How to Record and Convert Streaming Music to MP3

Streaming Media Technology provides an important way of playing music online, but this kind of music is usually not downloadable. But this article may acquaint you of a solution about how to record & convert streaming music to MP3 files on your computer with a professional Streaming Audio to MP3 Recorder & Converter.

With the development of science and technology, the Streaming Media Transmission is a brand new concept and it is an optimal choice because of the limit of bandwidth. A primary capability of it is that it can maintain continuous playback and thus enables the audience to receive audio and video information momentarily. So you will find it is getting an increasing reputation from all over the world and is owning a growing user base.

If you are using this emerging technology for listening to streaming audios online, you will probably encounter the problem like I used to. Because the streaming audios cannot be downloaded directly, it causes so much hassle. But since I attended the user group of a professional Streaming Audio to MP3 RecorderiMusic, I often enjoy myself with the audio files downloaded & MP3juice Free Music Download.

iMusic provides a specialized service that it allows its users to record streaming audio on the computer when it is playing online, and then automatically converts the music to MP3 as it is being stored. In fact, this is the very dissimilarity from other audio recorder or downloader tools that you can preselect the format wanted, and MP3 is one of the options. Another thing you should be noticed is that you can get audio files with zero quality loss.

Does it sound interesting? So not give it a whirl? I am confident that you can also do it by yourself if you finish this article.

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Step 1: Download, Install and Launch the Streaming Audio to MP3 Recorder

It is fully easy to find the downloading address of the said software – iMusic below. You can just download it and then install it. After that, run the software to have an intimate knowledge of it before we go to the next step.

Download iMusic

Step 2: Begin to Record and Convert the Streaming Music

Find the Streaming Music you want to record on the browser. Before you play it, go to the primary window of iMusic, and click the “Record” button on the left top part of the interface. And then the software will begin to record automatically the streaming music the moment it recognizes the sound of your computer. When it finishes, give another hit on the “Record” button.

Try iMusic if your Audacity VST Enabler doesn’t work. And also get to know How to Convert Anything to MP3 easily.

iSkysoft iMusic - Record Music from Deezer

Tips: Things you can do with the streaming music recorded

  • 1. You can play the recorded streaming music on the iTunes or some portable MP3 playable devices like telephone and iPad. To do this, you should transfer the music to the iTunes or your devices by a hit on the “Add to iTunes” button the using this easy software. Or there is another way that you can find the location of the file you want to transfer, and right-click the audio file and choose the option of helping you to import itself.
  • 2. This application also helps you to customize your own telephone ring with a simple operation. It is really uncomplicated if you get familiar with this software. Otherwise, you can have more tutorials online, or waiting for them carried on our website.
  • 3. For a fan of the CD player, you can use this application to burn custom compilations of your favorite tunes.

Get iMusic


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