How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy A3 or A5

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Why Need to Do Photos Recovery from Samsung Galaxy A3 / A5 / A7?

One friend aired his grievance to me a few days ago. He had bought a Samsung Galaxy A5, and deleted all the photos on it by mistake when exporting the photos to his computer. It was irrevocable! What’s more, he had no backup at all. I could only conform him and had no way to help him out.

Later, I found an absolutely great Samsung Galaxy A3/A5 Photos Recovery tool to solve the problems like his. It is the Dr.Fone for Android Data Recovery, which can recapture the deleted data on Android devices, for example the Samsung Galaxy A3 or A5. The data is inclusive of the messages, contacts and videos. But he still had not gotten back those photos, because to recover photos, people need to stop operating on your phone to avoid deleting photos have been overwritten by new data and use the Dr.Fone for Android as soon as they can.

Tips: You can check your Android devices to see if it is compatible with the photos recovery tool. And you need to root your phone before photos recovering. There is a trial version for first time users, so you can have a tryout if you can debate whether to use it or not.

Since I am a little sorry for my friend, let’s take the Samsung Galaxy A5 (Android OS 4.4 or above) for example to see how to do the photos recovery on Galaxy A5 or A3:

Step 1. Download, Install, and Launch Galaxy A5 Photos Recovery

It is easy to find the downloading address of the Galaxy A3 Data Recovery software – Dr.Fone for Android below. You should launch it after installation.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Step 2. Connect the Samsung Galaxy A5 to the PC

Make a firm connection between the Samsung A5 and the PC with a USB cable. Sometimes you may need a USB debugging. Just following this: Choose “Settings” < “About Phone” < “Build number” for several times till you see “You are under developer mode” < Go Back to “Settings” < “Developer options” < Choose “USB debugging”.

For other Android OS users, what you need to do is almost the same.

Step 3. Scan the Samsung Galaxy A5

After the last step, you can see a sentence says “Please click the Start button to analyze the data of your device”. Then you click.

Sometimes you may see it saying “Now turn to your device. Please click Allow and check Remember when the Superuser Request screen pops up”. You just do as it tells you. Then return to the PC, and “Start” scanning.

Step 4. Recover Deleted Photos from the Samsung Galaxy A5

After the results come out, you can preview them all, and recover choose which you want. Then click on “Recover”.

Just as I told you, you can recover other things like the deleted messages, contacts and videos from Samsung Galaxy A5 as well. Incidentally, dr.fone – Android Transfer is able to help you transfer the recovered data to your Samsung Galaxy A5 again.

Well, let’s come back to the point. If you are interested in the application recommended why not give it a try. It is best to prepare for the days of necessity.

Try dr.fone – Recover (Android)


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