleted some of them. It’s really a headache for us even we have a third-party All Samsung Recovery tool. As I mentioned before, today I will help you to solve this problem. Continue to read for learning how to do it.

Section 1. Dr.Fone for Android – This All Samsung Recovery Tool Can Easily Help You Recover Files from Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

When you meet these data loss situations on your Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge: accidently deleted files on your phone, phone is broken; you cannot enter the phone while the screen become black as well as the system errors. Surely you know you can buy a software to solve it, but at this moment you will also worry about wasting money to buy one if the files have been permanently lost. Now Digital Talent Z will recommend you the all Samsung Recovery tool – Dr.Fone Toolkit for Android software. Why look at the following reasons:

  • 1.This all Samsung Recovery software allows you to check and preview your lost files for free by its free version. So you don’t need to worry about the money wasting for buying this software.
  • 2.This software supports all the Android models from different versions and brands including your Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge.
  • 3.It supports to recover all the data from internal storage and SD card including contacts, text messages, photos, audios, videos, call history, WhatsApp history and other documents.
  • 4.The program is very easy to use and operation for data recovery is very simple.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Very personalized and powerful, isn’t it? Let’s use to recover our deleted files from Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge now.

Section 2. How to Recover Files from Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Internal Memory

If the files you saved are in the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, follow these simple steps to recover them with the help of this all Samsung Recovery software:

Step 1. Go to the Wondershare software official website to download the Dr.Fone for Android with the right version for your computer. Install it on your PC. Wait for a moment until the installation is finished, then launch the software program.

Step 2. Use a working USB cable to connect your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge with your computer and wait for the program to detect your device.

Step 3. Enable the USB debugging on your phone by the instruction that shows on the interface and then click on the “Start” button on the program to let the program identify your device. If you phone has been rooted already, you need to allow the program Superuser authorization on the screen of Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. Learn how to root your Samsung Galaxy here.


Step 4. Select the file types that you want to recover from your Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge that shown on the screen to scan. Here you can choose the data type according to your need. If you want to recover all the data types, tick “Select all” option at the left bottom of the interface to choose all in one click. After you finish your selection, click on “Next” button at the right bottom to continue the process.

Step 5. Choose the data scan mode for your phone in the new interface. Here the program offers you two options “Standard Mode” for just scanning for the deleted files on your device and “Advanced Mode” for scanning all the files on your device. Here you select “Standard Mode” to save time for just scanning the deleted files from your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge. Then click on “Start” button at the bottom of the screen to trigger the scan process. Once the scan is done, all the files on your phone will be shown into categories on the left side of the interface.

Step 6. Select the file types that you want to recover from the left side of the interface. Here you can select the whole deleted files on your phone by ticking small box in front of your device name on the left top of the interface. Or you can select individual one type such as “Contacts” or others. And if you just want to recover some specific files from different data type, click on the type to view all the detail files inside and tick the files you want. Repeat this operation until you ticked all the files you want from these types. Then click on “Recover” button at the bottom of the interface to recover your selected files.

Wait for some time (depend on the files size you select to recover), then all the files will be back to your phone.
  • Tip 1: When the scan process is running, the file type you want to recover are already show on the left side of interface, you can directly click on “Stop” button on the right top of the interface to stop the process to save your time for needless files.
  • Tip 2: Make sure your phone is firmly connected with the PC, otherwise the process will be interrupted and you need to repeat all the steps above.
  • Tip 3: Make sure your device has at least more than 20% battery life, if not you can take a power socket near the computer and plug your phone in it to get power from it. Otherwise, your phone may shut off during the files recovery procedure.

Section 3. How to Recover Files from Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge SD Card

If you want to recover files from Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge from its external SD card, firstly you need a SD card reader. You may ask what a SD card reader is.

SD card reader is an external device like a USB disk. But it’s different from the USB disk because the middle part is empty which is designed for you to put the SD card inside. And the SD card reader can be used to connect your SD card with the computer or other device for accessing the files that saved on your SD card. So if you want to recover files from Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge SD card, you need to have one SD card reader. You may also ask what if you don’t have one, very easy, just go to buy one. Ha-ha. Just joking, you can also borrow one from your friends who has. Ok, once you get one, follow the below steps to do all Samsung recovery from the SD card:

Step 1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and take your SD card out of its card slot.

Step 2. Put the SD card into the SD card reader, make sure the right side in the right face.

Step 3. Launch the Dr.Fone for Android program on your PC and before connect the device with the PC, you can find there four options at the left of the interface, Click on the “Android SD Card Data Recovery”.

Step 4. Insert the SD card reader in the USB slot on your PC to connect your SD card with the PC. When you see your SD card is shown on the program interface, the “Next” button will be lighted, it means your SD card has been successfully linked with the program. Click on the device picture in the center of the interface and then the “Next” button.

Step 5. Then follow the same steps as the Step 5 to Step 6 in recovering files from internal memory above in the section 2. Then wait for some time, which depends on the files size you select to recover, to allow the program recover the files to your SD card.

Step 6. Once the data recovery is done, disconnect your SD card reader from the PC by the right way. Then take the SD card out of the SD card reader and put it back to the SD card slot on your Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge.

Now you can turn on your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, and you will be amazing to find that all the deleted files you deleted on the SD card have been back. How easy! This is the individual SD card data recovery way.

After we have learned how to recover files from Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge by this all Samsung Recovery tool – Dr.Fone for Android Data Recovery in two aspects, the internal memory and external SD card. So how do you think about this new tool I recommend to you? Really convenient and simple right? Yes just several steps, you can easily recover your lost files from your Galaxy S7/S7 Edge not just because of the tool’s advanced technology but also its personalized features. From now on you will never be afraid if you find your files are lost.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

And if you want to back up the data on your Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge or manage the data from your Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge easily, I’d like to recommend you to use the dr.fone – Android Transfer which also comes from Wondershare Software Company. If you have interest about this program and want to know more about it, click on this website to view more details. It won’t make down.

OK, class time’s up. Ha-ha. Hope you like my articles and do get help from me. Same as what I said before: No matter what problems you meet related with digital products and software, I am always here for you.


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